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Ensign Actg 2,397 1 Browse Search
Atlantic Ocean 1,936 0 Browse Search
March 13th, 1865 AD 1,120 1,120 Browse Search
June 22nd, 1867 AD 543 543 Browse Search
Asst 528 2 Browse Search
East Gulf (West Virginia, United States) 412 0 Browse Search
Co Captain 376 0 Browse Search
William H. Harper 324 0 Browse Search
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July 29th, 1861 AD (search for this): chapter 1
v. 2, 1865.Resigned.Actg. Master's Mate. Harris, William H., See Navy Register.Mass.Mass.Mass.Sept. 21, 1861.3d Asst. Engr.Sagamore; Niagara.East Gulf; Special Service.--- July 30, 1863.2d Asst. Engr. Harrison, William H.,Mass.Mass.Mass.July 29, 1861.3d Asst. Engr.Chocura; Shamrock.North Atlantic.Oct. 8, 72.Resigned.1st Asst. Engr. Dec. 18, 1862.2d Asst. Engr.Wasp.Brazil. Jan. 30, 1865.1st Asst. Engr. Hartford, R. F.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Jan. 21, 1864.Actg. Master's Mate.Hunchback.North Atlan of service. Date.RankDate.Discharged or Otherwise.Rank. Renney, William E.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Aug. 19, 1864.Actg. 3d Asst. Engr.Tallapoosa.West Gulf.Sept. 5, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. 3d Asst. Engr. Reynolds, Alfred H., See enlistment, July 29, 1861. Credit, Boston. Killed in action.Vt.Mass.Mass.Dec. 2, 1861.Actg. Master's Mate.Calhonn; Portsmouth; Princess Royal.West Gulf.Feb. 27, 1865.Deceased.Actg. Ensign. July 30, 1862.Actg. Ensign. Reynolds, Newton, No farther record.Mass.Mas
July 30th, 1861 AD (search for this): chapter 1
ned.Actg. Asst. Surgeon. Bills, John G., Drowned at Station Creek, S. C. See enlistment, July 30, 1861. Credit, Boston.Mass.Mass.Mass.Jane 20, 1862.Actg. Gunner.Vermont.Store Ship.May 16, 1863.Dgoe.South Atlantic.May 30, 1865.Resigned.Actg. Ensign. Carpenter, Charles O.,N. H.Mass.Mass.July 30, 1861.Asst. Surgeon.Ottawa.South Atlantic.Mar. 27, 1863.Resigned.Asst. Surgeon. Carpenter, Samuel May 16, 1863.Actg. 1st Asst. Engr. Hathaway, William R., Credit, Boston.Mass.Mass.Mass.July 30, 1861.Actg. Master.Sabine; Wyalusing; Bienville.West Gulf; North Atlantic; West Gulf.Feb. 11, 1867Gulf.Aug. 14, 1867.Hon. discharged.Actg. Ensign. Judson, Adoniram B., East Indies.Mass.Mass.July 30, 1861.Asst. Surgeon.Mortar Flotilla; Nantucket.W. Gulf; South Atlantic.May 11, 1868.Resigned.Surge21, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Master. Wells, Henry M., See Navy Register.Mass.Mass.Mass.July 30, 1861.Asst. Surgeon.Portsmouth; Tennessee.West Gulf.--- July 22, 1864.Passed Asst. Surgeon.Ohio.R
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