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Theodore Parker 161 1 Browse Search
Charles Sumner 156 0 Browse Search
Maud Howe 128 0 Browse Search
Newport (Rhode Island, United States) 80 2 Browse Search
Julia Romana Howe 80 0 Browse Search
Samuel Ward 77 5 Browse Search
Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) 74 0 Browse Search
Wendell Phillips 72 0 Browse Search
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Racine (Wisconsin, United States) (search for this): chapter 22
asks Mrs. Howe to attend the Paris Peace Congress as a delegate, 338. Priessnitz, his water cure, 189. Prime, Ward & King, firm of, Mrs Howe's father a member, 50, 51; her brother Samuel admitted, 69. Prisons, visited by Dr. Howe, 108, 109. Pulszky, Mme. (Theresa von Walther), 118. Pym, Capt., an Arctic voyager, 399. Quincy, Edmund, his remark to Theodore Parker, 287. Quincy, Jr., Mrs. Josiah, woman's club started at her house, 400. Rachel, Madame, the actress, 135. Racine, his tragedies read, 206. Red Jacket, an Indian Chief, 9. Reed, Lucy, a blind deaf mute, 85, 82. Regnault, Henri, eulogized at the French Academy, 414. Repeal Measures, agitation for, in Dublin, 112. Rice, A. H., governor of Massachusetts, presides at the Music Hall meeting in memory of Dr. Howe, 370. Richards, Mrs. Henry (Laura Howe), accompanies her parents to Europe, 313. Richmond, Duke of, visits Bridewell prison with the Howes, 109. Richmond, Rev., James, 200.
San Francisco (California, United States) (search for this): chapter 22
67. Routs, receptions so called, 93. Russell, Mrs., Sarah Shaw, a friend of Theodore Parker, 168. St. Angelo, Castle of, 130. St. Calixtus, catacombs of, 128. St. Luke, academy of, 154. St. Peter, church of, 121, 125, 126. Salisbury, the Howes at, 139-141. Samana Bay, the Howes' first visit to, 348; later stay at, 361-368; school at, 364. Samana Bay Company, Dr. Howe visits Santo Domingo in its interests, 346; ended by order of the Dominican government, 367. San Francisco, Samuel Ward at, 70. San Michele, industrial school of, 124. Sanborn, Franklin B., his biography of Dr. Howe, 82; reviews Passion Flowers, 185, 228. Sand, George, her works read by Mrs. Howe, 58, 206. Sands, Julia, her biography of her brother, 21. Sands, Robert, the poet, of an old New York family, 21. Santa Maria Maggiore, church of, 125. Santo Domingo, annexation of, considered by a commission, 180, 345; proper way to spell the name, 348; religious meetings for th
South Boston (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 22
engagement and marriage, 88; voyage to Europe, 89-91; entertained in London, 92-100; in Scotland, 111; in Dublin, 112; visits Miss Edgeworth, 113; the poet Wordsworth, 115; at Vienna, 118; at Milan, 119; arrival in Rome, 121; birth of eldest daughter, 128; leaves Rome, 133; returns to England, 133-135; visits Atherstone, 136, 137; sees the Nightingales, 138; goes to Lea Hurst, 139; Salisbury, 139-143; her travesty of Dr. Howe's letter, 142; attends Theodore Parker's meetings, 150; life in South Boston, 151, 152; in Washington, 178; second trip abroad, 188; reaches Rome, 191; returns to America, 204; studious nature, 205; ideas on Christianity, 206-208; work in Latin, 209; philosophical studies, 210-213; housekeeping trials, 214-217; free-soil preferences, 219; at Count Gurowski's death-bed, 226; her Passion Flowers published, 228; her Words of the Hour and The World's Own published, 230; trip to Cuba, 231; parting with Theodore Parker, 233, 234; her book about the Cuban trip, 236; writ
Chelsea (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 22
