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Atlanta (Georgia, United States) 606 8 Browse Search
W. T. Sherman 489 3 Browse Search
J. E. Johnston 400 0 Browse Search
W. J. Hardee 312 0 Browse Search
J. B. Hood 250 0 Browse Search
Dalton, Ga. (Georgia, United States) 238 4 Browse Search
Alexander P. Stewart 226 4 Browse Search
Joseph E. Johnston 204 10 Browse Search
S. D. Lee 190 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 184 0 Browse Search
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Sherman, vast indeed might have been the results achieved, and far greater his title to distinction. Although Fabius succeeded in wasting in a great measure the strength of his adversary, it however required the boldness and the genius of Scipio to finally defeat Hannibal, and place Carthage beneath the heel of the proud Roman. General Johnston not only signally failed in the Fabian policy, but, unfortunately, declined to act the part of Scipio Africanus, at Dalton, in the early Spring of 1864. History records the deeds of this famed warrior who, whilst the Carthagenians were still warring in Italy, aroused the Roman pride, gathered together his legions, moved to the rear of the enemy, transferred the war into Africa, forced the recall of Hannibal, routed his Army in battle, placed Carthage at his feet, and brought security and prosperity to his countrymen. Arnold, in his History of Rome, gives a lengthy and interesting description of this bold and brilliant move, and of the vi
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