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Leicester, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
1777. Grant, Abraham, of Camb., and Charlotte Yates of W. Camb., m. 30 June, 1824. Daniel and Sarah P. Pierce of W. Camb., m. 29 Aug. 1824. Gray, Sarah, and Silas Cutler of W. Camb., m. 3 June, 1827. Green, Rebecca—granddaughter of John Williams, deceased—adm. Pct. ch. 13 Dec. 1761. Thomas, was pastor of the Baptist Society in Camb. N. W. Prect. 21 July, 1787, and continued in that office till 1793. He was grandson of Dr. Thomas Green, first pastor of the Baptist Church in Leicester, and b. at Worcester, 3 Jan. 1761. He came to Cambridge by letter from Wrentham. See Green Family in Vinton Memorial, pp. 408-9,421, 435; Arlington Baptist Church Book; Sewall's History of Woburn, 484-85; Hanson's Hit. of Danvers, 247. Lucy, m. Isaac Tufts, 12 Mar. 1807, Camb. Har-Riet Maria of W. Camb. m. John Parker of Brighton, 6 May, 1813, Leonard, Esq., d. 1 July, 1840, a. 60. (See Bond's Wat., 261.) Greenleaf, Sarah A., and Joseph B. Mott, m. 1 Jan. 1836. Greenough, Ann, d
Mary Hill (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
ngton Records. and Mary, w. of John, joined likewise at same time. Jona-than the father had sons Jonathan, John who m. Mary Hill (1 Mar. 1725-6), and William. See Paige, 505. Jonathan the father d. 2 June, 1744, a. 73. His wife, the Widow Ruth, d.was Ruth Wright of Woburn (Dr. Benjamin Cutter). Jonathan (Jr.) was adm. Camb. ch. 29 Nov. 1719. John the son, who m. Mary Hill, then a young widow—(her maiden name Mary Grant—Paige )—had no children. Mary, wife of John, then wife of Abraham Hillbout 24. Clay, Sarah D. and Porter Smith, both of South Reading, m. 15 Aug. 1837. Codner, William, of Boston, and Mary Hill of Camb. m. 5 Dec. 1745. Fee £ 2. coffin, Michael, s. of John, bap. 2 Apr. 1758. Coggin, Sally, adult, o. c. a. at Charleston, S. C, 31 Aug. 1796, a. 22.—Cooke Family Memoranda, and Bond's Wat., 269. Stephen, 4th, of Medford, and Mary Hill, of Camb., m. 12 July, 1770. See Hist. Medford; Wyman, 456. Hamblet, friend-Moody, of Springfield, m. Asenath B
Worcester County (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
19, 1776:— Worchester, April, 1775. Hannah Bradish, of that part of Cambridge called Menotomy, and daughter of Timothy Paine, of Worcester, in the county of Worcester, Esquire, of lawful age, testifies, and says that about five o'clock on Wednesday last, afternoon, being in her bedchamber with her infant child, about eight day April 26, 1775. Mrs. Hannah Bradish, the above deponent, maketh oath before us, the subscribers, two of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the county of Worcester, and of the quorum, that the above deposition, according to her best recollection, is the truth. Which deposition is taken in perpetuam rei memoriam. Thomas St823. Text, Rom. x. 14, 16. Pp. 10. (3) A Sermon preached at Charlton, Mass., Sept. 14, 1826, at the Annual Meeting of the Auxiliary Bible Society in the County of Worcester. By David Damon, Minister of Lunenburg. Pp. 27. (4) Sermon, delivered at Worcester, in or about 1826. (5) A Sermon delivered at Lunenburg, Dec. 2,
Kings Chapel (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
yrs.—Sarah (privately), a. 7 yrs.—Joseph, a. 4 yrs., and Francis, a. 2 yrs., child. of Francis, Jr., all bap. Pct. ch. 31 Mar. 1754); Hannah, b. 30 Mar. 1755, m. Abraham Locke, of St. Georges (Me.), 20 June, 1776; Rebecca, b. 12 Apr. 1757, m. son of John Batts; Elizabeth (b. 27 Sept. 1759), d. 28 Jan. 1776, a. 18 yrs.; Benjamin (b. 11 Apr. 1765). Francis the father d. 19 Mar. 1778, a. 6 [0] (57). His wid. Ruth d. 8 Sept. 1807, a. 83. She was Ruth Fessenden (of Sandwich), and was m. at King's Chapel,--Boston, 13 Sept. 1743. Francis Locke of Camb. hired Joseph Winship's place, 1768. See Wyman, 622. He lived in his father's house, and was afflicted with a lame shoulder, and died at the house (afterward his gr.—son Abel's). 4. John, s. of Francis (1), m. Mary Frost, Jr., 2 Jan. 1752—marriage fee 1/2 crown. Had John, b. 8 June, 1753; and Hephzibah Wheeler, b. 23 Feb. 1755. John the father d. 4 June, 1755, a. 30. Mary, wid. of John, was adm. Pct. ch. 26 Oct. 1755; and John, s.
