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Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 530 0 Browse Search
P. R. Cleburne 224 0 Browse Search
Benjamin Franklin Cheatham 206 6 Browse Search
J. B. Hood 187 1 Browse Search
Bushrod Johnson 178 8 Browse Search
Braxton Bragg 172 4 Browse Search
B. F. Cheatham 170 0 Browse Search
Nathan B. Forrest 135 7 Browse Search
Edgefield (Tennessee, United States) 132 4 Browse Search
William B. Bate 130 0 Browse Search
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s command, 2,200 strong. The Federal commander's sword being delivered to Col. R. M. Russell, commanding First brigade, it was found the forces captured were those of Brig.-Gen. B. M. Prentiss, Sixth division of Grant's army. At 8 a. m. of the 7th General Polk ordered Cheatham's division, reinforced by the Thirty-third and Twenty-seventh Tennessee, and Gibson's Louisiana brigade, to move past Shiloh church to form on left of our line. They engaged the enemy so soon as they were formed and native State, and the cause of liberty, fell and died. Lieutenant-Colonel Brown of the same regiment was seriously wounded; Captain Hearn and Lieutenant Henry were killed. Maj. Samuel T. Love of the Twenty-seventh, serving under Cheatham on the 7th, was killed in a charge on the enemy. General Cleburne made honorable mention of Colonel Bate, and said of his regiment: Tennessee can never mourn for a nobler band than fell this day in her Second regiment. He refers in terms of praise to Col
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