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ceived that enlistments for the increase of the personnel of the Navy are so successful that the necessary number will soon be supplied. The Secretary of the Navy is assiduous in hurrying forward the measures of the blockade, and informs his friends that by this time Charleston and the Savannah river experience its effects. The steamer Niagara and other vessels will similarly operate at New Orleans. Speaking of the commerce of the Mississippi, the Memphis Bulletin of the 12th instant says: The blockade at Cairo will operate in more ways than one. The ostensible object is to prevent the export of provisions and munitions of war from the Northwestern to the Southwestern States. But it will be equally effective in preventing the exports from the latter in return. So far as we know and believe, the supply of provisions in the South is abundant, and was never more so at this season of the year. Certain we are, from the most reliable information, that there is food
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