Louisa, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
Sept. 1805, a. 5 mos. (Fiske), 6 mos. (g. s.); Louisa, bap. 21 Dec. 1806. [He rem. to Jaffrey, N. Hencer's son, d. 10 Aug. 1802, a. 2; and Ruthy, Louisa, and John Harris, chil. of Spencer, were bap.13 Apr. 1817. Ruth m. Ezra Avery, 7 Feb. 1828. Louisa m. Elias Avery, 1 Jan. 1828. Lydia, another daentiss of Camb. m. 14 Oct. 1792. Carlisle, Louisa, of W. Camb., and William Nichols of Boston, m. Leonard Gay; phraim Frost, bap. 1 Jan. 1797; Louisa, d. 14 Jan. 1800, a. 1 wk.; Jonas, bap. 11 Octof Lexington, m. 17 Apr. 1817. Timothy had w. Louisa, d. 28 Jan. 1839, a. 36 (g. s.); and son, d. 2d. 6 Sept. 1802, a. 2 (or 1 yr. 10 mo.—g. s.); Louisa, m. Timothy Eaton, of Woburn, 5 Apr. 1829, W. . 1820; had also Elmira, bap. 3 Nov. 1822, and Louisa, bap. 26 Sept. 1824. Harriet A. m. Lemuel Pitt Reed of Chas., 25 Nov. 1815. See Wyman, 931. Louisa, dau. of Stephen, d. 21 Mar. 1841, a. 18. Seezekiel Cutter, 29 Nov. 1809—Cutter (par. 31); Louisa, bap. 3 Mar. 1793; Josiah, bap. 17 May, 1795; [2 more...]<
Danvers (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
m. Fanny Watson, 14 Mar. 1793, prob. s. of Samuel (2). Mary, of Woburn, m. Eliphalet Dodge of Danvers, 13 Feb. 1802. Walter, William and Samuel are named by Wyman, 245. See Paige's Camb. Craft . 7 mos. Maria P., wife of Paul, d. 8 Apr. 1838, a. 22. See Perry (par. 9). 3. Eliphalet, of Danvers, and Mary Cox of Woburn, m. 13 Feb. 1802. David surveyed here in 1836. (Wyman's Charlestown, 9,421, 435; Arlington Baptist Church Book; Sewall's History of Woburn, 484-85; Hanson's Hit. of Danvers, 247. Lucy, m. Isaac Tufts, 12 Mar. 1807, Camb. Har-Riet Maria of W. Camb. m. John Parker of the gr.—gr.—father of Jefferson Cutter, through Joseph,3 Thomas,2 John.1 The old Putnam house, Danvers, built 1648, birth-place of Gen. Putnam, is vet standing and is now occupied by Miss Susan Putn the following regarding the Putnam family, from records in possession of Miss Susan Putnam, Danvers, Mass. Raymond. Rebecca Williams (Sudbury, at Daniel Rat-Mond's), d. 31 July, 1771. See Wyman,<
Addison Hill (New York, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
ebecca M., m. Abijah Frost, 4 Jan. 1827; Ira, d. 7 July, 1826, a. 19 (21, g. s.); Joseph; Mehitable, m. Bowen Russell, 6 June, 1833; Edmund Munroe, d. 22 Sept. 1825, a. 11 (g. s.); Pa- melia, m. J. L. Kidder; Nehemiah M.; Abigail, m. Thaddeus Frost, 29 Nov. 1827. The wife of Joseph was of Lexington origin. He resided in the house now occupied by Timothy Eaton. See Book of the Lockes. 22. William, s. of Joseph (7), m. Hannah Porter (he styled Jr.), 20 July, 1806. He had Caroline, m. Addison Hill; Emeline, m. Thomas P. Peirce, 9 Apr. 1829; Harriet, M. Thomas P. Peirce (his second wife); Henrietta, m. Artemas Locke, Jr. (par. 32); Hannah Munroe, m. Samuel F. Woodbridge, 5 Apr. 1843; William Porter; Frederick James. See Locke Book. 23. Samuel, s. of Francis (8), styled 2d. His wid., Betsey, d. 13 Nov. 1841, a. 62. Had two sons. See Book of the Lockes. 24. Peter, s. of Francis (8), m. Elizabeth Allen, 26 Dec. 1810. He d. 2 Mar. 1827, a. 38. Had Charles Damon, bap. 12 Apr.
