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U. S. Grant 1,568 10 Browse Search
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George H. Thomas 766 2 Browse Search
Warren Sheridan 712 0 Browse Search
Hood 687 5 Browse Search
P. H. Sheridan 606 2 Browse Search
Meade 460 16 Browse Search
Robert E. Lee 411 9 Browse Search
John Sherman 356 0 Browse Search
G. K. Warren 347 1 Browse Search
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North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
mmoned to Georgia, III., 223; ordered to oppose Sherman, 291; in command in North Carolina, 312; supineness of, at Fort Fisher, 346. Breckenridge, General John C., re, 101, 109; death and burial of, III., 532. Hoke, General, in command in North Carolina, III., 312; at Wilmington, 317; at Fort Fisher, first expedition, 320; secosident, Andrew, inauguration of, III., 627; disapproves Sherman's course in North Carolina, 631; desires to try Lee for treason, 654. Johnston, General Alert S., ad Fort Harrison, 74-80; at Hatcher's run, 114-128; sends Hoke's division to North Carolina, 312; created general-in-chief, 356; alarming report to rebel government byr expedition, 329; Sherman's campaign in Carolinas, 373; under Schofield in North Carolina, 377; under Sheridan, February, 1865, 412; before Richmond, March, 1864, 43214; at battle of Nashville, 251, 257; ordered east from Tennessee, 364; in North Carolina, 379; captures Wilmington, 385; movement to Goldsboro, 433, 434. Seddon
Martinsburg (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
ties, 630; terms disapproved by government, 631; President Johnson's action towards, 631; denounced by Stanton, 63; protected by Grant, 635; error in judgment of, 635; Grant's indignation at Stanton's treatment of, 636; final conference with Johnston, 633. Shiloh, battle of, i., 72-95; determination of troops on both sides, 95; false reports at the West of, 100. Sigel, General, Franz, in Valley of Virginia, II., 416; beaten by Breckenridge, 417; superseded by Hunter, 417-; evacuates Martinsburg, 432; removal from command, 436. Signals, in use by both armies, the same code of, II., 222. Slavery, cause of the rebellion, i., 2. Slaves rebel proposal to arm? III., 352; rebel apprehension regarding, 354; conduct of, during the war, 355; arming the, 356. Slocum, General II. W., takes possession of Atlanta, II., 546; in command of Sherman's left wing in march to sea, III., 283; in front of Savannah, 295; in campaign north of Savannah, 373; at battle of Averysboro, 428; at
Tallahatchie River (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
le, 637. Stoneman, General, George, captured by rebels near Atlanta, II., 543; at Louisville, III., 191; delay of, 411; cuts off Lee's retreat towards Lynchburg, 637. Stanley, General D. S., in Thomas's army, III., 185; at Pulaski, 186; at Spring hill, 208. Stuart, General J. E. B., at Spottsylvania, II., 145; opposes Sheridan's movement to James river, 238; death, 239. Sturgis, General S. D., defeated at Guntown, II., 401. Sumpter, Fort, attack on, i., 3; fall of, 9. Tallahatchie river, Grant's movement to, 127-140; expedition to, from Yazoo pass 169-173. Taylor, General Richard, supersedes Hood, III.; 270; calls for more troops, 287; surrenders all rebel forces east of Mississippi river, 639. Tennessee, military situation in, November, 1861, i., 23; results in, consequent on capture of Fort Donelson, 55; movements in, after battle of Shiloh, 101-120; occupation and liberation of East, 545; situation in, November, 1864, III., 154-161, 174; Hood's campaign in, 1
Port Hudson (Louisiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
adron, II., 78; promoted to brigadier-general 79. Banks, General N. P., expedition against Port Hudson, i., 160; applies to Grant for reinforcements, 356; receives surrender of Port Hudson, 392; iPort Hudson, 392; in command of department of the Gulf, II., 31; his part in general plan of campaign, 1864, 36, 39, 50, 51; Red river campaign, 57-86; instructions for general campaign, 64; delay of, 76; defeat of, 77Sailor's creek, 577. Farragut, Admiral, expedition of, against Vicksburg, i., 125; runs by Port Hudson and communicates with Grant, 179; passes forts at entrance of Mobile bay, III., 41. Federa288. Gabions of cane and grape-vine at Vicksburg, i., 337. Gardner, General, surrenders Port Hudson to Banks, i., 392. Geary General Jno. W., at battle of Wauhatchie, 448-450; Lookout mountege of Corinth, i., 100; ordered to Virginia, 107. Port Gibson, battle of, i., 206-210. Port Hudson, surrender of i., 392. Port Royal, Foster and Sherman at, III., 305. Porter, Admiral, i
Lynchburg (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
ubal A., at battle of Wilderness, II., 123; at Spottsylvania, 140, 143-155, 160-206; sent to Valley of Virginia 419; at Lynchburg, 420; pursuit of Hunter, 421, 422; ordered to threaten Washington, 429; his strength at Staunton, 430; movement on Wash Sigel, 202, 417; ordered up alley of Virginia, 402; defeat of rebels at Piedmont, 418; occupies Lexington, 419; before Lynchburg, 420; retreat through the mountains, 421; destruction of rebel factories and stores, 425; in Potomac valley, 497; relieent at mouth of, 447, 448; fate of, decided, 451. Louisiana, the, Butler's powder-ship at Fort Fisher, III., 308. Lynchburg, strategical importance of, II., 334-345; Hunter's movement against, 418-423. Macon, surrender of, III., 638. Marrge, captured by rebels near Atlanta, II., 543; at Louisville, III., 191; delay of, 411; cuts off Lee's retreat towards Lynchburg, 637. Stanley, General D. S., in Thomas's army, III., 185; at Pulaski, 186; at Spring hill, 208. Stuart, General
Appomattox (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
at, 593; surrender of Lee at, 597-613. Appomattox river, course of, II., 340; W. F. Smith's movemsuit of Lee on the Appomattox, 580; march to Appomattox court-house, 592; battle of Appomattox, 597Appomattox, 597. Cullum, General George W. congratulations of, on fall of Fort Donelson, i., 53. Culpeper, toe at City Point, III., 135-149, 436, 437; at Appomattox, 602-613; summary of campaigns of, 641; milif Lee, 547-600; at Jetersville, 559, 563; at Appomattox, 600. Memphis, covered by Columbus, i., 2al defence of Petersburg, 500-529; flight to Appomattox, 544-597; demoralization after fall of Richm on Petersburg, 501-516; parallel advance to Appomattox with Sheridan and Meade, 546, 556, 558, 578, final assaults on Petersburg 507; flight to Appomattox, 545; at Jetersville, 551; at Appomattox, 62Appomattox, 623, 624; surrendered to Sherman, 634; total surrendered at end of war, 639. Rebel government totte65; at battle of Sailor's creek, 566-577; at Appomattox, 591, 611. Sherman, General W. T., relati[5 more...]
