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1840, and for many years afterwards, the nearest house was that of Abby and Edmund Tufts, on the lower corner of Broadway and Central street. Mr. Tufts was a printer, and got out the first directory of Somerville. The next house, that of Chester Adams, was afterward moved to the foot of Winter Hill. Mr. Adams drove down to the bank in Charlestown every morning. There was no regular public conveyance to the city, but a stage ran from Charlestown to Medford, sometimes on Medford Turnpike, Mr. Adams drove down to the bank in Charlestown every morning. There was no regular public conveyance to the city, but a stage ran from Charlestown to Medford, sometimes on Medford Turnpike, and sometimes on Main street (Broadway), which would occasionally pick up a passenger on the highway. The next house was on the lower corner of Main and School streets, owned and occupied by Asa Tufts, a farmer, whose family consisted of a wife and four children. Later Mr. Ring built a house below this of Mr. Tufts, and there was also a double house, occupied by the families of Luther and Nathaniel Mitchell, brickmakers. At this time there were brickyards on Main street, and the dangerous
Index Abbie, Aunt (Tufts), 41. Abbott, Mrs., Hull, 45. Abbott, Rev. Mr., Hull, 45. Adams, Anna, 89. Adams, Anne, 89. Adams, Charles, 40. Adams, Chester, 22. Adams, Hannah, 89. Adams, Harriet A., 22. Adams, President, John, 18. Adams, Joseph, 22, 40, 69, 89, 92, 93. Adams, Martha, 92. Adams, Mary, 89. Adams, Nathan, 69. Adams, Rebecca, 89. Adams, Samuel, 40. Adams, Thomas, 89. Aldersey Street, Somerville, 71. Alewife Brook, 31. Alewife Brook District, 15, 87. Alewife Meadow, 54. Allerdale, Lords of, 49. Allerdale Ward, 49 Ames, Governor, Oliver, 31. Anderson, Mistress, Rebecca, 18. Andover, Mass., 68. Andros, Governor, 31. Ann Street, Boston, 4. Arbella, The, 29. Arlington, Mass., 15, 38, 56, 74, 87. Ash Street, Boston, 51. Austin Street, Somerville, 3. Baldwin, George Rumford, 3. Baldwin, Loammi, 2, 3. Barrett, Samuel, Jr., 11. Bartlett, Hon., Josiah, M. D., 48. Bell Rock, Malden, 58. Big Bethel, 35. Billerica, Mass.
es Walker, Joseph Phipps, James Russell, Samuel Gardner, Leonard M. Parker, Chester Adams, Thomas Hooper. 1825, James Russell, L. M. Parker, Chester Adams, Rev. HChester Adams, Rev. Henry Jackson, Lot Pool, Edward Cutter, Rev. Walter Balfour. 1826, Chester Adams, Hall J. Kelley, Nathaniel H. Henchman, Rev. James Walker, Benjamin Whipple, WillChester Adams, Hall J. Kelley, Nathaniel H. Henchman, Rev. James Walker, Benjamin Whipple, William S. Phipps, Rev. Henry Jackson. 1827, Rev. James Walker, Chester Adams, Lot Pool, Benjamin Whipple, H. J. Kelley, Josiah S. Hurd, Henry Jaques. 1828, BenjamChester Adams, Lot Pool, Benjamin Whipple, H. J. Kelley, Josiah S. Hurd, Henry Jaques. 1828, Benjamin Whipple, Rev. James Walker, Chester Adams, Rev. Henry Jackson, Luke Wyman, J. S. Hurd, Robert G. Tenney. 1829, the same. Our gleanings from the trustees' reChester Adams, Rev. Henry Jackson, Luke Wyman, J. S. Hurd, Robert G. Tenney. 1829, the same. Our gleanings from the trustees' records and from their annual reports have been brought down to the spring of 1819. May 8 of that year Samuel Payson, Elias Phinney, and Joel Tufts were appointed to arker. 1824-25. As Nathan Tufts, 2d, and Rev. Edward Turner resigned, Chester Adams and Thomas Hooper were chosen in their room. This was at the town meeting
Index Adams, 79. Adams, Ashur, 45. Adams, Chester, 90, 99. Adams, Hannah, 18. Adams, Henry, 97, 100. Adams, Joseph, 99. Adams, Joseph, Esq., 74. Adams, Captain, Nathan, 41. Adams, Mrs., Sarah, 92. Adams, Zabdiel, 44. Alewife Bridge, 44, 45, 99. Alewife Brook, 5, 12, 17, 18, 22, 66. Alewife Brook School, 14, 16. Alger,——101. Alger, Israel, 67, 68. American First Class Book, 101. American Tube Works, 8. Andrews, Abraham, A. B., 68. 69, 70. Antigua, 23. Anti-slavery Society, 26. Arlington, Mass., 5, 14, 65. Atonement, The, 2. Augusta, Ga., 27, 34. Austin, Mrs., 83, 84. Austin, Ebenezer, 87. Austin, Elizabeth, 87. Austin, Elizabeth (White), 88. Austin, John, 84. Austin, Joseph, 88. Austin, Josiah, 84. Austin, Rebecca, 84, 88. Austin Street, Somerville, 99. Austin, Thankful (Benjamin), 87. Austin, Thomas, 84. Austin, William, 64. Auxiliary Educational League, 2. Babcock, Henry H., 10. Back Street, Charlestown, 84, 87. Balfour
ols than the same number have heretofore been when promiscuously admitted from private schools. The estimated expense for the coming year is $6,000. Signed by Chester Adams, for the Secretary. 1826-27. Voted that Mr. Hall J. Kelley have charge of wards 3 and 6, and Mr. Nathaniel H. Henchman of wards 4 and 5. These gentlemend, being transferred to one of the primary schools on the peninsula, was succeeded by Miss Elizabeth Gerrish, July 3. About this time Mr. Kelley resigned, and Chester Adams was assigned to his place on committees. At the same meeting it was voted to authorize the treasurer to purchase three maps of the world and three of the Unitction of young ladies in the solid branches of education will commence on Monday next. Application for admission to this school may be made to Benjamin Swift, Chester Adams, Henry Jaques, committee. Charlestown, November 15, 1827. June 7, 1828, the private school kept by Nathaniel Magoun opens. Under date of August 9, 1828,
