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September 23rd (search for this): chapter 1.5
r up all the wounded that could walk (of which I had twenty), and take them across the Potomac at Shepherdstown, which we forded at night. We went on our way to the hospital at Winchester, with not a mouthful to eat except what I could beg on the route, but the women along the road helped me to wash and bind up the men's wounds, which was the only medical attention they received during our weary march. After getting them safe to the hospital I returned to the regiment, which I joined September 23d, near Martinsburg, where they were undergoing repairs. Thus ended a three-weeks' campaign of a regiment which seems to have been almost forgotten by the good people of Richmond, though raised amongst them. It was the first regiment to organize in 1861, and left this city for the front May 24th, armed with guns of four different calibres—viz., Springfield, Enfield, Mississippi rifle, and smooth-bore. Company F, the Emmett Guards, and Company K, the Marion Rifles, disbanded after th
November 12th, 1899 AD (search for this): chapter 1.5
The Fifteenth Virginia. [from the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, November 12, 1899.] Composed of Richmond, Henrico and Hanover boys. Career of this gallant regiment. Incidents of the capture of Harper's Ferry and the bloody battle of Sharpsburg—Colonel Vance and Molly Cottontail. I want to tell what I know about the part taken in the Sharpsburg campaign by the 15th Virginia Infantry, whose rifles cracked from Bethel to Appomattox. There were eight companies in the regiment, organized and composed of men from Richmond and vicinity—to-wit: Company A, Church Hill, city; Company B, Virginia Life Guard, city; Company C, Patrick Henry Rifles, Hanover; Company D, Old Dominion Guard, city; Company E, Ashland Grays, Hanover; Company G, Henrico Southern Guard, Henrico; Company H, Young Guard, city; Company I, Hanover Grays, Hanover. Having lost its colonel (T. P. August, wounded) and major (John Stewart Walker, killed at Malvern Hill), the regiment recruited and reorganized,
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