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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 48 (search)
and dismal; more rain or snow looked for. Certainly we are in a dark period of the war-encompassed by augmenting armies, almost starving in the midst of plenty (hoarded by the speculators), our men deserting-and others skulking duty, while Congress and the Executive seem paralyzed or incapable of thought or action. The President was better yesterday; but not out. They say it is neuralgia in the shoulder, disabling his right arm. Yet he orders appointments, etc., or forbids others. Major Noland, Commissary General, has refused to impress the coffee in the hands of speculators; saying there is no law authorizing it. The speculators rule the hour — for all, nearly, are speculators! God save us! we seem incapable of saving ourselves. No news to-day from Georgia and South Carolina-which means there is no good news. If it be true that Gen. Thomas has reinforced Grant with 30,000 men, we shall soon hear news without seeking it! The enemy will not rest content with their recent
ates navy, forcing their commanding officers to surrender at discretion. The perseverance, industry and firmness of the commanding officer, Maj. Oscar M. Watkins, of the provisional army, were only equaled by his intrepidity, admirable coolness and skill in battle. Entirely unaccustomed to the sea, his devotion overcame all obstacles. He was ably and heroically seconded by Captains Fowler and Johnson, respective commanders of the steamers Bell and Uncle Ben, by Captains Odlum, O'Bryan, Noland and Aycock, and Lieutenants Dowling and Aikens, of the land forces, and by the engineers, pilots, troops and crews of the expedition. As there are but few battles to be reported in Texas during the war, and this naval affair was of a remarkable character, it is deemed proper to insert a full description of the preparations for and execution of it, prepared by an accomplished lady, Mrs. M. Looscan, wife of Major Looscan, of the Confederate army, derived directly and personally from the pa
, Clarks County.--Capt. W. N. Nelson. --Killed--Privates George S. Whitter, Benjamin E. Grubbs, Scott Dishmar Wounded--Captain W. N. Nelson, severely wounded in the left breast; Corporal T. H. Randolph, wounded in left breast; Corporal Hibbard, thigh; Privates Basil Burnett, in the right shoulder; Alex Parkins, left arm Bush Fuller, in shoulder Samuel Ritter in neck, breast and arm; Adam Thompson, in the back; C. F. Whiting; left arm and stomach; J. E. Ware, left arm; John Welsh left breast; Noland, in the neck. Company D, Berkeley County--Captain J. Q. A. Nadenbousch--Killed.--Lieutenant Peyton R. Harrison. Sergeant Holmes A. Conrad, Privates H. Tucker Conrad and John Fryatt. Wounded.--Sergeant J. A. Dugan, in the thigh; Privates William Light, face an neck; W. H. McGary, neck; J. H. Lashort in the head; J. S. Armstrong, in the arm; T. E. Buchanan, in shoulder; George D. White man, in thigh; Color Sergeant Edmund P. Dandridge, in foot; David Hunter, slightly or left arm; Lambert
rrison, Coleman of Nerson. Finance--Messrs. Barbour, Tomlin, Edmunds, Bouldin, Newton, Cother, Flood, Wyhne, Thomas, Davis of Campbell, Miner, Gordon, Reid, Noland, Gatewood. Military Affairs Messrs. Anderson, Jones, Huster, Robertson, Military, Pitman, Davis of Amherst, Richardson, Saunders of Campbell, Lundy, M.Grudershire, Orgain, Dunn, Rives, Walker, Cazenove, Baker, Carter, Wilson of Isle of Wight. Treasurer's Accounts--Messrs. Matthews, Cazenove, Walker, Bass, Curtis, Noland, McGrader, Ewing, McDonald of Hampshire. First Auditor's Office--Messrs. Johnson, Woodson, Wilson of Isle of Wight, Tate, Spady, Franklin, McKinney, Flood, Mms, and Garrison. Schools and Colleges.--Messrs. Newton, Minor, Riddick, Treadway, Tate, Daniel, Saunders of Franklin, Crockett, Spady, Read, Curtis, Booten, Noland, Wright, and Laidley. Resolutions of Inquiry. By Mr. Jones: Of authorizing the banks of this Common wealth to issue a larger amount than 5 per cent. of t
ngalia, Harrison, Marion, Kanawha and Berkeley, each being entitled to two delegates; from the counties of Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Wetzel, Taylor, Upshur, Lewis, Wood, Putnam, Mason, and Morgan, each being entitled to one delegate, and from the election districts, composed of the counties of Ritchie and Pleasants, Doddridge and Tyler, and Jackson and Roane, each being entitled to one delegate." The resolution was opposed by Messrs. Newton, of Westmoreland; Rutherfoord, of Goochland; Noland, of Loudoun, and Bradford, of Clarke, on the ground that sufficient evidence was not before the House to justify it in declaring the seats from those counties vacant. The resolution was advocated by Messrs. Forbes, of Fauquier; Anderson, of Botetourt, and Hunter, of Jefferson. Upon a call for the ayes and noes, the resolution was adopted by a vote of ayes 87, noes 19. The question being upon the adoption of the third resolution, which was as follows: "Resolved, That the petitio
