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Newburyport (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ing in his family, and then in College, nephew Samuel Kidder, and son-in-law Nicholas Pike of Newburyport. 11. Solomon, parentage not ascertained, m. Abigail Brown 1 Mar. 1768, and had Abiqail Bro Rev. Daniel Dana, a graduate and president of D. C., and Rev. Samuel Dana, were ministers of Newburyport and Marblehead. Farmer. 8. Benjamin, S. of Benjamin (4), m. Anna, dau. of John Francis ofgned 20 Feb. 1854, installed at Concord, N. H., 29 Mar. 1854, resigned May 1857, installed at Newburyport 3 Sept. 1857, resigned May 1865, returned to Camb. where he has since resided, preaching staglesworth 20 Oct. 1785. His children were Margaret, b. 28 Dec. 1766, m. Rev. John Andrews of Newburyport 8 Sept. 1789, and survived to old age; Mary, bap. 13 Nov. 1768, d. Aug. 1784; Edward Stephen, as followeth, viz.: one at Cambridge; one at Salem; one at Ipswich; one at Haverhill; one at Newburyport; one at Kennebunk, or Welles; one at Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland; one at Georgetown
Lawrence (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
2 Nov. 1827, m. Harriet J. Dexter 27 Jan. 1851; Frances Virginia, b. 12 Sept. 1829, m. John D. Sargent 6 Dec. 1864; Charles Russell, b. 22 Mar. 1822, m. Caroline A. Marshall of Lawrence 24 Dec. 1859; Eugene J., b. 9 Feb. 1834, m. Susan F. Sargent 28 Dec. 1863; Ellen Maria, b. 20 May 1837, d. unm. 5 May 1858. Walter Russell the f. was a merchant, resided near West Boston Bridge and afterwards on Broadway near Prospect Street; was Selectman and Alderman; near the close of life he removed to Lawrence, where he d. 9 Aug. 1859; his w. Elizabeth H. d. 31 Oct. 1859. 19. William Albert, s. of Samuel (14), surveyor and civil engineer, m. Clara M. Hodges of Taunton 23 May 1847, and had Clara M., b. 28 March 1848, d. 18 Aug. 1850; Ellen Eliza, b. 21 Jan. 1850; Charles Albert, b. 27 Oct. 1851; Francis Edgar, b. 30 Ap. 1853; William Albert, b. 26 Dec. 1855; Clarence Herbert, b. 7 Ap. 1857; Clara Eleanor and Frances Evelyn, twins, b. 23 July 1859. 20. George Frederic, S. of Samuel (14), a wo
Arundel, Me. (Maine, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ret, 14 Oct. 1744; Mary, 26 Oct. 1747; Daniel, 27 May 1750; John, 30 Dec. 1753d. young; John, 15 July 1659. 7. John, s. of John (4), grad. H. C. 1725; was several years engaged in teaching here and at York, Me.; settled in the ministry at Arundel, Me., 1741; was dismissed 1768, and d. 1773 or 1774. He m. Elizabeth Muzzey, who d. Dec. 1729, aged 19; he afterwards m. Susanna Swett of New York, sister to the w. of Rev. Thomas Prentice, who survived him. By his w. Susanna, he had Susanna, bap.about 1776. His w. Deborah and s. Daniel were administrators 4 Mar. 1776. The estate was divided 11 Mar. 1777, between w. Deborah and chil. Daniel, Samuel, Hepzibah, and Beulah. 20. Thomas, s. of Thomas (10), grad. H. C. 1726, minister at Arundel 1730, and installed at Charlestown 31 Oct. 1739. He m. Irene, dau. of Rev. Mr. Emery of Wells; she d. 1745, and he m. Rebecca Austin of Chs. 16 Oct. 1746; she d. 1748, and he m. wid. Mary Butman of York, Me., who survived him, and after his de
Bristol (United Kingdom) (search for this): chapter 25