of age rather than fourteen, as heretofore. The report, which is signed by Chester Adams, secretary, in closing says: The children never appeared to the trustees sothe examiners, Messrs. Wyman and Walker. Mr. Colby's school was examined by Chester Adams. Forty-eight were present out of a total of seventy-four. This school has om Volume IV., page 90). 1830, Rev. James Walker, Rev. Linus S. Everett, Chester Adams (president), Paul Willard, Esq. (treasurer), Benjamin Thompson, Guy C. Hawkllard, Esq. (treasurer), Guy C. Hawkins, Joseph F. Tufts, Charles Thompson, Chester Adams. 1834, the same. 1835, Charles Thompson (treasurer), Paul Willard (seame day a report relative to the establishment of a high school was read by Chester Adams, Esq., and after amendment was adopted. 1831-1832. The teachers for tlips for this purpose. At the end of the year the Board extended thanks to Chester Adams, Esq., who resigns his office, commendatory of his long term of service. I
the services of Mr. Sherman at No. 5, at the salary of $360, and to pay the teacher at the Neck $600. Miss Kezia Russell was appointed to teach the summer term in the Russell district, and Miss Abby Mead at Winter Hill. For the winter term the appointments were: Aaron B. Magoun to the Winter Hill school for six months, beginning the first Monday in November, at $32 per month; and H. K. Curtis for the Russell district, four months, at $30. The care of the outside schools was assigned to Messrs. Adams and Hawkins for the trustees. At a special meeting held June 20, 1833, it was voted that teachers of the public schools be requested to parade their scholars on the day of the reception of the President of the United States, under the direction of the chief marshal, and agreeably to the request of the committee of arrangements, and that the schools have a vacation during that day—June 24. The petition of John Tufts and others praying for a removal of the schoolhouse in Milk Row was
Index Adams, Charles, 78, 92, 96 97. Adams, Chester, 16, 17, 21, 23, 46, 48, 51, 52, 69. Adams, Joseph, 10, 86. Adams, Joseph, Jr., 13. Adams, Samuel, 11. Agassiz, Louis, 8. Albion Street, 53, 85. Alewife Brook, 47. Allen, Alfred, 49, 71, 72, 73, 74, 77, 78, 92, 99. Allen, Amos F., 77. Allen, Amos S., 79, 83. Allen, Henry C., 48. Alphabetical Cards, 98. American Anti-Slavery Society, 29. American Arithmetic, Robinson, 25. American First Class Book, 25, 98. Ames, D., 15. Ames, Philander, 49, 92. Andrews, Hannah, 72. Angier, D., 12. Angier, Ellen P 53. Anne Adams Tufts Chapter, D. A. R., 86. Appalachian Club, 36. Arlington, Mass., 7. Arnold Arboretum, 1, 8. Austin, Hannah S., 92, 96, 99. Austin, N., 13. Austin Street, 20, 22, 93. Ayer, John F., 53. Babcock, A., 13. Bacon, Moses, 82. Bacon, William H., 96. Bagnall, William R., 77, 78, 83. Bailey's Algebra, 98. Baker, , 52. Baker, Amos P., 67 Baker, Henry, 59. Banks Street, 6
l standing. A house owned and occupied by Gardner Ring stood on the corner of Marshall street. It was removed to make room for the Odd Fellows' building. A house owned and occupied by Asa Tufts, on the first corner of still another rangeway—now School street—came next. Farther up the hill, and near, if not on, the site of the house of Mr. Whitcomb, stood the Chester Adams house. It had been occupied by him, but at this time (1842) was owned and occupied by William Tufts, a farmer. Chester Adams was the father of the late Hon. James Adams, a prominent and much-respected citizen of Charlestown. Wyzeman Marshall, a well-known actor in his day, lived with Mr. Tufts in this house. The house is now located in the rear of Dr. Willis' residence, on the opposite side of Broadway. A house, new at that time, came next, owned and occupied by J. P. Staniels. Four years later it was owned and occupied by Charles Forster,—as saintly a person as ever walked the earth. His religion was a re<
. Ten Hills. James, William, b. horse collar maker, h. Beacon. James, William, shipbuilder, h. Mount Vernon. Jennings, Josiah, b. barber, h. Linwood. Johnson, Simon, b. dyer, h. Milk. Johnson, Philip, b. trader, Central, boards at C. Adams'. Johnson, David, carpenter, h. Snow hill. Jordan, Charles, b. dry goods, h. Joy. Kelley, John, laborer, h. Medford. Kelley, Jeremiah, b. accountant, h. Tufts. Kennison, Albert, brickmaker, h. Broadway. Kendall, George S., painTufts, Charles, h. Cambridge. Tufts, Nathan, h. cor. Cambridge and Medford. Tufts, Nathan, Jr., grain dealer, h. Broadway. Tufts, Oliver, yeoman, h. Medford. Tufts, Miss Abby, h. Winter hill. Tufts, Caroline, teacher, boards with C. Adams, Central. Tufts, James, at Oliver Tufts'. Tufts, Francis, boards with Nathan Tufts, cor. Cam. & Med. Tufts, William A., yeoman, h. Broadway. Tufts, John A., at Oliver Tufts'. Tuttle, James S., carpenter, h. Cambridge. Tuttle, I
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