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The Annals of the Civil War Written by Leading Participants North and South (ed. Alexander Kelly McClure), Flight and capture of Jefferson Davis. (search)
He states, in substance, that the ferryman, where we crossed the Ocmulgee river, had told Colonel Harnden that we had crossed the river about one o'clock in the morning. This, it may have been sup He says: Shortly after the recognition of Mr. Davis by his captors, Colonels Pritchard and Harnden rode up to where the group were standing. Davis, recognizing them as officers, asked which of s women and children. He only pointed to the fact that they were being robbed. I doubt if Colonel Harnden had then reached where we were; but of this I do not profess to know. I only know that a f Directly after this, and about the time the firing ceased between Colonel Pritchard's and Colonel Harnden's troops across the creek (I say Colonel Harnden because General Wilson says they were his,Colonel Harnden because General Wilson says they were his, for I did not before know what officer commanded them), it was that the conversation above alluded to took place between Mr. Davis and Colonel Pritchard. From these facts the impossibility of M
The Annals of the Civil War Written by Leading Participants North and South (ed. Alexander Kelly McClure), How Jefferson Davis was overtaken. (search)
In pursuance of his instructions, Lieutenant Colonel Harnden, with three officers and one hundredprofuse in their offers of hospitality to Colonel Harnden. This being a trait in Southern characteing his detachment to continue its march, Colonel Harnden rode to meet Colonel Pritchard, and afterh are variously reported, they separated, Colonel Harnden to rejoin his command, already an hour ore for negligence and want of enterprise. Colonel Harnden having informed him that he had force enoot send a courier on the trail pursued by Colonel Harnden, to notify the latter of his newly-formedoccurred between his regiment and that of Colonel Harnden, and would not have rendered the capture to march. Both Colonel Pritchard and Colonel Harnden were informed that Davis had been reporte Davis by his captors, Colonels Pritchard and Harnden rode up to where the group were standing. Da prepared, Colonel Pritchard, preceded by Colonel Harnden, began his return march, with prisoners a[14 more...]
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Atlanta campaign. May 3d-September 8th, 1864. (search)
s I. Hudnall; 2d Mich., Ordered to Franklin, Tenn., June 29th. Maj. Leonidas S. Scranton, Lieut.-Col. Benjamin Smith; 1st Tenn., Lieut.-Col. James P. Brownlow. Second Brigade, Col. Oscar H. La Grange, Lieut.-Col. James S. Stewart, Lieut.-Col. Horace P. Lamson, Lieut.-Col. William H. Torrey, Lieut.-Col. H. P. Lamson: 2d Ind., Lieut.-Col. J. S. Stewart, Maj. David A. Briggs; 4th Ind., Lieut.-Col. H. P. Lamson, Maj. George H. Purdy, Capt. Albert J. Morley; 1st Wis., Maj. Nathan Paine, Capt. Henry Harnden, Capt. Lewis M. B. Smith, Lieut.-Col. William H. Torrey, Maj. Nathan Paine, Capt. L. M. B. Smith. Artillery: 18th Ind., Lieut. William B. Rippetoe, Capt. Moses M. Beck. Second division, Brig.-Gen. Kenner Garrard. First Brigade, Col. Robert H. G. Minty: 4th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Josiah B. Park, Maj. Frank W. Mix, Capt. L. Briggs Eldridge; 7th Pa., Col. William B. Sipes, Maj. James F. Andress, Maj. William H. Jennings; 4th U. S., Capt. James B. McIntyre. Second Brigade, Operating in N
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., chapter 18.113 (search)
