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October, 1 AD (search for this): article 1
orida, although expected, produced a great excitement on Monday night. On yesterday morning the ringing of the city bell "Secession," and the firing of cannon, by direction of the city authorities, announced the glad tidings to our citizens. The Hamburg company of "Minute Men," and "Cherokee-pond Company," of Edgefield, both left Hamburg this morning, on the down eight o'clock train, for Charleston. Both companies numbered about 200 men. Dispatch from Charleston. Charleston, Jan. 10, P. M. --The dispatches received here that the United States sloop-of-war Brooklyn is coming here with an armed force, has created an intense excitement. Great preparations are making in the harbor for active warfare. A large steamer, called the Marion, of the Charleston and New York line, has been purchased by South Carolina, and ordered to be razed for a man-of-war, her upper cabins to be taken off, and armament supplied. The buoys in the harbor have been removed. The Brookl
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