gland, preached until the reign of Charles II., when he was ejected, and afterwards resided in London, until his death, 28 Feb. 1711-12; Ichabod, b. 1635, grad. H. C. 1651, went to England, preached, and afterwards practised medicine, and d. at Bristol 25 July 1691; Barnabas, grad. H. C. 1657; Nathaniel, grad. H. C. 1661, minister of Hatfield, d. 4 Nov. 1685; Elnathan, grad. H. C. 1661, physician in Boston, d. 1684; Israel, grad. H. C. 1661, minister of Stamford, Conn., d. 14 Mar. 1702-3. whatsoever, accept a seat at said Board, on the present novel and oppressive plan of government. He left Cambridge immediately, and never returned. At the evacuation of Boston he accompanied the British forces, soon went to England, and d. at Bristol 20 Nov. 1815, a. 82. He has uniformly been represented as a mild and quiet person, and gentlemanly in deportment. It has even been suggested that his name was inserted in the commission by mistake instead of the name of Chief Justice Peter Oli
Cumberland County (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
He was eminent in his profession, and well sustained the character of his family. His son Samuel, grad. H. C. 1754, was ordained minister at New Gloucester, Me., 16 Jan. 1765, was honorably dismissed, 1793, Justice of the Peace for the County of Cumberland, and died suddenly 2 Mar. 1807, in the 72d year of his age. Alden's Epitaphs, and Winthrop's (Ms.) Catalogue. 5. Daniel, s. of Francis (3), grad. H. C. 1746, and d. unm. 3 Jan. 1756, aged 29. 6. John, s. of Francis (3), grad. H. eld, and to Falmouth, in the County of Barnstable, and that post offices be kept as followeth, viz.: one at Cambridge; one at Salem; one at Ipswich; one at Haverhill; one at Newburyport; one at Kennebunk, or Welles; one at Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland; one at Georgetown, in the County of Lincoln; one at Worcester; one at Springfield; one at Great Barrington; one at Plymouth; one at Sandwich; one at Falmouth, in the County of Barnstable. And it is further Resolved. that Mr. James Winth
Narragansett (Rhode Island, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
d d. 3 Feb. 1699-1700; Jonathan, b. in Camb. 8 Jan. 1681-2; Anna, b. in Chs. 30 March 1684, m. Oliver Noyes of Chs.; Martha, b. in Chs. 29 March 1686, m. Anthony Stoddard of Boston, and d. 11 Feb. 1748; Deborah, b. in Chs. 3 Jan. 1688-9; Sarah, b.——, m. John Foye, Jr., of Chs. Mrs. Sarah Belcher d. in Chs. 26 Jan. 1688-9. Mr. Belcher in early life was a mariner, and commanded the vessel which so opportunely arrived at Smith's Garrison, with provisions, on the evening after the sanguinary Narragansett battle in Dec. 1676. Hutchinson, i. 300. He is described as of Hartford in 1671 and 1672, of Chs. in 1679, of Camb. in 1681 and 1682 (where he seems also to have resided in 1677-8), of Chs. again in 1684 to 1689, and of Boston in 1696-7, where he continued afterwards to reside, and became one of the most enterprising and wealthy merchants in the Province. He was often employed in important public stations. He was one of the Committee of Public Safety, 20 Ap. 1689, in which year he was
Northfield, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ide of North Avenue near the Common; and afterwards on the south side of the river. He d. between 12 July and 19 Oct. 1665, leaving s. Thomas, and two dau. not named, one of whom was Isabel, w. of Francis Whitmore, and the other prob. Elizabeth, w. of Edward Winship. 2. Thomas, s. of Richard (1), m. Abigail Derkes (or Dix) 1 Dec. 1653, and had Thomas, b. 2 Nov. 1654, d. 28 Aug. 1681; John, b. 6 Sept. 1656, was a soldier under Capt. Beers, in the disastrous battle with the Indians near Northfield, Sept. 1675, where he had an arm broken and was crippled for life; Abigail, b. 3 Mar. 1658, m. John Fisk; Edward, b. 8 Ap. 1661; Richard, b. 21 Dec. 1663; Sarah, b. 21 Mar. 1666, m. John Knap, Jr., of Wat.; Rebecca,b. 13 Ap. 1668, m. John Sanger of Wat.; Jonathan, b. 27 Aug. 1670; Elizabeth, b. 28 July 1679, m. John Holland. Thomas the f. d. 11 Aug. 1689; his w. Abigail d. 3 Feb. 1691, and his estate was divided 12 Mar. 1693-4, to eight surviving children. 3. Edward, before 1648 purcha