acMahon, Marshal, his reception to Gen. and Mrs. Grant, 421. Macready, William Charles, the actor, 104. Mailliard, Adolph, 200. Mailliard, Mrs. Adolph (Annie Ward), sister of Mrs. Howe: accompanies her to Europe, 88; dines with Carlyle at Chelsea, 96; her loveliness, 137; her husband, 201; her toast at the Washington's Birthday dinner in Rome, 203; returns to America with Mrs. Howe, 204. Malibran, Madame, in the roles of Cenerentola and Rosina, 15. Mallock, William H., at a dinner for Mrs. Howe, 412. Manchester, Bishop of, opposes the founding of schools for girls of the middle class, 333. Mann, Horace, uplifts the publie schools, 88; goes to Europe, 89; visits Carlyle at Chelsea, 96; inspects the London prisons, 108, 109; opinion of George Combe, 133; praises Dr. Howe's work in the Boston schools, 148; advocates the teaching of speech to deaf-mutes, 149; shrinks from woman suffrage, 157. Mann, Mrs. Horace (Mary Peabody), goes to Europe with the Howes, 89; visit
Harper's Ferry (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 22
's peace meeting in London, 341. Brokers, New York Board of, portrait of John Ward in their rooms, 55. Brook Farm, 145. Brooks, Rev. Charles T., invites Mrs. Howe to speak in his church, 321; his advice asked with regard to starting the woman's peace crusade, 328; writes a poem for the memorial meeting for Dr. Howe, 370; in the Town and Country Club, 407. Brooks, Rev., Phillips, anecdote of, 322. Brooks, Preston Smith, 179. Brown, John, calls on Dr. Howe, 254; his attack on Harper's Ferry, 255; in Missouri, 256; anecdote of, 257. Bruce, Robert, regalia of, 111. Bryant, William Cullen, editor of the Evening Post, 21; visitor at the Ward home, 79; celebration of his seventieth birthday, 277-280; at the meetings for promoting the woman's peace crusade, 329; admires the sermon of Athanase Coquerel at Newport, 342. Bull Run, second battle of, 258. Buller, Charles, his appreciation of Carlyle, 110. Bunsen, Chevalier, Prussian ambassador to England, 118. Bums,
rs. Howe's brother Samuel, 49; his achievement in Laura Bridgman's case, 85; Mr. Sanborn's estimate of, 83; his philanthropic efforts, 84; espouses the cause of Greece, 85, 86; his work for the blind, 86, 87; other activities: marries Julia Ward, 88; goes abroad, 89; entertained in London, 92-107, 110, 111; visits London prisons, 108, 109; in Scotland, 111; in Dublin, 112; visits Miss Edgeworth, 113; the poet Wordsworth, 115; his connection with the Polish rebellion, 117, 118; excluded from Prussia, 118; tour through Europe to Rome, 118-121; arrested in Rome, 123; presented to the Pope, 126; with George Combe, 131, 132; leaves Rome, 133; conversation with Florence Nightingale, 138; his visit to Rotherhithe workhouse, 114; his activity on the Boston School Board, 148; advocates the teaching of speech to deafmutes, 149; inability to sing, 163; his circle of friends, 169, 170; his interest in prison reforms, 173; commissioner on the annexation of Santo Domingo, 181; visits Europe in 1850
Devonshire house (United Kingdom) (search for this): chapter 22
or that cause, 380, 381. Gennadius, John, Greek minister to England, 411. German scholarship, its beneficial effect on New England, 303. Gibbon, Edward, 57; his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 205. Gladstone, William E., at Devonshire House, 410; breakfast with him, 411. Gloucester, Duchess of, her appearance, 101. Godwin, Parke, admires Athanase Coquerel's sermon at Newport, 342. Goethe, his Faust and Wilhelm Meister, 59; Mrs. Howe's essay on his minor poems, 60; his ety in, 123, 127; Mrs. Howe's second visit to, 191; political condition of, 193-195; Mrs. Howe's stay in, on her way to Greece, 313; spends the winter of 1877-78 in, 423-427. Rosebery, Lord, a friend of Samuel Ward, 72; visited by, 73; at Devonshire House, 410. Rosebery, Lady, 73. Rossi, Count, at Mrs. Benzon's, 436. Rossini, works of performed in New York, 14; admired by Sumner, 376. Round Hill School, 5; its principal, 43; Mrs. Howe's brother Samuel at, 67. Routs, receptions so
