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September 22nd, 1891 AD (search for this): chapter 1.17
The old Texas brigade, [from the Richmond times, September 22, 1891.] Memorial stone to their heroism erected in the Wilderness—their devotion to General Lee. On May 6, 1864, the advanced forces of the Army of Northern Virginia confronted the army of General Grant in the Wilderness of Spotsylvania in its grand move on to Richmond. General Grant had two days before successfully, without opposition, crossed his army over the Rapidan at Ely's and Germanna fords and was marching towards Gordonsville. Ewell with the Second corps—Stonewall Jackson's old command—occupied the left on the Confederate front, covering the old turnpike, and in his advance was first to meet and check the enemy. His corps had been in winter quarters about Orange Courthouse, and hence was nearest to the enemy. Longstreet, with his corps, was in winter quarters about Gordonsville, and did not arrive upon the scene of impending conflict, on the Confederate right, until May 6th, when he arrived in time t<
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