The Daily Dispatch: January 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], "Sawery" Bennett's opinion of old Abe. (search)
n, Grattan, Green, Harrison, Hunter, Huntt, Irby, James, Johnson, Jones. Jordan, Kaufman, Kyle, Laidley, Lively, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Matthews, McCaMant, A. W. McDonald, J. E. McDonald, McGruder, McKinney, McLaughlin, Montague, Murdaugh, Newton, Noland, Orgain, Pitman, Prince, Riddick, Rives, Robertson, Robinson, Rowan, Rutherfoord, P. C. Saunders, R. C. Saunders, Shannon, Sheffey, Sherrard, Spady, Small, Staples, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thrash, Tomlin, Treadway, Tyler, Vermillien, Ward, tman, Rutherfoord, Robinson, Sherrard, Small, Tate, Thomas, Vaden, Vermillien, Walker, Ward, West, Williams, James L. Wilson, Wooten, Worsham, Wynne — Total 39. For Mr. Rives.--Messrs. F. T. Anderson, Barbour, J. J. Coleman, Ewing, Harrison, Noland, Reid, Richardson, Vaden, Walker, Williams — total 11. For Mr. Floyd--Messrs. Bayse, Clarke, Dunn, Ewing, Grattan, Richardson, Shannon — Total 7. For Mr. Daniel--Messrs. Gilmer and Nelson. For Mr. Wise--Mr. Speaker. For Mr. Ma<
nderson, Baker, Baskerville, Bass, Blue, Bouldin, Bradford, Burke, Carter, Carpenter, Cazenove, Cecil, J. J. Coleman, Crockett, Curtis, Dabney, Daniel, John D., Davis, R. J. Davis, Dice, Eggleston, Ewing, Fleming, Fletcher, Forbes, Friend, Garrison, Gatewood, George, Gillespie, Gilmer, Grattan, Green, Hopkins, Hunter, Kerby, James, Johnson, Jordan, Kaufman, Kyle, Lively, Lockridge, Lynn, Mallory, Matthews, McCamant, A. W. McDonald, McKinney, McLaughlin, Minor, Montague, R. E. Nelson, Newton, Noland, Orgald, Payne, Pitman, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Rives, Robertson, Robert C. Sanders, Sheffey, Sady, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thrash, Tredway, Walker, Ward, Williams, S. Wilson, Woodson, Woottorn Worsham, Wright, Wynne, and Mr. Speaker.--Total 83. Nays.--Messrs. Brooks, Clark, Collier, Franklin, Lundy, Prince, Peter C. Saunders, Staples, Veden, and West.--Total 10. So the bill was passed by a vote of $3 to 10. On motion of Mr. Robertson, of Richmond, the House then went
utions of inquiry into expediency were referred to the appropriate committees: By Mr. Thrash--Of refunding to Walter C. Turpin a tax on land erroneously assessed. By Mr. Newton--Of authorizing the organization of a battalion to be armed with pikes and revolvers. By Mr. Wooten--Of refunding to B. B. Burdy, Sheriff of Lunenburg county, a sum of money erroneously paid. The bill amending the ordinance of the Convention for the organization of the Provisional Army of Virginia, was ordered to its engrossment. The bill compensating Wm. H. Dulany for services rendered, was passed. The bill amending section 11, chapter 29, of the Code of 1860, so as to exempt the property of persons in the military service of the State from distress for rent, was passed. Mr. Noland presented the petition of Capt. G. R. Galther, of Maryland, Co. M., 1st Virginia cavalry, praying the Legislature for aid towards returning his company with bargain, some, and equipments. ...
ution that the Military Committee inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill authorizing the Governor to equip three batteries of artillery, of four guns each, to be furnished the Maryland Brigade on condition that they enter the Confederate service as a part of Virginia's quota. Adopted. Medals for re-enlisted volunteers. Mr. Sanders offered a resolution to inquire into the expediency of conferring medals upon volunteers who may re-enlist. Adopted. Miscellaneous. Mr. Noland offered a resolution of inquiry into the expediency of amending those sections of the Code providing for the compensation of jailors in relation to apprehended runaway haves. Adopted. The fight at Fort Donelson. On motion of Mr. Collier, Mr. Dunn, a bearer of dispatches from Gen. Floyd, was permitted to give his account of the attack upon the fort up to the hour of his departure on Friday evening. The majority question. Mr. Carenove called up his motion to order the ques
eamer to Memphis.--The steamer ran the blockade of the enemy's batteries on the Missouri shore under cover of night. Although Confederate batteries of heavy guns have been planted on the opposite Tennessee shore, it is still hazardous to pass the enemy's batteries in the day-time — The following special or fere from Gen. Trudeau will be read with interest: Headquarters Heavy Artillery, Madrid Bend, March, 16, 1862. Special Orders No. 69. The Brigadier General commanding the Heavy Artillery returns his thanks to Col. Steadman, 1st Alabama regiment; Captain Rucker, his officers and men, at Battery No. 1; to Captain Barney Hughes, A. A. Gen'l--, Lieut. Lane, of the Artillery Staff; Lieut. Noland, Company R. Heavy Artillery; Lieut. Howell, Lieut. Caruthers, Sergeant McGaun, of Capt. Jones's company, and their men, for gallant and meritorious conduct before the enemy on the 17th and 18th inst., Brig Gen. Jas, Comr'g Artillery 1st District, Western Department.
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