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al Early to carry up the rear of his division in the retreat. I think it was very near daylight the next morning when I left Gettysburg. There appeared to be no hurry or confusion. My recollection is that Colonel White's battalion of cavalry remained between me and the enemy during the day, and acted as a sort of escort for me, though I had to unlimber several times to make a show against the enemy's advance, nothing of consequence occurred until we reached a place called Fairfield, on July 5th, when they brought up a battery upon the hills in the rear of us and killed several of my horses, and broke the tongue of one of my pieces. This blocked the road for a few moments, but it was not five minutes before General Early was by my side telling me not to leave the piece. I soon got fresh horses, moved into a field near by, ready for action; General Early moved off, and in a very few moments several of his brigade, if not the whole of his division, was in line of battle, ready to
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