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October 24th, 1863 AD (search for this): article 5
agility. Information from the front of our forces gives us knowledge of the fact that Gens. French and Wise, with their troops, have been removed respectively from the Blackwater and the Peninsula to some more important point further South. Gen. Pickett commands the defences of Richmond and the area over which the former two Generals kept surveillance. The rebel force is represented as very weak indeed, owing to the constant drafts toward Rosecrans and Meade. Fortress Monroe, Oct. 24, 1863. --The propeller Virginia, Captain Snyder, arrived this morning from New York, with about 200 rebel prisoners.--They were captured at the battle of Gettysburg.--Nearly all are wounded, and have lost either an arm or a leg. The propeller City of Richmond arrived here this morning from Washington, with F. A. Holbrook, the Commissioner of Vermont, who will take all the disabled Vermont soldiers from this place on the City of Richmond to New Haven, Conn., en route to the United States Ge
arle and Chesapeake Canal, had caused considerable uneasiness in Norfolk, and Gen. Potter, with a body-guard, had gone to the scene of the occurrence to inspect the ground. Business in the ship-yard at Portsmouth, Va., is very brisk, and there are five United States vessels there being repaired. The following is an extract from A letter from Norfolk. Col. Upham, of the 15th Connecticut regiment, with his own command and 500 cavalrymen in addition, left camp near Portsmouth on the 13th inst., and moved through the country in the direction of South Mills, raiding in fine style, but meeting with no force of the enemy en route. At the latter place a junction was made with a proportionate force from North Carolina, and thus strengthened the little army scouted and scoured the country far and near, with no mean success; for near Elizabeth City our men came unexpectedly upon a camp or lurking place of guerillas. The nest was broken up, several captures made, and those who escaped
October 29th (search for this): article 5
to the reinforcement of Bragg; and his design is now to hide the fact, under a guise of a belligerent attitude, until the truth leaks out from a heavy battle in the Southwest, and then if Meade should advance his fortifications would serve him to check sufficiently long to make good his retreat until under the protecting shield of the fortifications of Richmond. Winter coming on would be to him then a strong ally. Election frauds in Ohio. A telegram from Hamilton, Ohio, dated October 29th, says revelations regarding the great majorities recently given to Borough are daily coming to light: A Methodist minister was arrested here last week upon charge of Illegal voting. He was brought up before the Mayor to-day for trial, and was bound over in the sum of five hundred dollars to appear at the next session of the Court of Common Pleas. The most gigantic frauds have been perpetrated in Ohio during the recent election.--Highland county alone gives Borough (Lincolnite) a m
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