Lansdowne house (United Kingdom) (search for this): chapter 22
Mrs. Astor's dinner, 64, 65; at Samuel Ward's wedding, 65; at Lansdowne House, 102, 103; at the ball at Almack's, 106. Dublin, the Howes . Grimes, Medora. See Ward, Mrs. Samuel. Grisi, sings at Lansdowne House, 101; in Semiramide, 104. Griswold, R. W., his Female Poets to the Howes, 100, 101. Lansdowne, Marchioness of, 100. Lansdowne House, musical evening at, 100-102; dinner at, 103. Lawton's Vall, Queen, at King Umberto's coronation, 424. Mario, sings at Lansdowne House, 101. Marion, Gen., Francis, 4. Martel, a hair-dresser, 65orpeth, George, Lord (afterwards seventh earl of Carlisle), at Lansdowne House, 102, 103; Sydney Smith's dream about, 107; takes the Howes to caricature, 145. Norton, Hon. Mrs. (Caroline Sheridan), at Lansdowne House: her attire, 102. Nozze di Figaro, Le, libretto of, bf whom Sutherland, Duchess of (Harriet Howard), 99; her attire at Lansdowne House, 102; at the ball at Almack's, 106; at the Countess of Carlisl
Nassau River (Florida, United States) (search for this): chapter 22
ribune, 290. Mozart, symphonies of, given in Boston, 14; appreciation of his work taught, 16; his work given at the Wards', 49; admired by Sumner, 176. Munich, works of art at, described by Mrs. Jameson, 40. Museum of Fine Arts, The, in Boston, 44. Music, early efforts for, in Boston and New York, 14, 15; effect on youthful nerves considered, 17, 18. Mysteres de Paris, Eugene Sue's, 204. Napoleon I., anecdote of, 1; invasion of Italy by, 17; incidents of that invasion, 120. Nassau, visit to, 232. Newgate prison, visit to, 108. Newport, Mrs. Howe spends a summer at the Cliff House there, 221; Dr. Howe buys an estate at, 238; Mrs. Howe writes her play there, 239; people who stayed at, 401, 402; the Town and Country Club of, formed, 405. New Year's Day, custom of visiting on, 31, 32. New York City, growth of, shown, 12, 13; first musical ventures in, 14, 15; its people of culture, 21-25; social events in, 29, 66; Bryant celebration at, 277-280; meetings in, t
France (France) (search for this): chapter 22
ives the Howes, 125; anecdote of, 126, 127. Grey, Mrs., her interest in schools for girls of the middle class, 333. Grimes, Brother, a colored preacher, 263. Grimes, James W., senator from Iowa, 225. Grimes, Medora. See Ward, Mrs. Samuel. Grisi, sings at Lansdowne House, 101; in Semiramide, 104. Griswold, R. W., his Female Poets of America, 5. Grote, George, the historian, 93. Grote, Mrs. George (Harriet Lewin), somewhat grotesque, 93. Guizot, M., prime minister of France, 135. Gurowski, Adam, Count, 220; employed by the State Department: his temper and curiosity, 221, 222; dismissed by Seward, 222; his breach with Sumner, 223; befriended by Mrs. Eames, 223, 224; his death, 225; his family affairs, 227. Gurowski, John, 227. Gustin, Rev., Ellen, at the convention of women ministers, 312. Hair, mode of dressing, 65. Hale, Rev., Edward Everett, his opinion of Samuel Longfellow, 293; speaks at the meeting in behalf of the Cretan insurgents, 313.
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