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l to the war against the spread of slavery; but he did not hesitate to take on this new task. With Ripley to give personal attention to the editorial and administrative bureau, he grappled with the work, and by giving to it all the time he could spare from the Tribune, from his family, and from rest, he did his full share to the satisfaction of his associates and the publishers, and with their help carried the undertaking rapidly to a successful conclusion. The first volume was published in 1858, and the rest followed at regular intervals till 1863, when the last was completed. It was, of course, criticised by specialists, but in spite of the hard times it proved to be a great success. It was thoroughly revised in 1873-76 by the original editors, aided by many additional writers, and may still be regarded as the principal American work of its time. As might be supposed, his receipts from the copyright on these works, although intermittent, proved to be an important addition to
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