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February, 11 AD (search for this): article 12
General of England on the crisis, &c. From the tone of the English press, there is little room for doubt that, before many weeks shall have passed over our heads, the recognition of the Southern Confederacy by these two powerful nations will be a settled question. We submit the following extracts, which we think worthy of the attention of our readers: Prince Napoleon reports in favor of a recognition of the Southern Confederacy.[Paris correspondence of the New York Herald, November 2] Paris Oct. 18. --I was not mistaken in the information I gave you in my last, as to the favorable report Prince Napoleon had given to the Emperor of what he conceived to be the chances of success of the South. The fact is now notorious, and the language he has held to more than one of the Ministers here makes it evident that, in his belief, the Union is broken forever. It is easy to see that the Government journals have become more Southern in their views since his return. The
October 17th (search for this): article 12
ontrary to a proclamation of which they may not have heard, or, if they did, which was unsupported by the presence of an armed force — if ports like Charleston, Wilmington, and Beaufort are to be under blockade at the same time and at the caprice of the Federal Government, or of those who do their bidding — England may as well at once reverse her policy, and acknowledge once more the validity of paper blockades. Short time in the Stockport Mills. [From the Stockport (Eng) Advertiser, Oct. 17] As we anticipated, the fruits of the present partial working are thus early beginning to exhibit themselves, for in those parts of the borough where the machinery of the mills has positively ceased to run, the hands are driven to the necessity of seeking temporary existence for themselves and children by supplication for relief. Interesting letter from London. The Washington Republican, of the 29th, publishes several interesting extracts from a private letter written by a gen
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