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Savannah (Georgia, United States) 901 143 Browse Search
T. J. Jackson 874 6 Browse Search
Atlanta (Georgia, United States) 810 42 Browse Search
R. S. Ewell 588 6 Browse Search
A. P. Hill 529 95 Browse Search
James Longstreet 468 2 Browse Search
J. B. Hood 465 3 Browse Search
Jackson (Mississippi, United States) 428 0 Browse Search
J. R. Trimble 377 3 Browse Search
D. H. Hill 310 68 Browse Search
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and a limber; three colors, by Winder's brigade, one being from the Fifth Connecticut, and another from the Twenty-eighth New York. The official reports of the casualties of my command in this battle show a loss of nineteen officers killed, and one hundred and fourteen wounded; of non-commissioned officers and privates, two hundred and four killed, and nine hundred and forty-six wounded, with thirty-one missing, making two hundred and twenty-three (223) killed, and one thousand and sixty (1060) wounded. Total loss of killed, wounded, and missing, one thousand three hundred and fourteen (1314.) This loss was probably about one half that sustained by the enemy. I remained in position until the night of the eleventh, when I returned to the vicinity of Gordonsville, in order to avoid being attacked by the vastly superior force in front of me, and with the hope that, by thus falling back, General Pope would be induced to follow me until I should be reenforced. The conduct of offi
August 13th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 87
Valley army, camp near Liberty Mills, Va., Aug. 13, 1862. To Captain A. S. Pendleton, A. A. G.: adquarters First brigade, Light division, August 13, 1862. Major R. C. Morgan, A. A. G.: Major: ia regiment. camp near Gordonsville, August 13, 1862. Major John Seddon, commanding Second Briel Jackson. camp near Liberty Mills, August 13, 1862. To Colonel Taliaferro, commanding Third Va. Volunteers, camp near Liberty Mills, August 13, 1862. Colonel: In obedience to orders, I had. camp near Gordonsville, Virginia, August 13, 1862. To Colonel A. G. Taliaferro, commanding camp twenty-Third Virginia regiment, August 13, 1862. Colonel A. G. Taliaferro, commanding Thiort of Major Stover. camp Frescatti, August 13, 1862. Captain Coleman, Assistant Adjutant-Gene. camp near Liberty Mills, Virginia, August 13, 1862. Thomas R. Dunn, Second Lieutenant and Aregiment Virginia infantry, camp Garnett, August 13, 1862. Captain J. H. Fuller, Acting Assistant A[3 more...]
August 14th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 87
dquarters Fourth brigade, Third division, August 14, 1862. Captain G. C. Brown, Assistant Adjutant- V., McGruder's farm, Orange County, Va., August 14, 1862. To Brigadier-General W. B. Taliaferro, c headquarters Second Louisiana brigade, August 14, 1862. To Major-General A. P. Hill: I very r regiment Virginia cavalry, Orange C. H., August 14, 1862. General B. H. Robertson: sir: I have headquarters Fifth Virginia infantry, August 14, 1862. Captain Fulton, A. A. A. General: I h. Vols., camp Garnett, near Gordonsville, August 14, 1862. Captain John H. Fulton, Acting Assistantr. headquarters Thirteenth Virginia, August 14, 1862. Major Hall, A. A. A. General, Fourth Briue. camp near Gordonsville, Virginia August 14, 1862. Captain J. H. Fulton, A. A. A. General, port of Captain D'aquin. Camp wheat, August 14, 1862. The following is a report of the behater's battery, in camp near Gordonsville, August 14, 1862. To Colonel Ronald, commanding First Brig[3 more...]
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