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Saco (Maine, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
m Woburn in 1795, and purchased the estate long called the Farwell Store, corner of Brighton Street and Harvard Square. He prob. left about 1809, when his estate passed into the hands of A. Biglow, Esq. He afterwards resided in Portsmouth, N. H., Saco, and Boston, in which last place his sun went down in a cloud, 1827. He had no children. His taste was very singular. In Woburn he painted his house black, with white window-sashes and green doors. In Saco he built a house of round form, and pSaco he built a house of round form, and painted with fiery red. 4. Samuel, of Concord, a silversmith, was elected Register of Deeds in 1795, and soon removed here. He remained in office until his death, 29 Sept. 1821. The names of his children, recorded here, were Lydia, d. 25 Sept. 1796; Joanna, d. 21 Oct. 1837, a. 44; and Joseph, b. July 1799, and d. 2 Oct. 1799. Besides these, he had, Samuel; John, grad. H. C. 1805, minister at Marblehead, d. 3 Feb. 1849, a. 66; Benjamin Dixon, grad. H. C. 1810, a physician in Lowell, d. he
Exeter, N. H. (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
; Dorothy, m. Rev. Seaborn Cotton 25 June 1654, had nine children, and d. 26 Feb. 1671-2; Hannah, m. Andrew Wiggin of Exeter, N. H.; Sarah, m. Richard Hubbard of Ipswich, who d. in 1681, and she m. Samuel Ward of Marblehead, a Major in the Canada Exed for short periods at Boston, Ipswich, and Salisbury; was Representative 1641, 1644; and settled in the ministry at Exeter, N. H., 1650, where he d. 1683, a. 77. His children, according to Farmer, were Thomas, bap. 9 Mar. 1634, grad. H. C. 1657,; John, bap. 28 June 1635; Margaret; Samuel, bap. 2 Aug. 1639, d. 17 Ap. 1643; Anne, b. 16 Oct. 1657, m. Edward Hilton of Exeter; Theophilus, b. 4 Oct. 1644; Mary, b. and d. 1646; Biley, b. 27 Sept. 1647; Mary, b. 1649, m. Samuel Hardy, a schoolmasteng himself as late of Cambridge, and representing that in 1690 he was in an expedition against the Indians, and that near Exeter he was wounded by a shot close by his eye, which destroyed its sight. The Court granted him £ 10, money. In July 1716 h
West Indies (search for this): chapter 25
77, d. of dropsy 7 Mar. 1816; James, b. 13 Feb. 1780, a carpenter, d. on his passage from the West Indies 25 July 1812; John, b. 4 Feb. 1782, d. young; Betsey Roby, b. 17 Aug. 1784, m. Jonathan W. Fodren were Jonathan, b. 15 Dec. 1737, d. unm. 18 Nov. 1760 (he was drowned on a voyage to the West Indies); Rebecca, b. 17 Dec. 1738, m. William Harris 20 Aug. 1767, and d. 2 Feb. 1801 (she was mothes so far as I have seen. V. Vassall, John, s. of Major Leonard Vassall, was born in the West Indies 7 Sept. 1713, and grad. H. C. 1732. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Lt.-gov. Spencer Phips, 10 Oct 22 Nov. 1749, and d. 19 Oct. 1752. 2. Henry, s. of Major Leonard Vassall, was born in the West Indies 25 Dec. 1721, m. Penelope, dau. of Isaac Royall, 28 Jan. 1742, and had Elizabeth, b. 1742, m. 1841; Marion, b. 8 Ap. 1844; Sarah Elizabeth, b. 6 Dec. 1846. John the f. was engaged in the West India and other foreign trade. About the time of his marriage he erected on his father's homestead,
New Ipswich, N. H. (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
