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January, 1863 AD (search for this): article 11
nd the second section by striking out the words "four months" and inserting "six months," This amendment was adopted. A motion was then made to strike out the second section as amended, and on this the ayes and noes were ordered, and the vote being taken resulted as follows — ayes 30, noes 31. The bill as amended was then engrossed, read a third time and passed. Mr. Kenner, of La., from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported a bill making appropriations for the month of January, 1863 and for deficiencies and other purposes therein named. Ordered to be printed. Mr. Dupre, of La., offered a resolution requesting the President to inform the House by what authority "Wheat's Louisiana battalion." which was mustered in for the war, has been disbanded, and its officers put out of commission. Resolution agreed to. Mr. Jones, of Tenn., offered two resolutions--one declaring it the duty of Congress to pass a tax bill at its present session, and the other re
October 9th, 1862 AD (search for this): article 11
Considerate Congress! Thursday, October 9, 1862. Senate--the Senate met at 11 o'clock A. M. the Hon. Mr. Hunter in the chair. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Jeter. Mr. Sparrow introduced a resolution authorizing the Sergeant at Arrirs to lent rooms for committees by the opening of the next . Adopted. A Senate kill to authorize the suspension of the write of habeas corpus was taken ap. On motion of Mr. Haynes, the consideration of the bill was postponed until to-morrow. A Senate bill to establish a Court of Claims.--Postponed until next session. A Senate bill to amend an act for the organization of a general staff of the army. Passed over informally. A Senate bill for the relief of certain officers of the navy and marine corps who resigned from the service of the United States, giving them leave of absence, pay from the time of their resignation to their enlistment in the Confederate service.--Passed. The Senate then went into secret session. Hou
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