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in force, near the railroad bridge a mile above town, and some to the Palatine end of the Suspension bridge. The latter made a gallant stand and resisted the crossing for nearly an hour. They took shelter in a foundry, and fired from the windows upon the rebel sharp-shooters, who dismounted and took positions in vacant houses, behind fences, stables, and whatever else would conceal their cowardly carcasses from our unerring aim. Thus was the unequal contest continued, until one man, named Coffman, from Bingamon, was fatally wounded, and all but five or six had straggled off. The remainder ceased firing, and each one took care of himself as best ne could. When the firing ceased, the rebels sent over a flag of truce to demand a surrender, but, to their astonishment, they found no one to receive it. They then hastily replaced the plank, which had been removed from the bridge, and crossed over to the number of nearly a thousand, and pushed on up to get in the rear of our men at the rai
tic acid, to which are added 1 gallon alcohol, 2 drams arsenic, and 1 dram corrosive sublimate; the fluid is injected into the arteries in a heated state. Dr. Morgan's (English, 1864) is 6 pounds common salt, 1 1/2 pounds nitrate potash, 1 1/2 pounds powdered alum, and 2 drams to 1 ounce arseniate of potash. This, in the form of a solution, is injected into the heart. This process embraces some peculiarities in the mode of treatment of the subject and manner of injecting the fluid. Coffman's (1867). Distilled water, 1 gallon; carbolic acid, 4 ounces; nitrate of potash, 4 ounces; alcohol, 4 ounces. Brunetti, of Italy (1867), expels the blood from the tissues by injections of pure water and of alcohol, and fatty matters by injections of sulphuric ether, and afterwards injects a solution of tannin into the arteries, veins, or excretory canals, after which the body is dried in a case heated by steam to a temperature of 90° centigrade. E de la Granja (1867) employs a solutio
ilitia regiment: Gresham, Thomas Robert, lieutenant-col. onel; Saunders, William A., major. Tenth Heavy Artillery battalion: Allen, William, major; Hensley, James O., major. Tenth Cavalry regiment: Caskie, Robert A., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Clement, William B., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Davis, J. Lucius, colonel; McGruder, Zachariah S., lieutenant-colonel; Rosser, J. Travis, major. Tenth battalion Reserves: Byrd, William W., major. Tenth Infantry regiment: Coffman, Isaac G., major; Gibbons, Simeon B., colonel; Martz, Dorilas Henry Lee, lieutenant-colonel; Stover, Joshua, major; Walker, Samuel T., major, lieutenantcol-onel; Warren, Edward T. H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel. Eleventh Cavalry battalion: Bradley, Benjamin F., major. Eleventh Cavalry regiment (formed from Seventeenth battalion and two companies Fifth Virginia Cavalry): Ball, Matt Dulaney, major, lieutenant-colonel; Funsten, Oliver R., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Harness, William H.
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Authorities. (search)
1 Clark, John S.: Red River Campaign, March 10-May 22, 1864 52 Claypoole, W.: Clarksville, Tenn., and vicinity 115, 2 Decatur, Ala., and vicinity 115, 6 Fort Donelson, Tenn 114, 5 Franklin, Tenn., and vicinity 115, 3 Huntsville, Ala., and vicinity 115, 9 Memphis, Tenn., and environs 114, 6 Fort Pickering, Memphis, Tenn. 114, 4 Rosecrans, Fortress, Tenn. 112, 3 Cleburne, Patrick R.: Chickamauga, Ga., Sept. 19-20, 1863 96, 4 Coffman, Levi: Atlanta, Ga., July 22, 1864 61, 2 Collett, E.: Richmond, Va., and vicinity, 1864-65 77, 1 Comstock, Cyrus B.: Bottom's Bridge, Va., May 20-23, 1862 64, 4 Cape Fear River, N. C. 132, 2-4 Champion's Hill, Miss., May 16, 1863 132, 8 Chancellorsville Campaign, April 27-May 6, 1863 39, 3 Fort Fisher, N. C., Jan. 3-17, 1865 75, 1, 2 Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 11-15, 1862 25, 4 Gloucester, Va., May 4, 1862 15, 1 Jackson (Miss.) Cam
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
ls by order Secretary War, having taken the oath of allegiance to U. S. Government. Clements, J. P., Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 31. ‘63, 11th Georgia Regiment. Coffman, Samuel H., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to rank from June 27, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, on duty at Dalton, Ga., Aug. 24, ‘62, ordered to report to S, Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 31, ‘62, Fair Ground Hospital, Atlanta, Ga., May 7, ‘63, relieved by Secretary of War, ordered to report to Colonel 14th Georgia Regiment. Coffman, Benjamin F., detailed Dec. 31, ‘62, 7th Arkansas. Returned to ranks. Cottman, Thomas T., Surgeon. Passed Board Nov. 24, ‘62, Nov. 30, ‘62, Russell's Alabama Cochran, W. A., Surgeon, appointed by Secretary War, June 2, ‘63, to rank from Nov. 25, ‘62. Passed Board Nov. 25, ‘62. May 31, ‘64, 24th Alabama Regiment. Coffman, S. H., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary War to rank from June 27, ‘62. May 31, ‘64, 51st Alabama Cavalry, Oct., transferred to Co
