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December 17th, 1862 AD (search for this): article 5
t. The line of the river is, however, entirely too long to be guarded against enterprising attacks, and with the proper dispositions their position can readily by flanked. The situation of our army, however, in cheval of a river — is a perilous one--one of the most demoralizing known; and it may be the dictate of prudence to withdraw the army as soon as possible to the North bank of the Rappahannock. Particulars of the crossing of the Rappahannock. Headq's Army of the Potomac, December 17, 1862. Yesterday morning, when daylight appeared, the enemy seemed to be, as they no doubt were, perfectly astonished that our army had succeeded in returning to this side of the Rappahannock. We returned, as already stated, without losing a single man or a gun in the retrograde movement. A few soldiers who had straggled off made their appearance on the river bank after the pontoon bridges had been removed, but they were brought over in small boats, and a few cavalrymen who were guard
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