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August 29th (search for this): chapter 215
ton, and soon after to the vicinity of Chattanooga. Pending these movements above, which were to give East-Tennessee to the Federals, not only for occupation, but for cooperation with Rosecrans in his designs upon Chattanooga and the Army of Tennessee, Rosecrans was not idle below. On Tuesday morning, September the first, citizens living near Caperton's Ferry reported that the enemy was crossing the Tennessee. River in force at that point, (Caperton's Ferry;) that on Saturday, the twenty-ninth of August, three days before, a Federal cavalry force had forded the river at some shallows above to the south side, had proceeded down the river to Caperton's, and in conjunction with another force, appearing contemporaneously on the opposite shore, had thrown a pontoon bridge across the river; and that the enemy commenced immediately to cross in force, and had been crossing for three days, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and were moving across Sand Mountain, in the direction of Wills's Valley
October 28th (search for this): chapter 215
or flank Rosecrans, as future contingencies might dictate. There the troops halted from Monday until Wednesday morning; the enemy, in the mean time, working like beavers, and fortifying night and day with all their might. On Tuesday night an order was issued for the whole army to move upon Chattanooga at six o'clock the next morning, Wednesday, twenty-third September. The army moved up to and over Mission Ridge, where it was halted, and where it remains halted to this day, the twenty-eighth October! That the campaign, so far, is a failure, and the battle of Chickamauga, though a victory, is not a success, are propositions too plain for denial. We have not recovered Chattanooga as yet, much less Tennessee, and it may be well for the country to inquire whether the fault lies with a subordinate officer, or is to be traced to the inefficiency and incompetency of one higher in rank, one who is presumed intellectually to direct the operations of the army of Tennessee. Historicus.
army of the Tennessee may possess sufficient interest to the country to ask its publication: It may be remembered that, in consequence of a flank movement on the right, and the threatened danger to its communications, toward the last of June, the army of Tennessee was put in retreat from Shelbyville and Tullahoma on or toward Chattanooga. The retreat was effected with slight or inconsiderable loss in men or transportation, and Chattanooga was occupied during the days of the first week of July. Polk's corps, except Anderson's brigade, of Withers's division, which was ordered to Bridgeport, where the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad crosses the Tennessee River, for purposes of observation, was retained in and around Chattanooga, and Hardee's corps was distributed along the line of the Knoxville Railroad, with Tyner's Station as the centre, General Bragg establishing the army headquarters at Chattanooga. The work of fortifying was begun and prosecuted for some weeks, during which
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