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rch towards the Susquehanna, General Stuart himself says in his report that he was directed to proceed with all dispatch to join the right of the army in Pennsylvania. In his zeal to justify General Stuart, Colonel Mosby has misread and so mis-stated the records. Such carelessness in a crucial point like this is inexcusable. Here, let it be noted that, in order to interpret correctly the meaning and intent of General Lee's communications to General Stuart in those critical days, June 22-24, it is essential to place before the mind's eye the situation of the two armies at the time. General Stuart in his report says: I submitted to the Commanding General the plan of leaving a brigade or so in my present front, and passing through Hopewell or some other gap in the Bull Run Mountains, attain the enemy's rear, passing between his main body and Washington, and cross into Maryland, joining our army north of the Potomac. The Commanding General wrote me authorizing this move if I d
I myself rode for General Geo. H. Stewart 50 miles by daylight on June 23rd, in Pennsylvania. But on the supposition that Ewell received thain strict accordance with General Lee's instructions between the 23rd of June and the 2nd of July. What were General Lee's instructions to Gea.] This order was repeated in a letter to General Stuart dated June 23, a part of which I ,will quote: headquarters, army of Northern ised that he had no intelligence from General Stuart between the 23rd of June and the 2nd of July; and the question is whether that long delayas to perform the service entrusted to him by General Lee on the 23rd of June, he must march with all possible haste, by the shortest practicater of fact, Ewell made his march to the Susquehanna (starting on June 23rd from Hagerstown) without receiving any aid from General Stuart. Lee's suggestion before he embarked on the Pennsylvania campaign, June 23rd, that General Beauregard should be sent to Culpepper Courthouse w
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