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Turquie (Turkey) (search for this): chapter 49
are on foot in Alabama, Mississippi, etc., and that Thomas's army is rapidly advancing upon Virginia from East Tennessee, while no general has yet been designated to command our troops. The papers say nothing of the flank movement commenced yesterday by Grant. This reticence cannot be for the purpose of keeping the enemy in ignorance of it! I am convalescent, but too weak to walk to the department today. The deathly sick man, as the Emperor of Russia used to designate the Sultan of Turkey, is our President. His mind has never yet comprehended the magnitude of the crisis. Custis says letters still flow in asking authority to raise negro troops. In the North the evacuation of Richmond is looked for between the 1st and 25th of April. They may be fooled. But if we lose the Danville Road, it will only be a question of time. Yet there will remain too great a breadth of territory for subjugation — if the people choose to hold out, and soldiers can be made of negroes.
Winchester, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
prominent leaders of the rebellion. Perhaps our leaders had some apprehension of the fate prepared for them on that occasion, and may have concerted a plan of escape. As well as I can learn from couriers, it appears that only some 1200 or 1500 of the enemy's cavalry advanced toward the city, and are now (10 A. M.) retiring-or driven back by our cavalry. But it is a little extraordinary that Gen. Lee, with almost unlimited power, has not been able to prevent 1200 Federals riding from Winchester to Richmond, over almost impracticable roads, without even a respectable skirmish wherein 1000 men were opposed to them. It is true Early was routed — but that was more than a week ago, and we have no particulars yet. The enemy's papers will contain them, however. March 13 Bright and pleasant. The reports of the army of Sheridan (mostly mounted infantry) being within a few miles of the city were at least premature. Subsequent reports indicate that none of the enemy's cavalry ha
Texas (Texas, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
ire from office. He considers the cause already lost — the work quite accomplished. To-day some of our negro troops will parade in the Capitol Square. The Texas cavalry in Virginia-originally 5000-now number 180! Congress adjourned without adopting any plan to reduce the currency, deeming it hopeless, since the discovee papers. Some of the editorials are very equivocal, and have a squint toward reconstruction. The President, and one of his Aids, Col. Lubbock, ex-Governor of Texas, rode by my house, going toward Camp Lee. If driven from this side the Mississippi, no doubt the President would retire into Texas. And Lee must gain a victorTexas. And Lee must gain a victory soon, or his communications will be likely to be interrupted. Richmond and Virginia are probably in extreme peril at this moment. March 29 Slightly overcast, but calm and pleasant. I am better, after the worst attack for twenty years. The only medicine I took was blue mass-ten grains. My wife had a little tea and lo
Weldon, N. C. (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
harvest; and meantime the God of battles may change the face of affairs, or France may come to our relief. Four P. M. It is reported that the enemy have taken Weldon. They seem to be closing in on every hand. Lee must soon determine to march away-whether northward or to the southwest, a few weeks, perhaps days, will decide. . This may interfere with Gen. Grant's projects on his left wing, against the railroad. It is rumored that Gen. Grant is moving heavy bodies of troops toward Weldon, to reinforce Sherman. March 26 Frost last night. Cloudy, cold, and windy to-day. Suffered much yesterday and last night with disordered bowels --from g at $50 per pair. If Richmond should be left to strictly military rule, I hope it will rule the prices. It is reported that Gen. Johnston has fallen back on Weldon; some suppose to attack Grant's rear, but no doubt it is because he is pressed by Sherman with superior numbers. A dispatch from Gen. Lee, to-day, states the
Bentonville (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
rn home-New Orleans-via the United States. The government is still sending away the archives. March 21 Clear and warm. Apricots in blossom. At last we have reliable information that Johnston has checked one of Sherman's columns, at Bentonville, capturing three guns. This success is a great relief — more as an indication of what is to follow, than for what is accomplished. So Bragg and Johnston have both shown successful fight lately. Beauregard next. Sherman has three full generA dispatch from Lee states that Gen. Thomas is at Knoxville, and that the enemy has commenced his advance from that direction — is repairing railroads, etc. The same dispatch says Gen. J. E. Johnston is removing his wounded to Smithsville from Bentonville; that the intrenchments of the enemy and greatly superior numbers of Sherman render further offensive operations impracticable. Grant's grand combination is now developed. Sherman from the Southwest, 70,000; Grant himself from the South,
