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k. I would in that case move the whole army to the right, and throw it between Lee and Richmond. But this opportunity did not arise. On May 30 the general headquarters had been established in a clearing on the north side of the Shady Grove road, about a mile and three quarters west of Haw's Shop. General Grant this day sent a despatch to Halleck at Washington saying: I wish you would send all the pontoon-bridging you can to City Point to have it ready in case it is wanted. As early as May 26 staff-officers had been sent from the Army of the Potomac to collect all the bridging material at command, and hold it in readiness. This was done in order to be prepared to cross the James River, if deemed best, and attack Richmond and Petersburg from the south side, and carry out the views expressed by Grant in the beginning of the Wilderness campaign as to his movements in certain contingencies. It was seen by him from the operations of the 30th that the enemy was working his way sou
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