Pascagoula (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
s to aid Hancock, 505; at Deep Bottom, III., 68, 70; at Fort Harrison, 76; second movement north of James river, 115-122; ordered to New York to preserve order during election, 171; Fort Fisher affair, 225, 229, 235, 246, 307, 323; relieved from command, 329. Cairo, Grant arrives at, i., 11; Grant in command of district of, 25. Campbell's station, fight at, i., 536. Canby, General E. R. S., supersedes Banks, II., 204; ordered to move against Mobile, 346; ordered to send troops to Pascagoula, III., 41; ordered to act against communications of Hood and Beauregard, 175; ordered to destroy factories at Montgomery and Selma, 367; movements on the Mississippi, 388; ordered into Alabama, 390; slowness and disregard of orders, 408, 409; campaign against Mobile, 637. Cape Fear river, geography of, III., 307; capture of defences of, 343; Schofield's movements on, 380. Carolinas, Sherman's campaign in the, III., 421-433. Cassville taken by Sherman, II., 535. Cedar creek, bat
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
nto Tennessee, 203; summoned from the West to Georgia, 223: underestimates Sherman's force, 288; coto duty of, II., 462; joins Sherman's army in Georgia, 536. Blockade, efficiency of, III., 224, -528; relieved from command, 550; summoned to Georgia, III., 223; ordered to oppose Sherman, 291; i9 523. Cobb, General Howell, in command in Georgia, III., 286; falling back to Macon, 287; surreokout mountain, i. 451; bombastic speeches in Georgia, III., 50; imprudent disclosure of rebel plantchie, 448-450; Lookout mountain, 497-501. Georgia, situation in, after fall of Atlanta III., 40rtment of Tennessee, II., 18; with Sherman in Georgia, 533-540; death of, 541. Meade General Geo552; pursues Longstreet, 562; with Sherman in Georgia, II., 533; at Chattanooga, III., 163; his cor 544; besieges Atlanta, 542-546; situation in Georgia, III., 41-43; discussion of new campaign witheler, General, in command of rebel cavalry in Georgia, III., 287; in front of Sherman's army, 289;
Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
gainst Burnside in Tennessee, i., 460; attack on Fort Sanders, 539; abandons siege of Knoxville, 543; retreats towards Virginia, 543; goes into winter quarters, 548; pursued by Schofield, 562; at battle of the Wilderness, II., 114; wounded, 121; movements north of James, III., 90, 122, 507; at final defence of Petersburg, 519; at Appomattoxs 597. Lookout mountain, battle of, i., 498-501. Lookout valley, importance of, i., 445; movement at mouth of, 447, 448; fate of, decided, 451. Louisiana, the, Butler's powder-ship at Fort Fisher, III., 308. Lynchburg, strategical importance of, II., 334-345; Hunter's movement against, 418-423. Macon, surrender of, III., 638. Marietta taken by Sherman, II., 538. Martindale, General John H., at Cold Harbor, II., 293; before Petersburg, 358. McAllister, Fort, capture of, by Hazen, III., 295. McArthur, General, John, at battle of Nashville, III., 254. McCausland, General, burns Chambersburg, Pa., II., 493; pursued and routed
Spanish Fort (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 19
rant's first service in, i., 10, 11; Rosecrans in command in, II. 30. Mississippi, proposal to bring, into Union, i., 416. Mississippi river military importance of, i., 123; rebel fortifications on, 124; Sherman's expedition, December, 1862, 135, tortuous course of, 157; forests and jungles of, 158. Mississippi squadron, saved by Bailey, II., 78. Mississippi valley, character of, i., 156. Mobile, proposed capture of, i., 412, 413; Canby's force before, III., 637; capture of Spanish Fort and Blakely, 637 evacuation of, 637. Montgomery, occupation of, III., 635. Mott General G., at battle of the Wilderness, II., 110-121; at Spottsylvania, 166, 167; at Deep Bottom and Bailey's creek, 507. Mower, General Joseph A., command transferred to Tennessee, III., 154; at Bentonsville, 431. Murphy, Colonel R. C., abandons Iuka, i., 110; surrenders Holly Springs, 138; cashiered, 139. Nashville, battle of, III., 249-279. Nashville, situation at, in December, 184, III.,
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