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January, 5 AD (search for this): article 1
of the Treasury for the west side of the Mississippi river. The bill appropriating $100,000 to the Cherokee Indians was reported back from the Committee of Ways and Means, with the recommendation that it be referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs; and it was so referred. Mr. Swann, of Tenn., reported from the Military Committee a bill to provide for placing persons in the military service of the Confederacy claiming to be citizens of the United States. The bill subjects to enrollment and conscription all white males between the ages of 18 and 45, claiming to be citizens of the United States, who may be in the Confederacy on and after the 1st day of May next. As a substitute for the above the House adopted a bill requiring all foreigners to leave the Confederacy before the 1st day of February, or to become liable to enrollment and conscription after that time. Before the substitute was placed upon its final passage, a motion was made to adjourn and agreed to.
July 1st, 1864 AD (search for this): article 1
ent to inform the Senate whether the taxes have been assessed in the Confederate States, in conformity with law; and if not, in what States it has been assessed, and in what States and parts of States the taxes has been collected. Mr. Semmes, of La., from the Finance Committee, reported a bill providing for an increase of the compensation of clerks and employees in the civil departments of the Government in Richmond. The bill provides to increase from 1st January, 1864, to the 1st July, 1864, the compensation of those employees receiving $1,500 per annum, one hundred per cent.; and of those receiving $3,000, fifty per cent. Pending the discussion of the bill, on motion of Mr. Dortch, of N. C., the Senate resolved itself into secret Executive session, and the doors being reopened adjourned. The House met at 12 o'clock, and was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Minnegerode. Mr. Perkins, of La., reported from the Committee of Ways and Means, Senate bill to authorize
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