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United States (United States) 70 0 Browse Search
South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) 52 0 Browse Search
Alabama (Alabama, United States) 34 0 Browse Search
Anderson 20 14 Browse Search
November, 1 AD 19 19 Browse Search
Cook 16 0 Browse Search
Thomas 12 4 Browse Search
Reverdy Johnson 11 1 Browse Search
Thomas L. Hunter 11 1 Browse Search
Abraham Lincoln 10 0 Browse Search
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Wm. Ware, John G. Jefferson, P. S. Boisseau, John S. Hardaway, Wm. E. Meade, J. A. Scruggs, N. N. Glenn, J. B. Williamson, John Wingo, W. B. Baldwin, E. M. Brazeal, J. H. Barnes, E. R. Johnson, A. M. Chappee, Wm. R. Carter, A. Haskins, A. A. Tinsley, E. A. Blanton, W. A. Selden, J. W. Johnson, Thos. Y. Tabb, John F. Wily, Messrs. Wm. H. Harrison, E. W. Eggleston, P. Wilkinson, Ed. Green, and others. Gentlemen: Your letter of the 9th instant, in which you earnestly desire me to proclaim myself a candidate to represent this Electoral District in the ensuing State Convention, was handed to me on yesterday. In the present state of the country, I consider myself bound to yield to your wishes, and those of other friends by whom I have heretofore been solicited to become a candidate. The time between this and the day of election is so short that the people of the district cannot meet in Convention, and select a candidate
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