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May 8th, 1896 AD (search for this): chapter 1.17
some of the subordinate Federal officers engaged in this fight are somewhat amusing, inasmuch as they estimate one attacking force all the way from 3,000 to 10,000 men, and one even says that we attacked then with these overwhelming numbers, carrying a black flag, and giving no quarter—this in the face of the fact that no one ever saw a black flag in Virginia during the war, and of the further fact that we took alive about 700 prisoners, which shows under what mental and optical delusion some people may labor during the excitement of such an occurrence, or else, what deliberate lying they will do in order to make their own part in the affair appear as great as possible. This article has been written simply in vindication of historical truth, and in justice to the heroic dead and of the living, as well. In further verification of the foregoing, I refer to Judge Grimsley, of Culpeper, Va., and Colonel R. H. Dulany, Welbourne, Va. John C. Donohoe. Hughesville, Va., May 8, 1896
May 23rd, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 1.17
Fight at front Royal. [from the Richmond (Va.) times, May 10, 1896.] a vindication of Historical truth, by one who knows. Facts from a Diary of events, Substantiated by official reports of actors in the scenes. Editor of the Times: Sir,—In consequence of the frequent misstatements made, some of which have found their way into public print, concerning the fighting in the vicinity of Front Royal on the 23d of May, 1862, and the capture of the Federal garrison at that place, I have frequently been requested by some of my old comrades to prepare for publication a correct statement of the occurrences of that eventful day. From various causes I have from time to time postponed a compliance with these requests until the present, but, having been recently informed, whether correctly or not I am not able to state, that some of these statements have been incorporated in some of our modern histories, I have concluded to prepare for your columns a correct statement of the occurr
May 20th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 1.17
ents have been incorporated in some of our modern histories, I have concluded to prepare for your columns a correct statement of the occurrences referred to, and in doing so I shall not depend upon my memory, but shall state the facts in the matter under consideration, as recorded in a diary kept by me during the war, and I shall substantiate that record by quotations from the official reports of the officers (Confederate and Federal) who were actors in these stirring events. On the 20th of May, 1862, the 2d and the 6th regiments of Virginia cavalry, the former under the command of Colonel Munford, and the latter under Colonel Thomas Stanhope Flournoy, who, being the senior officer, had command of both regiments, broke camp near Culpeper Courthouse and marched to Woodville, Rappahannock county. On the following day we crossed the Blue Ridge into Page Valley, in advance of General Ewells' Division, and continued our march to Luray. On the 22d our march was continued in the directio
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