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Twenty five dollars reward --Will be paid for the apprehension and delivery of my servant girl Cornelius, who ran away on the 1st inst. Said girl is 14 years old, well grown, and of dark brown color, with no marks. She had on when she left a homespun dress, faded; no shoes. She is supposed to be in the neighborhood of Manchester. I will give the above reward for her apprehension, and $10 for the conviction of the party who is harboring her. John Charlton. Manchester, Oct. 6, 1863. Petersburg Express copy six times. oc 7--4t
The maximum again. --In an article in the Sentinel, of the 6th inst., we find the following passage marked as a quotation. We know not from what book, or paper, it is taken: "Under Murat, in Naples, the prices of the principal articles of food were, for a time, regulated at a maximum rate; and at all times, in the city of Naples, meats and bread are regulated by the Consignor. "In Rome and throughout the Legations the price of grain is fixed every year, and only altered by a decision of a Legate for a specific purpose. "In London, Edinburg, and Dublin, the price of bread is 'assigned' by the corporation periodically, and the market prices for food generally under the supervision of a City Marshal. The Lord Mayor of Dublin has direct control in the matter. "The price of bread was regulated by law in Paris until within a few months, and has at all times been more or less regulated by law in the cities of America, as well as of Europe. " What effect more
April 25th (search for this): article 2
An Eventful gun. --The Memphis Argus gives the following account of a gun captured at Vicksburg: In the year 1768, in La Belle France, it first came into existence. It was christened with the Royal Crown and Cypher of the kingdom. It is an iron gun, its make antique, looking like old- time cannon, moulded when the world was not as old by centuries as now. Its calibre is that of a 36-pounder. On the 25th day of April, in the years of grace 1777, Lafayette landed in Charleston; with him landed the gun, cast in France, and bearing the imprint of royalty, which in future was to open its iron throat and bellow out, "Down with King and tyranny, and up with the star of a free people and a free Government." All through the war of the Revolution its voice resounded with those of our fathers in their shouts of battle and of victory. At the close of the Revolutionary war it was taken to New Orleans and kept there until the second war with Great Britain, when it took an active
August 25th (search for this): article 4
Sentenced Pronounced. --Alexander D. Cheatwood, indicted for forging the names of Lea & James to a check of the Bank of the Commonwealth for $305, on the 25th of August last, was arraigned before Judge Lyons yesterday and plead guilty.--This being the second count against him, the jury fixed his punishment at two years in the penitentiary. By the consent of the Court the remaining seven indictments were set aside, and the prisoner was then sentenced for nine years.
August 25th (search for this): article 9
Runaway. --Left our store, on the 25th of August, a negro man named John, the property of Dr. A Leyburn, of Lexington, Va. John is about 6 feet high, of a bright, gingerbread color, spare built, and very likely. He speaks in a low tone, and is very polite and plausible in manner. He may be lurking in or near Sidney, as he had a room above the Old Fair Grounds, on Main street, or he may have followed some one in the army as it passed through to Tennessee. We will give $50 for his arrest in or near the city, or $100 if he be lodged in any jail in or out of the State, where we can get him. Hill & Norfleet. [se 30--8t]
September 19th (search for this): article 5
Archbishop Purcell's Mission. --It appears that Rosecrans turned Archbishop Purcell back. A Cincinnati dispatch of September 19th, in the Chicago Times, says: Archbishop Purcell was not permitted to go through the lines, and returns to the city tomorrow
September 30th (search for this): article 7
200 dollars reward --Ran away on Wednesday, Sept. 30th, my negro woman Charlotte. She is about 18 years old, 5 feet 2 or 3 inches high. The most notable mark remembered is that both of her middle fingers are enlarged by having a whitioe on each. Geo E Smith. Of the firm of Smith, Lipscomb & Co, Franklin street. co 2--6t
service. The above statement does not embrace recruits or conscripts furnished by the State of Virginia, of which we have no returns. S. Cooper. Adjutant and Inspector General. To Col. S. B. French A. D. C., &c. Gen. Dimmock's report. Headq'rs Va. Ord. Dep't, Richmond, Oct. 6, 1863. Wm. H. Richardson, Adj't Gen'l: General — I have the honor to report, in answer to a call from the Legislature, through the Governor of the Commonwealth, as follows: Arms issued Between October 1st, 1859, and October 1st, 1863.--Cannon, pieces, 399; Muskets, 103,840; Rifles, 6,428; Carbines, 795; Musketoons, 446; Pistols, 4,438; Sabres, 7,863. Remaining on Hand in the Virginia Armory on the 1st October, 1863.--Brass 6-pdr cannon (mounted,) 5; brass 12-pdr howitzer, (not mounted,) 1; brass (mounted) mountain howitzer, 3; iron 12-pdr cannon, (mounted,) 8; iron 6-pdr cannon, (mounted,) 26; iron 4-pdr cannon, (mounted,) 13; iron 6-pdr cannon, (without limbers,) 5; iron 4-pdr rifl
October 5th (search for this): article 1
100 dollars reward. --Ran away from Howard's Neck, Goochland co, Va, on the 5th of October, my negro man, Nelson, Said negro is about 5 feet 10 inches high, rather thin, light gingerbread color, slow in action and speech; small features, and one eye slightly bloodshot. The above reward will be paid if delivered at Goochland C H, or in jail in Richmond. He was originally from Louisa co. Jno D Hobson. oc 8--2w
October 7th (search for this): article 1
From the southwest. Missionary Ridge, via Chickamauga, October 7. --Slight rain fell here during last night and this forenoon. The enemy threw another pontoon across the river last night, and have been at work on a new one to day. The Tennessee is still rising. The enemy is creating platforms for siege guns on the star fort, and are engaged in strengthening all their other works. We have been shelling them slowly all day.
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