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October 27th (search for this): chapter 14
Boston. The treasurer was authorized to borrow three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to pay the same. Resolutions of respect to the memory and of condolence to the family of Colonel Fletcher Webster were introduced by Alderman Henshaw and were unanimously adopted. September 22d, Ordered, to cease paying bounties to nine-months men on and after October 1st. October 2d, The time for paying bounties was extended to the 15th. The quota of Boston being nearly filled an order was passed, October 27th, giving power to the mayor to cease paying bounties when he shall receive satisfactory evidence of the quota being filled. November 4th, The mayor reported that Boston had filled her quotas and had a surplus of six hundred and sixty men; but advised that three companies of cavalry be recruited to form with the California Company a Cavalry Battalion, to recruit which authority had been given by Governor Andrew to Hon. Amos A. Lawrence. The suggestions of the mayor were adopted, and thirt
January 9th (search for this): chapter 14
d each volunteer who shall enlist and be credited to the quota of the city. July 21st, The treasurer was authorized to borrow five hundred thousand dollars additional for the payment of bounties to volunteers and recruiting purposes. 1865. January 2d, The aldermen and two members of the common council from each ward were appointed to act through the year as The Soldiers-Relief Committee, to determine and pay the allowance of State aid to the families of volunteers as provided by law. January 9th, Aldermen Clapp, Tyler, and Dana, and Messrs. Warren, McLean, Darrow, Park, and Braman of the council, were appointed a committee to have charge of all matters relating to recruiting for the land and naval forces of the United States during the current year, the payment of bounties, and the revision of the enrollment lists in the several wards under the supervision of his honor the mayor. A joint committee was also appointed to provide suitably for returning regiments passing through Bos
housand dollars for the payment of State aid. March 31st, Twenty thousand dollars additional were ordered to be borrowed for the same object. On the 7th of April the City-Relief Committee for the payment of State aid to soldiers' families was organized as follows: Aldermen Thomas C. Amory, Otis Norcross, Francis Richards, Joseph F. Faul; councilmen Joseph Buckley, William Carpenter, John S. Pear, Sumner Crosby, F. H. Sprague; Charles J. McCarthy, paymaster; Timothy R. Page, relief clerk. June 23d, A vote of thanks was passed to Colonel Thomas Cass and the Ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers for a present to the city of Boston of a Rebel flag, taken at the battle of Hanover Court House, Va., on the 27th ultimo. June 30th, A communication was received from Mayor Wightman recommending that a lot in Mount Hope Cemetery be set apart for the burial of soldiers; whereupon it was ordered that the trustees of Mount Hope Cemetery be authorized to select a suitable lot of not less than tw
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