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January 6th, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 26
ng. I am, sir, respectfully, your obedient servant, S. B. Buckner, Lieut.-Genl. Comdg. To Col. J. F. Belton, A. A. G. Headquarters, T. M. D., Shreveport, Jan. 6th, 1865. Official. H. P. Pratt, A. A. G. Headquarters, Trans-Mississippi Department, Shreveport, La., Jan. 6th, 1865. General,—Your letter of December Jan. 6th, 1865. General,—Your letter of December 2d from Montgomery, Ala., together with a communication from Colonel Brent, Assistant Adjutant-General, of the 3d of the same month, were delivered by your aid, Captain Toutant, on the 20th ultimo. Feeling convinced of the utter impracticability of operating during the winter season, I delayed answering your letter until Lieutenait this army before the projected move if you can leave your present position. J. B. Hood, Genl. Adjutant and Inspector-General's Office, Richmond, Jan. 6th, 1865. Extract—Special orders, no. 4: * * * XVI. The Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida will hereafter include, besides the States of South Ca<
hdrew his command with caution and address, and joined me, at Camp Beauregard, near Ocean Pond, on the Olustee, on the 13th instant. The enemy, with celerity pressed on to Baldwin, capturing on their way five guns of company A and B, Light Artillery4:1.45 P. M. Genl. G. T. Beauregard, Petersburg, Va.: Fifth Corps (Warren's) crossed Chickahominy at Long Bridge on the 13th; was driven from Riddel's Shop by General Hill, leaving many dead and prisoners on our hands. That night it marched to Weumbia, Ala., Nov. 15th, 1864. General,—As you seemed yesterday to have misunderstood my verbal communication of the 13th inst., through my Chief of Staff, I deem it of sufficient importance to communicate in writing what I had instructed him to siss., on 15th, twenty-five (25) transports, loaded with troops, accompanied by General Thomas, reached Vicksburg on the 13th inst. G. T. Beauregard. General J. E. Johnston's Address to his Troops. Charlotte, N. C., Feb. 25th, 1865.
January 5th, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 26
Telegram. Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 25th, 1864. Genl. G. T. Beauregard: Have no official tidings from Army of Tennessee; but am apprehensive that some reverse has taken place. General S. D. Lee telegraphs from Florence, December 23d: Will be in Okolona or Columbus in a few days, and will be glad to have your views in relation to recent events in Tennessee. I have telegraphed him for an explanation. Geo. Wm. Brent, Col., and A. A. G. Headquarters, D. W. La., Shreveport, Jan. 5th, 1865. Colonel,—Your letter of the 3d inst., relating to the crossing of troops to the east bank of the Mississippi River, and enclosing copies of correspondence on that subject, has been received. In reply I have the honor to state that in my opinion it is impracticable at this season of the year to cross any considerable body of men. The following are some of the reasons upon which this opinion is based: When the attempt was made last summer, under the direction of Lieutenant-General
t all the credit has been given, by some one publishing his views, to Mahone's division. I think this has been rebutted by General Cadmus Wilcox, of New Orleans. You can accumulate facts from him and General Beauregard, as well as from officers named in command—especially Colonel McMaster. Columbia, S. C., Feb. 14th, 1872. To Genl. G. T. Beauregard, New Orleans: Dear Sir,—General W. H. Wallace, the commander of Evans's old brigade and successor of General Stephen Elliott, sent me, in December last, your letter of November 13th, 1871, forwarded through General Bonham, with the request that I should give you the report of the brigade at the explosion at Pegram's salient, July 30th, 1864, as I had the honor to command the brigade on that occasion. I was so overwhelmed with railroad trials in the United States Court at the time of the arrival of your letter it was impossible for me to send even the meagre account this communication contains. My trunk, with copies of all my repor
W. S. Walker, Comdg. Third Mil. Dist., McPhersonville, S. C.: Colonel,—Your letter of the 12th instant has been received, and I am instructed to say that every effort will be made to enable you to 20th, 1863. Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.: Sir,—Your letter of the 12th inst. was handed to me some days ago, but my incessant occupation with the current duties of my posi, etc., etc.: Sir,—I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 12th inst. on yesterday, bringing again to my notice that the Sovereign Convention of the State of South kept prior to the 16th instant. The first 200-pounder shots were fired on the morning of the 12th instant. 17445233270948 18452244180876 19408241131780 20408296175879 21445259219923 22203 had retreated to Battery Wagner. The Marion Artillery, 4 guns and 39 effectives, arrived on the 12th, and was placed on James Island. From the Third Military District a battalion of the 11th South <