Smithfield, W. Va. (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
rpus, is the continuance of Mr. Benjamin in the cabinet. March 18 Bright and windy. The following telegram was received this morning from Gen. R. E. Lee: Gen. Johnston reports that on the 16th Gen. Hardee was repeatedly attacked by four divisions of the enemy a few miles south of Averysborough, but always (cipher). The enemy was reported at night to have crossed Black River, to the east of Varina Point, with the rest of the army. Gen. Hardee is moving to a point twelve miles from Smithfield. Scofield's troops reported at Kinston, repairing railroad. Cheatham's corps not yet up. North Carolina Railroad, with its enormous amount of rolling stock, only conveys about 500 men a day. There has always been corruption — if not treason-among those having charge of transportation. Yesterday the President vetoed another bill — to pay certain arrears to the army and navy; but the House resented this by passing it over his head by more than a two-thirds Vote. The Senate will pro
Selma (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
the 4th inst., the day of inauguration at Washington, the troops (Federal) near Petersburg got drunk, and proposed an hour's truce to have a friendly talk. It was refused. I met my friend Brooks to-day, just from Georgia, in a pucker. He says the people there are for reunion. Mr. B. rented his house to Secretary Trenholm for $15,000-furnished. It would now bring $30,000. But he is now running after teams to save his tobacco-he a speculator! A letter was received yesterday from--, Selma accusing the Assistant Secretary of War, Judge Campbell, his brother-in-law, Judge Goldthwait, and Judge Parsons, of Alabama, with disloyalty, and says Judge C. is about to issue passports for delegates to go to the Chicago Convention, soon to assemble, etc. etc. He says Judge C. is the Fouche of the South. The letter is dated August 23d, 1864, and the President now sends it to the Secretary for his information. Judge Campbell has exercised almost exclusive control of the conscription a
United States (United States) (search for this): chapter 49
tary of the Treasury is selling gold for Confederate States notes for reissue to meet pressing deman editions of my works are published in the United States, where the stereotype plates were deposite, but the politicians who controlled the Confederate States Government ignored him because he had ono foment war between Great Britain and the United States, which Lord John is very much averse to. T the Monroe doctrine and alliance with the United States), with a message that he (Mr. W.) intended. have taken the oath of allegiance to the United States; and I hear of no censures upon them for dassport to return home-New Orleans-via the United States. The government is still sending away received yesterday: headquarters armies Confederate States, March 20th, 1865. Hon. John C. Breckinr benefit of the war between France and the United States--a certain event, the editor thinks. headquarters Army Confederate States, March 25th, 1865-11.20 P. M. Hon. J. C. Breckinridge, Secretary [1 more...]
Dinwiddie Court House (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
pensive-too much for the whistle? Shad are selling at $50 per pair. If Richmond should be left to strictly military rule, I hope it will rule the prices. It is reported that Gen. Johnston has fallen back on Weldon; some suppose to attack Grant's rear, but no doubt it is because he is pressed by Sherman with superior numbers. A dispatch from Gen. Lee, to-day, states the important fact that Grant's left wing (cavalry and infantry) passed Hatcher's Run this morning, marching to Dinwiddie C. H. The purpose is to cut the South Side and Danville Roads; and it may be accomplished, for we have here no adequate force of cavalry to oppose Sheridan; and it may be possible, if Sheridan turns his head this way, that shell may be thrown into the city. At all events, he may destroy some bridges-costing him dear. But pontoon bridges were sent up the Danville Road yesterday and to-day, in anticipation, beyond the bridges to be destroyed. March 30 Raining rapidly, and warm. Agai
Harrisonburg, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 49
The troops behaved most handsomely, and Major-Gens. Hill and Hoke exhibited their usual zeal and energy. R. E. Lee. March 11 Bright and frosty. From a published correspondence between Gens. Hampton and Sherman, on the subject of retaliatory executions, it is mentioned by the former that the City of Columbia, S. C. was burned by the latter. Dispatches this morning inform us of some little successes-Hampton over Kilpatrick in the South, and Rosser over a body of the enemy at Harrisonburg, in the North. Some 1500 prisoners, paroled, arrived this morning-making some 10,000 in the last fortnight. I fear there will soon be a great scarcity of arms, when the negroes are drilled, etc. Mrs. Hobson, of Goochland County, a relative of my wife, has offered a home to my eldest daughter Anne. Mr. H. is wealthy, and his mansion is magnificent. It is lighted with gas, made on the plantation. I am often called upon to lend a copy of the Wild Western scenes. My copy is lo
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