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Jonesboro (Georgia, United States) 693 51 Browse Search
George H. Thomas 681 9 Browse Search
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Resaca (Georgia, United States) 570 16 Browse Search
Marietta (Georgia, United States) 445 19 Browse Search
Oliver O. Howard 437 5 Browse Search
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flank movement which ended in the decisive victory of Jonesborough and resulted in the capture of Atlanta. August 28, reached the West Point railroad, and August 29 aided in its destruction. August 30 and 31, marched and countermarched with a view to reach the Atlanta and Macon Railroad. On September 1 was fought the battle of Jonesborough, the decisive and final struggle of the campaign, and in which this detachment participated, with a loss almost as great as that sustained on the 7th ultimo. A special report of the part taken by this detachment in the battle of Jonesborough has been furnished by me, a copy of which report is attached and made part of this report. September 2 to 7, the army leisurely fell back to Atlanta and encamped, this detachment encamping on the West Point railroad, two and a half miles southwest from Atlanta, and on the extreme right of the Fourteenth Army Corps. All the movements and operations of this detachment during the campaign were made in con
May 2nd, 1864 AD (search for this): chapter 112
No. 108. reports of Capt. Robert B. Hull, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry. Hdqrs. Detachment Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, Near Atlanta, Ga., September 17, 1864. Captain: I have the honor to submit a report of the operations of the detachment Eighteenth Infantry during the Atlanta campaign, from May 2, 1864, to September 2, 1864: At the commencement of the campaign the detachment embraced two battalions, each composed of eight companies, viz, Companies B, D, E F, G, and H, First Battalion, and Companies G and H, Third Battalion (temporarily attached to First Battalion), and all commanded by Capt. George W. Smith; and Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, Second Battalion, commanded by Capt. W. J. Fetterman. Captain Smith, in connection with his command of the First Battalion, was also detachment commander until relieved by Capt. Lyman M. Kellogg, June 14. He, however, continued to command the First Battalion until July 21, when he was appointed acting assistant adjutant-general
signation accepted. Capt. Ansel B. Denton, commanded Company C, Second Battalion, till August 23; resigned and leave of absence granted August 23. Capt. Richard L. Morris, Jr., commanded Company D, First Battalion; left sick at Kenesaw Mountain June 26. Capt. Anson Mills participated in whole campaign; commanded Company H, First Battalion, till August 25, when appointed on brigade staff; slightly wounded July 30. Capt. Andrew S. Burt, commanded Companies F, First, and G, Third Battalion, and panies E, First, and H, Third Battalion. Second Lieut. John U. Gill, entered campaign as acting adjutant First Battalion; commanded Company H, Second, until left back sick, August 24. Second Lieut. E. N. Wilcox, commanded Company A, Second, until June 26, when he was sent back sick. The list of casualties Omitted. attached shows 10 commissioned officers wounded, 38 enlisted men killed, 166 enlisted men wounded, and 17 enlisted men missing. The reports and papers attached to this repor
any E, First, from July 8 to July 15; was adjutant of detachment from June 6 to July 8; appointed on brigade staff July 15; participated in the whole campaign. First Lieut. Frederick Phisterer, adjutant Second Battalion, entered campaign; received leave of absence August 18. First Lieut. Frederick H. Brown, regimental quartermaster, participated in the whole campaign as acting quartermaster Second Battalion, and commanding Company G, Second, till July 9; appointed detachment quartermaster June 27. First Lieut. William H. Bisbee, joined May 16; commanded Companies A, Second, and G, Third, till August 20, when appointed adjutant Second Battalion and detachment adjutant; slightly wounded July 30. First Lieut. John I. Adair, joined May--; commanded Company D, Second, till severely wounded, May 31. First Lieut. Alfred Townsend, entered campaign and commanded Companies E, First, and G, Third, until severely wounded, August 7. First Lieut. Reuben F. Little, joined June 1, 1864; commanded C
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