January 7th, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 26
ing at Augusta and running along the Georgia Railroad to Warrenton, thence via Sparta and Milledgeville, following the line of the railroad to the Ocmulgee River, but not including Macon; down the Ocmulgee to Coffee County, following the western boundary of that county to the Alapaha River, and down that river and the Suwanee to the Gulf. By command of the Secretary of War, Jno. Withers, Assist. Adjt.-Genl. To Genl. G. T. Beauregard, Comdg., etc. Telegram. Richmond, Va., Jan. 7th., 1865. To Genl. Beauregard: Hardee needs aid. If Hood has not complied with your suggestion, please give the matter prompt attention. Jeffn. Davis. Macon, Ga., Jan. 7th, 1865:11 A. M. To Genl. S. Cooper, Adjt.-Genl., Richmond, Va.: General Hood reports from Corinth, Miss., January 3d, 1865, that the army recrossed Tennessee River at Bainbridge without material loss since battle of Franklin, and that it will be assembled in a few days in vicinity of Tupelo to be supplied wit
loss to us and a considerable loss to the enemy. On the 9th instant I removed all the Government stores from Sanderson, except fifteen hundred bushels corn, which was burned under my orders. On the 10th the enemy reached Sanderson; on the 11th instant they were within three miles of Lake City. Here I had hastily collected, principally from the District of Middle Florida, a small force of 450 infantry, 110 cavalry, and two pieces of artillery. On the night of the 10th I placed this force ney, Jacksonville, Ala.: Colonel,—General Beauregard desires that you would temporarily take command of this post. The present commanding officer he directs that you employ as your assistant. For instructions I refer you to my note of the 11th instant to Captain Bethune. The General further desires that you will, by means of a quick line of couriers, place yourself in communication with Brigadier-General Elzey, at Round Mountain Iron-works, by which route he thinks for the present it wou
regard. Charleston, S. C., Dec. 12th, 1862. Genl. S. Cooper: 10th inst. Banks's fleet, with about 10,000 men, left suddenly its southern ow what guns have already been removed from Fort Sumter since the 10th inst., and to what points transferred. He also desires hereafter a dinion relative to the attack of the enemy on Morris Island on the 10th ult. * * * You will please make to these Headquarters, at your earlin Georgia. Of these, 1430 effectives arrived in detachments on the 10th, 12th, and 13th of July. Colonel Olmstead's command, composed of det2th, 18th, and 63d Georgia regiments, 534 effectives, arrived on the 10th, and proceeded at once to Morris Island, and assisted in the repulseto Barber's the same night. At this point they were met, on the 10th instant, by two companies of cavalry under Major Robert Harrison, 2d Floteen hundred bushels corn, which was burned under my orders. On the 10th the enemy reached Sanderson; on the 11th instant they were within th
January 10th, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 26
troops you can spare be sent forthwith to General Hardee's assistance. Consult General Taylor, if with you, and prepare accordingly. I will be at Tupelo as soon as practicable. G. T. Beauregard, Genl. Telegram. Tupelo, Miss., Jan. 10th, 1865. Genl. Beauregard: I am preparing to obey the orders contained in your cipher telegram of the 9th. Have had a full consultation with Lieutenant-General Taylor, but will be able to make no shipment before your arrival here, which will, I hope, be very soon. J. B. Hood, Genl. Headquarters, Military Division of the West, Jan. 10th 1865. Special orders, no. 5: 1. In pursuance of a telegram from A. and I. G. O., Richmond, Major-General D. H. Hill and personal staff will proceed to Charleston and report to Lieutenant-General W. J. Hardee. Quartermaster's Department will furnish transportation for their horses.* * * By command of General Beauregard. Geo. Wm. Brent, Col., and A. A. G. Telegram. Richmon
January 9th, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 26
icial. A. P. Mason, Col., and A. A. G. Official. Geo. Wm. Brent, Col., and A. A. G. Headquarters, Military division of the West, Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 9th, 1865. This report should have been addressed to these Headquarters, to be forwarded thence to the War Department. General Hood does not seem to understand toperations from Tuscumbia to Nashville, and back to Tupelo. I have telegraphed him to same effect. G. T. Beauregard. Telegram. Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 9th, 1865. To President Jefferson Davis, Richmond, Va.: I will leave as soon as practicable for Hood's army, and will send to Hardee's assistance all troops which cads will, however, delay their arrival. Should circumstances permit, I will return with them. G. T. Beauregard, Genl. Telegram. Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 9th, 1865. To Genl. J. B. Hood, Genl. Comdg., Army of Tennessee, Tupelo, Miss.: President orders that whatever troops you can spare be sent forthwith to General Har
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