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Westhaven (Illinois, United States) 56 0 Browse Search
Henry Clay 54 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 54 0 Browse Search
New Hampshire (New Hampshire, United States) 50 0 Browse Search
James Watson Webb 46 0 Browse Search
Amos Bliss 44 2 Browse Search
New England (United States) 44 0 Browse Search
Bayard Taylor 42 0 Browse Search
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t caused by the failure of our expected National Temperance Jubilee was quickly forgotten, and only the stern demands of an exacting vocation impelled me to leave so soon a city at once so munificent and so interesting, the majestic outpost of Free Labor and Free Institutions, in whose every street the sound of the builder's hammer and trowel speaks so audibly of a growth and greatness hardly yet begun. Kind friends of Cincinnati and of Southern Ohio! I wave you a grateful farewell! In December appeared the first account of the Rochester Knockings in the Tribune, in the form of a letter from that most practical of cities. The letter was received and published quite in the ordinary course of business, and without the slightest suspicion on the part of the editors, that they were doing an act of historical importance. On the contrary, they were disposed to laugh at the mysterious narrative; and, a few days after its publication, in reply to an anxious correspondent, the paper held
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