n. 1724-5 Ebenezer, b. 27 Ap. 1729 (Town Rec. 1730, but bap. 4 May 1729); Nathan, b. 27 Sept. 1733; John, b. 25 Sept. 1735; Silence, b. 22 Mar. 1739-40, d. 29 Nov. 1747; Ebenezer, bap. 29 Ap. 1714; grad. H. C. 1762, was the first lawyer in New Ipswich, N. H., Judge of Probate sixteen years, and d. 10 Sept. 1810. Solomon the f. was living in 1764; his w. Abigail d. 18 Jan. 1785. 12. Noah, s. of Daniel (7), m. Martha Hubbard 26 Oct. 1725, and had John, b. 12 Oct. 1729; Noah, 14 Jan. 1731-2; Nis w. Sarah d. 11 Sept. 1711. 2. Thomas, s. of Thomas (1), m. Elizabeth Chadwick, and had in Wat., John, b. 8 July 1694; Elizabeth, b. 17 Aug. 1698; and in Camb., Jonas, b. 1 Oct. 1711, said to have been one of the first five settlers of New Ipswich, N. H. Worwood, Richard, d. 13 May 1644. Wyer, Edward, Jr., m. Abigail Lawrence 1 Sept. 1684. Wyeth, Nicholas, about 1645 bought house and land on the westerly side of Garden Street, near Phillips Place, which remained in possession of his
Shrewsbury, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ridge land. This Hannah had been wife of Gershom Eames, and is lands supposed by her descendant Andrew H. Ward (Hist. Shrewsbury, p. 457) to have been daughter of Solomon Johnson of Sudbury; but I think it more probable that Thomas Brigham was her , Ruth, and one unborn. Many of his descendants may be found in the County of Worcester, especially in the vicinity of Shrewsbury. Abraham (w. Lydia), Zechariah (w. Elizabeth), Zerubbabel (m. Hannah Kerly 1697), had children in Marlborough, from abled junior on the records, with reference to Deacon Henry Prentice, who was about a dozen years his senior. He rem. to Shrewsbury, which is named as his residence 1771, in the will of his brother William. He was prob. the same who m. Mary Walker 17 Oct. 1757; William, b. 12 Sept. 1760; Samuel, b. 10 June 1763; the last named is recorded as son of Henry Prentice of Shrewsbury. It appears probable that he subsequently returned, as a Henry Prentice d. here, 23 Aug. 1787, said to be a. 82, which
Dover, N. H. (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
y 1752; Solomon, b. 5 Feb. 1729-30; Thomas, b. 18 Jan. 1731-2; Nathan, b. 12 Feb. 1733-4, grad. H. C. 1755, trader at Dover, N. H., d. at Havanna, 1761, a. 27. Tabitha, bap. 29 Aug. 1736, m. John Bartlett 3 May 1759; John, bap. 18 Feb. 1738-9; Sarah Rebecca, b. 25 Aug. 1794, unm. Rev. Caleb the f. d. of consumption 7 Feb. 1803; his w. Pamela m. Col. John Waldron of Dover, N. H., 14 Sept. 1809, and d. July 1823, a. 73. 39. William, s. of Henry (28), m. Abigail, dau. of William Bordman, and ha. and his wife Elizabeth was appointed administratrix 5 Ap. 1670. 7. Samuel, s. of Thomas (1), by w. Hannah, had at Dover, N. H., Samuel, b. 24 Oct. 1672, d. 31 Jan. 1693-4; and at Chs., Hannah, b. 16 Dec. 1676; Elizabeth, b. 15 June 1679, m.——Clab. (after the decease of his oldest brother) 27 July 1696. Samuel the f. was a farmer, and after a short residence in Dover, N. H., settled upon a farm in the southwesterly part of Chs., now Somerville, on the road leading from Winter Hill to Arling
Hubbardston (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
1772; his w. Rebecca d. 1807. 27. Nathan, s. of Deac. Henry (13), grad. H. C. 1756; m. Mehetabel Spencer of Berwick, and had William and Mehetabel, d. here young; Henry, b. 25 July 1767, a blacksmith, res. in Princeton, and afterwards in Hubbardston; Nathan, twin, b. 25 July 1767, a cabinet maker, res. in Petersham; Mehetabel, bap. here 4 June 1769, m. Joseph Fosdick of Boston; and was mother of Elizabeth, w. of Charles T. Murdoch, Esq., of Cambridge. Nathan the f. was for several years , prob. d. young; Lucy, b. 15 May 1741, m. James Munroe 18 Aug. 1763; William, bap. 30 Sept. 1744, rem. to New Salem, and afterwards to Tewksbury; Rebecca, bap. 17 May 1747, m. Abiel Murdock of Roxbury 4 Oct. 1770, and is said to have rem. to Hubbardston. Jacob the f. resided on North Avenue, near the easterly end of Spruce Street. He d. about 1757, and his son Jacob administered 9 Jan. 1758; his w. Lydia d. 10 Sept. (Ch. Rec., 22 Sept.) 1790, a. 85. 9. Isaac, s. of Isaac (4), m. Elizabeth
