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George B. McClellan 662 4 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 309 5 Browse Search
George Brinton McClellan 145 9 Browse Search
G. B. McClellan 138 0 Browse Search
I. McDowell 119 1 Browse Search
United States (United States) 94 0 Browse Search
H. W. Halleck 87 5 Browse Search
Yorktown (Virginia, United States) 82 0 Browse Search
E. V. Sumner 77 1 Browse Search
Stonewall Jackson 60 0 Browse Search
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Malvern Hill (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 9
e knew what was to be done with the army. On the 3d of August, Coggin's Point, on the south side of the James, was occupied by our troops, and Colonel Averill, at the head of three hundred cavalry, attacked and dispersed a cavalry force of the enemy four hundred and fifty in number, at Sycamore Church, on the main road from Petersburg to Suffolk, four miles from Cole's House. On the 5th of August, General Hooker attacked a very considerable force of infantry and artillery stationed at Malvern Hill, carried the position, and drove the enemy back to Newmarket, four miles distant; and on the same day Colonel Averill returned from a reconnoissance in the direction of Savage's Station towards Richmond, in the course of which he had encountered the 10th Virginia Cavalry near White Oak Swamp bridge and driven them back some distance towards Richmond. These military demonstrations were made with the expectation, or at least the hope, that an offensive movement upon Richmond would still be
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