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July 28th (search for this): article 8
officially and authoritatively, the separate sovereignty of the rebels. It should put us on our guard so far as to make ready for whatever may be marked out in the programme of foreign power. As to the real feeling of the British public, the tone of their press and of their people, as reported by travelers in that country, leave us no room to doubt what it is and to what it points. The Rev. Dr. Turnbull, of Hartford, Conn, in a letter to the Christian Reflector, Boston, under date of July 28, thus writes from Edinburg, "The people here and in England, I find, are in singular sympathy with the Southern rebels. They seem to have no just conception of the great principles involved in the American war; and as the United States, at this moment, are suffering from partial defeat before Richmond, it is rather trying to be away from home and hear the ungenerous talk going on here, in all public places. Cotton has blinded their eyes. * * * The newspapers echo the London Times, and a mo
October, 9 AD (search for this): article 8
is not another town in the State called upon to raise 100 men, while seven plantations are ordered to produce one man each, and probably fifty are only assessed for five or a less number. About 250 towns are deficient, a few each of the full number under the call for three years men; and the number wanted from each town is published, but it is added that many places not enumerated in the list have raised more than their proportion, which will probably affect the deficiency. The time for making the draft in Maine has been postponed in Wednesday, Sept. 10. The new census of San Francisco shows the prosperous condition of that city. In 1860 the population numbered 56,805, in 1861, $3,000, and at present it amounts to 90,000. An indignation meeting was held at Wilmington Del., which denounced Gov. Button, of that State as a traitor and the tool of Senator Simsbury. A committee was appointed to place the proceedings of the meeting before the President and Secretary of War.
January, 9 AD (search for this): article 8
ion to the country. Take, for example, the Police Department of this city. They have already organized two full regiments, and have two more under way, and at the same time have secured a fund for the support of the families of those who enlist in their regiments. To this fund they have already received individual contributions varying in amount from twenty-five cents to-five hundred dollars, amounting in all to upwards of thirty thousand dollars. To this there will be added, on the 1st of September, from the police force, fully $25,000 more, which will be daily augmented. The families of those who enlist in the police regiment will be visited every alternate Monday, and their necessities supplied out of this patriotic fund, thus furnishing a guarantee to those who march to the battle field that their families will not suffer while they are absent. Under this arrangement it is useless to add that the two regiments of the Police Department were recruited in less time than any othe
August 30th (search for this): article 8
the capital of the nation from the "disaster and shame" that "lurk in the rear." The free will Offering of the American people. [From the New York Herald, August 30th.] At the commencement of the rebellion we kept a list of the individual contributions, the free offerings of our people, to assist the Government in the proat will be well for our officials carefully to consider and be ware how they trifle with. The Phraseology of Earl Russell. [From the Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 30th.] It becomes us in our present position to watch with special vigilance all the signs of the times.--It is well that we should not be found unprepared for anssibly infer from the use of such terms as those which the crafty Earl Russell employs. At least one firm friend in Europe. [From the Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 30th] Russia continues to be the friend of the United States--firm and sincere as she is powerful. Few have forgotten the generous letter of the Czar, written mo
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