.-Gen. John T. Croxton. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John T. Croxton: 8th Iowa, Col. Joseph B. Dorr; 4th Ky. (Mounted Inf'y), Col. Robert M. Kelly; 6th Ky., Maj. William H. Fidler; 2d Mich., Lieut.-Col. Thomas W. Johnston. Second Brigade, Col. Oscar H. La Grange: 2d Ind. (battalion), Capt. Roswell S. Hill (w), Capt. Joseph B. Williams; 4th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Horace P. Lamson; 4th Ky., Col. Wickliffe Cooper; 7th Ky., Lieut.-Col. William W. Bradley (w), Maj. Andrew S. Bloom; 1st Wis., Lieut.-Col. Henry Harnden (w). Artillery: 18th Ind. Battery, Capt. Moses M. Beck. Second division, Brig.-Gen. Eli Long (w), Col. Robert H. G. Minty. First Brigade (mounted infantry), Col. Abram O. Miller (w), Col. Jacob G. Vail: 98th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Edward Kitchell; 123d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Jonathan Biggs (w), Capt. Owen Wiley; 17th Ind., Col. Jacob G. Vail, Lieut.-Col. Frank White; 72d Ind., Lieut.-Col. Chester G. Thomson. Second Brigade, Col. Robert H. G. Minty, Lieut.-Col. Horace N. Howland: 4th Mi
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., chapter 18.115 (search)
Ocmulgee when he crossed the route on which Mr. Davis and his party were moving with about twenty-four hours start of their pursuers. A detachment of the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry (belonging to General John T. Croxton's division), under Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Harnden, was following Mr. Davis in the direct road to Irwinsville, and Pritchard, making a swift march on another road, came upon the fugitives in their camp, and arrested Mr. Davis just as the advance of Harnden's command reached the sceneHarnden's command reached the scene.--editors. We accordingly marched with 350 men of our respective brigades toward Woodstock, or Woodville,--I do not certainly remember the name. I moved upon one road; Colonel Breckinridge, with whom the general was, upon another. We were to meet at the point I have mentioned. I arrived first, and halted to await the others. I found that a considerable force of Federal cavalry was just to the west of the place, and not more than three miles distant. The officer in command notified me in ve
865. Hall, James F., Feb. 24, 1865. Hall, Jarius W., Mar. 13, 1865. Hall, Robert M., Mar. 13, 1865. Hallowell, E. N., June 27, 1865. Halpine, C. G., Mar. 13, 1865. Hamilton, W. D., April 9, 1865. Hamlin, Chas., Mar. 13, 1865. Hammell, John S., Mar. 13, 1865. Hammond, J. H., Oct. 31, 1864. Hammond, John, Mar. 13, 1865. Hanbreght, H. A., June 7, 1865. Hanna, Wm., Mar. 13, 1865. Hardenbergh, J. B., Mar. 13, 1865. Harding, C., Jr. , May 27, 1865. Harlin, E. B., Mar. 13, 1865. Harnden, Henry, Mar. 13, 1865. Harriman, Samuel, April 2, 1865. Harriman, W., Mar. 13, 1865. Harris, A. L., Mar. 13, 1865. Harris, Benj. F., Mar. 13, 1865. Harris, Chas. L., Mar. 13, 1865. Harrison, Benj., Jan. 23, 1865. Harrison, M. LaRue, Mar. 13, 1865. Harrison, T. J., Jan. 31, 1865. Hart, James H., Mar. 13, 1865. Hart, O. H., Mar. 13, 1865. Hartshorne, W. R., Mar. 13, 1865. Hartsuff, Wm., Jan. 24, 1864. Hartwell, A. S., Dec. 30, 1864. Hartwell, C. A., Dec. 2, 1865. Haskill, L. F., Ma
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Wisconsin, (search)