Marblehead (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
ocke Book, 161.) Bussell, Joel, and Wid. Anna Cutter of W. Camb. m. 27 Nov. 1826. See Cutter (par. 35). Butter, Daniel, of Charlestown, and Rhoda Earl of Marblehead, m. 12 Mar. 1826. Butterfield, Jonathan, and w. Ruth joined the Second Pct. ch. at its organization, 9 Sept. 1739; and Jonathan, Jr., and w. Ra-Chel, Jon793, a. 89. Dutton, Stephen and wife, o. c. 2 June, 1783, and had dau. Lucy, bap. 1 June, 1783. Susanna m. James Frost, 3 Dec. 1776. E Earl, Rhoda, of Marblehead, and Daniel Butter, of Charlestown, m. 12 Mar. 1826. Eastman, Jonathan, of Concord, New Hampshire, and Esther Johnson, of Woburn, m. 15 Sept. 1776. Eaton,d. 1 Mar. 1847, a. 75; Nathaniel, b. 15, bap. 17 Apr. 1774; John, b. 28 Aug., bap. 1 Sept. 1776, rem. to Fairfax, Vt.; Joseph. b. 14, bap. 21 Mar. 1779, rem. to Marblehead; a dau. stillborn, 17 Feb. 1782. See Wyman, 838, 839, 840. 12. Philemon, s. of Joseph (4), was adm. Pct. ch. 21 Apr. 1782, and d. 31 May, 1797, a. 57 (g. s
Cheshire county (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
ter Book, 146, 388, 396. He was s. of James (1), and b; in Cambridge 12 Mar. 1779, rem. to Westbrook, Me., where he d. 1857, a. 78. See Cutter (par. 11). 4. Rev. Jacob, of Berwick, m. Hephzibah Prentice, 13 Oct. 1756— marriage fee nothing; customary fee a dollar. She was dau. of Dea. Henry Prentice of Camb. He grad. H. U. 1754, and d. 1798. He was ord. in Berwick, 1756, dism. at his own request 1777, and became a chaplain in the army; in 1781 he was installed at Packersfield, Cheshire Co., N. H., and dism. about ten years after.—Greenleaf, Eccles. Hist. Maine. For son. see Wyman's Charlestown, 353-4. Su-key, m. William Adams, 17 Sept. 1818. Hannah, m. Abbot Allen, 1 May, 1825. Martha, m. Luke Vila, 3 July, 1825. Maria, m. Augustus Babcock, 20 Nov. 1825. Herman, of Boston, m. Harriet M. A. Whittemore, 8 Nov. 1826. He was b. Andover, 31 Oct. 1800, and was a distinguished citizen of Manchester, N. H. where he d. 17 Feb. 1875.—See extended notice of him in N. E. Hist. Gen<
Hawkins (Colorado, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
-3. See Paige, 574; Wyman, 480. Hastings, Mary, m. Josiah Shattuck, 11 Jan. 1753. Jona-than, Jr., and Christianna Wainwright of Camb., m. 24 Nov. 1780. John, of Woburn, had Mary Augusta, Elmira and Anna, all bap. here 25 Jan. 1799. John of Woburn was Major—see Hist. Camb., 577; Hist. Woburn, 435; Wyman, 480. Harriet, and Elias Smith, of Lexington, m. here 8 Aug. 1819. Jona. Jr., and John, above, were brothers [H. U. 1768 and 1772]—Paige, 577, &c. Elisha was rated here, 1781. Hawkins, Col. Nathaniel, of South Kingston, R. I., and Sarah Kent of Camb., m. 5 Mar. 1778. Marriage fee $14. See Wyman, 482-83. Hay, Richard, of Charlestown, m. Anna Adams, 25 Mar. 1781, dau. of William Adams. Richard and W. Anna o. c. here 4 Nov. 1781, and had Richard, bap. 4 Nov. 1781. See Wyman, 486-87. Hayden, Asa, at Thomas Hutchinson's, Charlestown, d. 1 Sept. 1835, a. 18. heard, Elizabeth, of Charlestown, and Isaac Richardson of Woburn, m. 20 Dec. 1801. See Hurd. Hefrau, Susann
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