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or mutual aid and protection, and the Committee shall have power to equalize the same by assessment or otherwise. For this purpose statements shall be made to the Committee of the condition of each bank on the morning of every day, before commencement of business, which shall be sent with the exchanges to the Manager of the Clearing-House, specifying the following items, viz: 1 loans and discounts. 2 Deposits. 3 Loan certificates. 4 specie. resolved that after the 1st of February next, every Bank in the Clearing-House Association shall have on hand, at all times, in specie, an amount equal to one-fourth of its net liabilities, and say Bank whose specie shall fall below that proportion shall not make loans or discounts until their position is re-established; and we, as members of the Clearing-House Association, agree that we will not continue to exchange with any Bank which shall show by its successive weekly statements that it has violated this agreement. th
Henrico county Court commences its December term on Monday next. It would be well for this body to appoint neighborhood patrols all over the county, to act until the 1st of February.
Naval resignations, &c. Washington, Jan. 22. --The Navy Department has received the resignation of Commander Farrall, who was attached to the Pensacola Navy-Yard, and among those who, in the name of Florida, demanded its surrender, and also that of Lieut. Kershaw, who ordered the flag of the Government to be hauled down. These resignations were accepted before the government knew of the action of these officers here stated. The resignation of Lieut. Eggleston, who is on the Wyandotte, in the vicinity of Pensacola, has been accepted. The report that Lincoln is coming to Washington about the 1st of February, to be the guest of Senator Trumbull, is not well founded.
The Tobacco Exchange. --The new Exchange was opened yesterday for business purposes, and a large number of merchants and tobacconists were in attendance. Capt. Sheppard, the salesman of the Exchange, entered upon his duties with energy, and "knocked down" the various lots offered, after which he announced the appointment of a committee to draw up a plan for the government of the trade, to go into operation on the 1st of February. The committee will report this morning. We inquired of a gentleman as to whether there was much activity in the tobacco trade at present. "Quite spirited to-day," was the reply; "the trade has something to stimulate it." The interpretation of the remark was soon made apparent. Several stalwart Africans entered, marshalled by Luck, of the Columbian, bearing the Great Blue Bowl, which has withstood both military and civilian attacks, yea, these many years, and never failed to dispense a quantum sufficit to satisfy a thirsty multitude. "The trade," and
Congressional. Washington, Feb'y 1. --Senate. --Mr. Ten Eyck presented the New Jersey resolutions, praying for the adoption of the Crittenden resolutions. He look occasion to say that he dissented from the motive of the petition. The President's Message was taken up. Mr. Latham, of California, attributed our present troubles to the Northern fanatics, but denied that secession was a constitutional remedy. The South could not be subdued.--He deprecated coercion, and said California would remain in the Union. He made an eloquent appeal in behalf of the Union. [Great applause.] The Indian Appropriation bill was reported, amended and made the special order for to-morrow. The Morrill tariff bill was made the special order for next Wednesday. House.--Mr. Hindman, of Ark.explained that his motion yesterday, relative to the election of Conway from Kansas, was for the purpose of settling the question, whether a State had a right to elect Congressmen before
New York State Democratic Convention. Albany, N. Y., Feb, 1. --The State Democratic Convention assembled here yesterday. The Committee on Resolutions agreed to report to-day a series entirely free from anything of a partisan character, opposing coercion, favoring the Crittenden Compromise, exhorting all men to unite with them on submitting that compromise to a vote of the people of the State, exhorting the seceding States to refrain from any act of aggression, or any course calculated to plunge the nation into civil war, and asking the non-seceding slave States to use their influence with their Southern brethren to that end.
Additional from Europe. Cape Rage, Feb. 1. --The steamer United Kingdom, from Glasgow on the 20th, has arrived. The French army is to be increased by seventeen regiments. Gen. Klapka was preparing for a rising in Hungary. The Beyrut, Syria, trials had concluded.--The Druses had been sentenced to death, and the Turks, who failed to restrain them, to exile. Commercial. Liverpool., Jan. 20. --Cotton has an advancing tendency; sales of 20,000 bales on Saturday.--Breadstuffs quiet.
Further from Europe. Sandy Hook, Feb. 1. --The Arabia, from Queenstown on the 20th, has arrived. Her news is unimportant. Commercial. Liverpool, Jan. 20. --Cotton quiet — business in suflicient to test prices. Breadstuffs dull. Provisions dull. The bullion in the Bank of England had decreased £400,000. Money unchanged.
From Washington. Washington, Feb. 1. --It is reported that Col. Hayne, having received dispatches from Gov. Pickens, has brought the subject of the evacuation of Fort Sumter before the Administration. Horatio King has been nominated to the Senate as Postmaster-General.
Seizure of Government buildings at New Orleans. New Orleans, Feb. 1. --The Mint and Custom-House were quietly taken possession of yesterday, and to-day the officials took the oath under the Secession Ordinance. In the Convention, the report of the Committee on Citizenship was up to-day.
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