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.64 (search)
, Brathwaite, Newton, Blakemore, William, Bowman, Jack, Barnula, Joseph, Bare, William, Baldwin, H., Blakemore, George, Branson, William, Bennett, Henry, Browning, E. R., Md.; Boggs, Gus, Md.; Crawford, James, Contey, Jack, Carson, John W., Cleaver, William, Clutter, J. W., Cain, Thomas, Cowger, David A., Coleman, Jack, Cokeley, John, Cokeley, George, Cooper, J., Clarey, L., Md.; Clarey, Thad., Md.; Clarey, Rich., Md.; Chisholm, Wallace, Md.; Cresap, Van, Md.; Cosner, Wayne, Carle, George, Coffman, Joseph, Childs, Ben, Cunningham, John, Daugherty, Sam, Davis, R. C., Duffy, J. W., Duval, H: R., Md.; Davis, Frank, Dyer, Robin, Dyce, Sam, Devectman, P., Md.; Enright, E. C., Fay, J. B. Md.; Fisher, J. G., Frederick, Lewis, Gray, S., Grady, George, Harness, G. S., Halterman, J., Harvey, J., Hevener, J., Hoy, William, Harness, W. W., Hill, I., Houck, William, Houseworth, J., Hess, James, Hunter, John, Hutter, C. R., High, J. W., Hoad, H., Hack, A. C., Md.; Hutton, John, Hopkins, William, H
r. Niglett, of Lurenburg, nominated Wm. C. Snead, of that county. Mr. Johnston, of Lee, nominated Charles E. Crosby, of Washington. Mr. Willey, of Monongalia, nominated Josiah W. Rives, of Barbour. Mr. Mallory, of Elizabeth City, nominated Robert H. Vaughan, of that county. Mr. Morris, of Caroline, nominated Dan'l Atwell, of Caroline. Mr. Dorman, of Rockbridge, nominated N. A. Thompson, of Hanover. Mr. Macfarland nominated John G. Moss, of Richmond city. Mr. Coffman, of Rockingham, nominated J. J. Farish, of Albemarle. Mr. Dulaney, of Fairfax, nominated John E. Scruggs, of Fauquier. Mr. Garland, of Amherst, nominated John H. Fuqua, of that county. Mr. Conrad, of Frederick, nominated Thos. B. P. Ingram, of Richmond city. Mr. Borst, of Page, nominated Charles McL. Johnson, of Fauquier. Mr. Rives, of Prince George, nominated James G. Sener, of Fredericksburg. The merits and qualifications of the various candidates were expa
ys was sustained, and the Clerk proceeded to call the roll. The vote resulted as follows: yeas.--Messrs. Aston, Baldwin, Baylor, Berlin Blow, Boggess, Boyd, branch, Brent, brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Carlile, Carter, Clemens, Coffman, C. B. Conrad, Ro. Y. Conrad, Couch, Jas. H. Cox, Critcher, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Grant, Gravely, Gray, A. Hall, E. B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Hoge, Holladay, Hubbard, Hughes, Hull, Jackson, P roll was then called, with the following result: yeas.--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Bouldin, Boyd, branch, Brent, brown, Bruce, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Carlile, Clemens, Coffman, C. B. Conrad, R. Y. Conrad, Couch, J. H. Cox, Critcher, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, Flournoy, Forbes, French, Fugate, Garland, Gillespie, Grant, Gravely, Gray, Goggin, Hale, Addison Hall, E. B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Hoge,
ted yesterday. The President said the resolution authorized the publication of the debates. He would make no contract inconsistent with the resolution. Mr. Johnson expressed himself as satisfied with the reply. Committee on compensation. The President announced the following committee, under a resolution adopted yesterday, to inquire and report upon the compensation for the officers of the Convention: Messrs. Johnson of Richmond, Hubbard of Ohio, Gregory of King William, Coffman of Rockingham, and Sheffey of Smythe. Mr. Montague, of Middlesex, in the Chair. Report from the Committee on elections. Mr. Haymond, from the Committee on Elections, submitted a report embodying "a list of the persons who seem to have been elected to the Convention, and the certificates of such election." The Committee add: John D. Sharp is elected from the county of Lee, but his seat in the Convention is contested by M. B. D. Lane, of said county of Lee, and his petition and
Dorman, Early, Scott of Powhatan, and Tyler participated. Mr. Earlysuggested that Judge Robertson be included in the invitation; and the suggestion having been accepted, he called for the yeas and nays on the adoption of the substitute. The call being sustained, the vote was taken with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. Jauney, (President,) Aston. Baldwin, A. M. Bathour, J. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Boggess, Branch, Brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Caperton, Carter, Coffman, R. Y.Conrad, Couch, J. H. Cox, Critcher, Dent, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Graham, Grant, Gravely, Gray, A. Hall, E. B. Hall, Haymond, Hoge, Hubbard, Hull, Jackson, M, Johnson, P. C. Johnston, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, McNeil, Macfarland, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Nelson, Patrick, Porter, Preston, Price, Pugh, Saunders, R. E. Scott, W. C. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Southall, Speed, Spurlock, A. H. H. Stuart. C. J. Stuart, Tarr, Taylor, White, Wickham, and
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