98 Wisconsin raises and equips four regiments for American-Spanish War.......1898 Great strike of wood-workers at Oshkosh, accompanied by rioting and bloodshed......1898 Disastrous forest fires in northern Wisconsin during September; many lives lost......1898 Milwaukee public museum opened in new building......Jan. 23, 1899 Wisconsin Historical Society celebrates fiftieth anniversary ......Feb. 22, 1899 Tornado in Minnesota and Wisconsin (over 250 persons killed at New Richmond, Wis.)......June 12, 1899 J. V. Quarles elected United States Senator......1899 Gen. Henry Harnden, capturer of Jefferson Davis, dies at Madison......March 17, 1900 Ex-Senator Philetus Sawyer dies at Oshkosh......March 29, 1900 Belle Boyd, the woman spy in the Civil War, dies at Kilbourn......June 12, 1900 Wisconsin State Historical library building dedicated......Oct. 19, 1900 David Giddings, member of Wisconsin Constitutional Convention, dies......Oct. 24, 1900 Wyoming
rigade, to be Brigadier-General of volunteers. Lieutenant-Colonel Wm. W. Bradley, commanding Seventh Kentucky cavalry, to be Colonel by brevet. Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Harnden, commanding First Wisconsin cavalry, to be Colonel by brevet. Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas W. Johnston, commanding Second Michigan cavalry, to be Col Edward Carrel, Company K, First Wisconsin, was first inside the work, Lieutenant S. Vosburg, Company A, same regiment was killed on the embankment, and Lieutenant-Colonel Harnden slightly wounded. Captain R. S. Hill, commanding Second Indiana battery, was dangerously wounded in the thigh, within a few feet of the ditch, while st-General of Volunteers. W. W. Bradley Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Kentucky Recommended by Brigadier-General John T. Croxton for promotion To be Colonel by brevet. Henry Harnden Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Wisconsin Recommended by Brigadier-General John T. Croxton for promotion To be Colonel by brevet. Thos. W. Johnston Lieutenant-Colonel
1873. Harding, Chester. Born in Massachusetts. Lieut. Colonel and Assistant Adj. General, staff of Brig. General Lyon, May 12, 1861. Colonel, 10th Mo. Infantry, Aug. 15, 1861. Adj General state of Missouri, Nov. 28, 1861. Resigned, Dec. 5, 1861. Colonel, 25th Mo. Infantry, Apr. 9, 1862. Resigned, Feb. 3, 1864. Colonel, 43d Mo. Infantry, Sept. 22, 1864. Brevet Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, May 27, 1865. Mustered out, June 30, 1865. Died at St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 10, 1875. Harnden, Henry. Born in Massachusetts. Captain, 1st Wis. Cavalry, Jan. 1, 1862. Major, June 8, 1864. Lieut. Colonel, Jan 6, 186.5. Brevet Colonel and Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Mustered out, July 19, 1865. Hartwell, Alfred Stedman. Born at West Dedham, Mass., June 11, 1836. Corporal, 3d Mo. Reserve Corps, May 10, 1861. Took part in the capture of rebel camp near St. Louis, Mo., May 10. First Lieutenant, 44th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Sept. 12, 1862.
Born in Massachusetts. Sergeant, 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery, July 5, 1861. Second Lieutenant, Sept. 22, 1861. First Lieutenant, Jan. 18, 1862. Captain, mustered, May 22, 1864. Mustered out as Captain, Mar. 12, 1865. Second Lieutenant, 39th U. S. Infantry, Mar. 7, 1867. First Lieutenant, Jan. 1, 1869. Transferred to 25th Infantry, Apr. 13, 1869. Unassigned, May 13, 1869. Assigned to 10th Infantry, Jan. 1, 1871. Died, Nov. 2, 1876. Harding, Chester. See General Officers. Harnden, Henry. See General Officers. Harris, Robert. Born in New Hampshire. First Lieutenant, Regimental Quartermaster, 17th Mass. Infantry, Jan. 9, 1862. Captain, Commissary of Subsistence, U. S. Volunteers, Nov. 26, 1862. Resigned, June 20, 1863. Harrison, Robert. Born in Massachusetts. Private and Sergeant, 2d Battalion, 15th U. S. Infantry, Feb. 3, 1862, to Mar. 30, 1863. Second Lieutenant, Feb. 19, 1863. First Lieutenant, June 11, 1864. Brevet Captain, U. S. Army, Sept. 1, 1864.
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