Salem (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
727. b. 19 Nov. 1698, m. Mr. John Higginson of Salem, 4 Dec. 1719, and d. 14 June, 1727; Andrew, b.1691, m. Jane, dau. of Hon. Timothy Lindall of Salem, 22 Sept. 1726, and died 16 Sept. 1763,— and g5. James the f. was a brickmaker, and rem. to Salem before 1772, when he joined with the Dunster hn, b. 19 Nov. 1667, was a mason, and reside in Salem 1696; Rebecca, b. 3 Dec. 1669, m. Deac. Josephn (5), grad. H. C. 1695, and was ordained at Salem village, or Danvers, 10 Nov. 1698. He m. Elizoved 16 June 1691. His father, John Holmes of Salem, and his sister Hannah, wife of George Felt, of Joseph (3), d. here, and his son Benjamin of Salem was appointed administrator 20 Jan. 1719-20. ; Margaret, b. 1664, m. Maj. Stephen Sewall of Salem 13 June 1682, and d. 20 Jan. 1735-6, having be5 Oct. 1732, a housewright, res. for a time in Salem, but returned to Medf. on the death of his fa Elizabeth. Probably the last two were born at Salem, and the eldest son Daniel had deceased. Re[27 more...]
Mason, N. H. (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
n, b. 27 Mar. 1763; Samuel Cutter, b. 20 Ap. 1766. Before 5 Aug. 1769 Mr. Dunster removed to Mason, N. H., and d. 1805, a. 80. 7. Henry, parentage not ascertained, had Elizabeth, bap. 24 May, 1767. Medf. and thence rein. to Chs. where he d. 2 Sept. 1764, a. 71, leaving wife Ann who d. at Mason, N. H., 31 Dec. 1777, a. 74), and three sons, Nathaniel, Benjamin, and Richard. Of these sons, Natt known, m. Sarah Cutler 24 Feb. 1764, and had Samuel, b. about 1765, a carpenter, removed to Mason, N. H., where he died 23 May 1813; Ebenezer, b. 31 Jan. 1766, grad. H. C. 1786. and was ordained pastor of the Church in Mason, N. H., 3 Nov. 1790, which office he sustained for more than sixty-three years; he d. 20 May 1854. Samuel the f. was a carpenter, and resided on the easterly side of Nort762, and had Jason, b. 2 June 1763; Jonathan, b. 8 Feb. 1785; Josiah, b. 13 Jan. 1767; and at Mason, N. H., Elizabeth, b. 2 July 1769; Samuel, b. 4 Ap. 1772; Benjamin, b. 2 Aug. 1775; Thomas, b. 2 Oct
Essex County (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
e Epistles to Timothy, the Epistle to Philemon, and the Book of Revelations.—David's Annals of Evang. Nonconformity in Essex Co., England, fol. 589-591.] 4. Samuel, s. of Edward (1), resided in Scotland a few years, but returned to New England. tall, commenced preaching at Ipswich, but died 1689, leaving an only son, John, who grad. II. C. 1710, was Sheriff of Essex Co., m. Mary, dau. of President Leverett, and d. 1724, leaving one son and one daughter. See Felt Ipswich. (2)Elizabeth., corner of Dunster and Winthrop streets. After his decease, the family having become extinct here, the heirs residing in Essex and Worcester counties sold the real estate, and the noble farm of Danforth and the Foxcrofts was cut up into fragments. sage, or soon after his arrival. John [grad. H. C. 1656] settled in the ministry at or near Colchester in the county of Essex in England, where he left issue. Joseph [grad. H. C. 1658] was ordained pastor of the first church in Hartford; [d. 24
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