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G. G. Meade 459 1 Browse Search
A. Hooker 430 0 Browse Search
Longstreet 379 15 Browse Search
Fredericksburg, Va. (Virginia, United States) 346 0 Browse Search
A. E. Burnside 339 1 Browse Search
W. H. F. Lee 312 4 Browse Search
Robert E. Lee 311 7 Browse Search
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January 13th (search for this): chapter 3
somewhat on the President to countermand, or have General McClellan countermand General Burnside's expedition, and bring up at Aquia The President was, however, exceedingly averse from interfering, saying he disliked exceedingly to stop a thing long since planned, just as it was ready to strike. Nothing was done but to appoint another meeting the next day, at eleven o'clock, when we were to meet General McClellan and again discuss the question of the movement to be made, etc., etc. Monday, January 13. Went to the President's with the Secretary of Treasury. Present, the President, Governor Chase, Governor Seward, Postmaster-General, General McClellan, General Meigs, General Franklin, and myself, and, I think, the Assistant Secretary of War. The President, pointing to a map, asked me to go over the plan I had before spoken to him of. He at the same time made a brief explanation of how he came to bring General Franklin and General McDowell before him. I mentioned in as brief term
March 12th (search for this): chapter 3
o the front. Instructions to General Banks: Report, p. 60. Just as General Banks was about to move his corps to Manassas, however, there occurred a series of events that compelled him to retain the greater part of his force in the Shenandoah Valley. At the time of the evacuation of Manassas by the enemy, Stonewall Jackson, with his division of about eight thousand men, was posted at Winchester—the Union troops occupying Charlestown; but on the advance of General Banks' force, on the 12th of March, he retreated; and, pursued by the division of Shields', retired twenty miles south of Strasburg. Under cover of this advance, the first division of Banks' corps was, on the 20th, put en route for Manassas, and Shields fell back to Winchester. Jackson, informed probably of the withdrawal of the troops from the Valley, but exaggerating its extent, returned upon his steps, and, on the afternoon of the 23d, attacked Shields near Winchester. Jackson met a severe repulse, after which he m
March 13th (search for this): chapter 3
ad been Urbana on the Rappahannock. But this enterprise, which had for its object to cut off the retreat of the Confederates on Richmond, of course became impossible after they had retired behind the Rappahannock. There now remained the move to the Peninsula,—a move which he had considered in his general plan, but which he regarded as less brilliant and promising less decisive results. This project was submitted to a council of the corps commanders while at Fairfax Courthouse, on the 13th of March, and by them it was unanimously approved, provided the Merrimac (which a few days before had made its destructive raid on the vessels in Hampton Roads, and was now at Norfolk) could be neutralized; that means of transport for the army were at hand; that a naval force could be obtained to aid in silencing the enemy's batteries on the York River; and that sufficient force should be left to cover Washington, to give an entire feeling of security. The proceedings of this council were submit
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