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a column. At Harrisonburg, a road turns to the east from the Valley pike, and crossing the East Fork of the Shenandoah at Port Republic, eight miles distant, continues to the left over Brown's Gap and to the right to Staunton. While Fremont pressed Jackson steadily up the valley pike, Shields was rapidly advancing up the Luray valley on Port Republic to intercept him if he attempted to pass that way, or if he continued on the pike to pass him and strike him in flank and rear. On the 6th of June, as I have shown, Jackson turned off the main road, and marched on Port Republic; on the 7th he passed his whole train over the river and turned to face Fremont who was then at Harrisonburg, six miles off. Early on the 8th Shields's advance seized Port Republic and the bridge, Jackson's only retreat. At sunrise, then, this was the position: Jackson with his back to the river facing Fremont six miles off, while in his rear two miles distant Shields's advance had possession of his only ret
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