Fairfield, Conn. (Connecticut, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
Cambridge. William the f. was a husbandman, and was living in Ipswich 25 Mar. 1695, when he and his w. Hannah conveyed to Jonathan Nutting their share of her father's estate in Camb. Burr, Samuel, son of John, and grandson of Jehu, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 2 Ap. 1679, grad. H. C. 1697, and m. Dorothy, wid. of Samuel Shove, and great-granddaughter of John Stedman, 16 Dec. 1700. Their dau. Sarah was b. 17 Oct. 1701. Dorothy the m. d. 20 Feb. 1701-2, a. 30. After her death, Mr. Burr was unse1699, as son of Joseph Sill, formerly of Cambridge, late of Lyme, Conn., deceased. The son Thomas was probably a shipmaster, residing in Boston, and the Capt. Sill who died in May 1709. Elijah, who grad. H. C. 1748, and was ordained at Fairfield, Conn., 17 Oct. 1751, may have been of this family. Five others of the name graduated at the same College, previous to 1839. Simonds, Joseph (otherwise written Simons, Symons, and Symonds), m. Mary, dau. of John Tidd, 7 Mar. 1680-81, and had Re
Groton (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
. 1698, taught school in Andover, ordained at Groton, 16 June 1706, became an Episcopalian, went toan. 1793. Walter the f. d. 1798; his w. d. at Groton, 4 Ap. 1819, a. 89. 10. Henry, S. of Edward 23 Aug. 1679; John, b. 14 Sept. 1684, rem. to Groton; Samuel, b. 28 Nov. 1686 (was father of Amaria, Camb., Groton, again at Wat., and finally at Groton with his son Stephen. to whom, in consideratio. 3. Stephen, s. of Richard (1), settled in Groton, where he d. about 1715. (Inv. 18 Nov. 1715.)n Woburn, 14 Dec. 1696. He had by w. Mary, in Groton, Mary, b. 20 May 1680, and by w. Susanna, in B, b. 14 Nov. 1690, m. Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton 10 Mar. 1714; Abigail, b.——m. Benjamin Prescotzabeth Saxon, or Sexton, of Boston, and had in Groton, Elizabeth, b. 31 Aug. 1679, m. Samuel Livermo Mr. Usher seems to have resided for a time at Groton, where, as I judge from the names of the witnebap. 28 July 1751, m. and had children, was of Groton 1792, of Harvard 1796, and d. among the Shaker[24 more...]<
South Hampton, N. H. (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
en at, upon his trial. 5. That the said Betts be bound to the good behavior, for one whole year, in the sum of ten pounds. Bittlestone, Thomas (elsewhere written Bittleston, Bicklestone and Beetlestone), d. here 23 Nov. 1640, owning house and land east of North Avenue, which was in possession of his wid. Elizabeth, in 1642. By will, dated 3 Nov. 1640, he bequeathed £ 150 to his dau. Elizabeth, £ 5 to Mr. Thomas Shepard, £ 1 to Mr. Foordham (prob. Rev. Robert Fordham, who settled at South Hampton, Long Island, 1648, and d. 1674) and the remainder to his w. Elizabeth. His boy, John Swan, was enjoined to serve the w. five years and was then to receive £ 5. Mr. Bittlestone was prob. from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, as he ordered, in case his w. and dau. should both decease without legal heirs, his estate should be divided, one third to his natural kindred in Old England, one third to the Church in Camb., and one third to my two friends Thomas Cheesholme and William Cutter, which two pers
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