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A Contradiction --Fremont in Statu Quo.--The following dispatch, received in St. Louis October 3d, will set the matter in relation to General Fremont's removal at rest: Washington, Oct. 3.--General Fremont is not ordered to Washington, nor from the field, nor is any court-martial ordered concerning him. (Signed,) Wm. H. Seward. A Contradiction --Fremont in Statu Quo.--The following dispatch, received in St. Louis October 3d, will set the matter in relation to General Fremont's removal at rest: Washington, Oct. 3.--General Fremont is not ordered to Washington, nor from the field, nor is any court-martial ordered concerning him. (Signed,) Wm. H. Seward.
idea was warmly seconded, resolutions were passed highly complimentary to Crawford, and subscriptions begun. This testimonial of artists to an artist was, he said, more than empty compliment. In the speaker's opinion, Crawford's Indian surpassed in bold originality all other works of the kind. Unfortunately, the committee of artists could not find a place to be given them by the present dynasty that would in any manner be suitable to the work. The statues on exhibition are the Indian lamenting the downfall of his race; the Hunter Boy, Adam and Eve, the Boy playing marbles, and the Peri, represented in Moore's poem as waiting at the gates of Paradise. The paper of the evening was "The Surprise and Capture of Pound ridge, Westchester county, on the second of July, 1779, by Lieutenant Colonel Tarleton, with a biographical sketch of that officer," by John M. McDonald, Esq., of Flushing. It was read by the Librarian, Mr. Moore, and frequently applauded.--N. Y. Tribune, Oct. 3d.
Affairs in Maryland. From the Baltimore papers of the 21th we gather the following. The prize schooner Beverly--search of a boarding school for Contrabands--1 Portent suit, &c. Baltimore.--The examination of the case of the schooner Beverly, Capt. Thomas Branch, of Nova Scotia, captured by the United States schooner Gemsbock, on the 3d of October, off the Frying Pan Shouls, near the coast of North Carolina, while attempting to run the blockade, took place before United States Commissioner Ridgley on Saturday, who sent the case to the United States District Court. The vessel arrived in port on Friday, in charge of a prize crew, under Acting Master George W. Donnell, United States Navy. The schooner is of 113 tone burthen, and is valued at $2,500. Her cargo is value at $6,000, and consists of shoes, salt fish, and $2,000 worth of dry goods. The schooner was built in Beverly, Massachusetts, in 1842, for the firm of Foster & Co of Halifax who, it is supposed, still own her
The Daily Dispatch: November 6, 1861., [Electronic resource], Arms of precision in Inexperienced hand. (search)
ply freeze. Some nights ago half the men could not sleep at all. Having to put blankets under them to keep them off the damp ground, they have nothing scarcely to cover with. --They have no straw even. This is sad to think of, but much sadder, I tell you, to witness. There is very bad management somewhere. The "sick list" already is telling a tale. The roads here, contrary to my expectations, are getting very bad, and transportation difficult. Orders were issued from Gen. Magruder on 3d October to build huts, but the first pole has not been cut. I witnessed a sad spectacle on Thursday last. The picket, where I was stationed, was informed that a funeral procession would pass, and we were instructed to permit it.--About dusk we were surprised, and grieved to see a two-wheeled vehicle, and upon it a plain pine coffin, covered with black, advancing up the road. Upon the coffin was mounted the son of the deceased woman as driver, and behind followed a single mourner, who turned
nd hoisted the jack for a pilot; after which two pilots came off in a boat.--Coming close along side, the Captain hailed them, and told them to come on board quick; that there was a cruiser off shore, and he must get in that night. After this the pilots came on board, and, seeing the guns and men on deck, exclaimed, "We are on a United States man-of-war." After expressing a willingness to support the United States, they took the oath of allegiance and were rated ordinary seamen. On the 3d of October captured the English schooner Beverly, from Halifax, off Wilmington, N. C., loaded, with dry goods, fish, &c. On the 19th of October, captured the English brig Ariel, from Liverpool, off Wilmington, N. C., loaded with salt, &c. Arrived at Hampton Roads October 30, for officers and men. The Gemsbok is armed with four sixty eight pounders and two thirty-two pounders, with a complement of one hundred men. Col. Mulligan. The Chicago (Nov. 6) correspondent of the New York Times, of t
weather — continued Depredations from the Yankees — hardships endured. [correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.] Camp at Greenbrier River, November 15, 1861. The mercury stands here at a figure considerably below what it does in your city; for even now, while no doubt you are enjoying pleasant weather, a most tremendous snow storm is going on, and if it continues until morning at this rate, we shall have snow 12 inches deep. We have had no general engagement since the 3d of October; but the enemy, who are reported at from three to four thousand strong on the top of Cheat Mountain, continue to send down parties of from 500 to 700 strong to fire on our pickets and to plunder the country. They sent down such a party on the night of the 2d, to burn a house occupied by our "grand guard," but our picket fired into them, killing eight and taking one of them prisoner, and they ran precipitately back.--Small parties come down every day or so, and "take it out" in firing at
your right, where there were no entrenchments, and on your left, where we had but partly constructed earth-works, you met him and in a hand-to-hand conflict, after a struggle of nearly seven (7) hours, drove him from the field. Not once did you falter.--Cheered on and animated by the heroic example of your officers, you drove the enemy from the summit of Alleghany back to his fastnesses in Cheat Mountain. and Virginians, you have met the same enemy you met at Green brier river on the 3d of October, and with an equally glorious result. Whilst we have abundant cause to thank God for this victory, let us not forget the gallant dead who fell by our sides, and whom we buried on Alleghany. Remember their gallantry, and emulate their example. [Signed]Edward Johnson, [Official.] Col. Commanding. Edward Willis, Lt. O. S. A. and Actg. Asst. Adjt. Genl. The following is an extract from a letter received by Mr. Branson, of the Senate, on yesterday, dated "Top of Alleghany
July 5Carthage70200300200 July 17Sc'ry Creek3150100 July 18Bull Run.1353320020030020 July 21Manassas393120050100025001000 July 25Mesilla1025 July 28F't Staut'n750 Aug. 10Spingfield.2653003010001200300 Aug. 15Mt's Point5 Aug. 20Hw'ks N'st12030 Aug. 27Balley's X Roads.15 Aug. 27Cross Ln's.35050100 Sept. 3Big Creek223 Sept. 10Gauley5150250 Sept. 11Lew'sville596 Sept. 11Ton's C'k.203050 Sept. 19Bar'sville.502 Sept. 20Lexington2572391203500 Sept. 25Alamesa230 Oct. 1St'r Fanny45 Oct. 3Greenbrier63112100150 Oct. 5Chicama comico32 Oct. 9Santa Rosa204219203017 Oct. 12Mis. Pass's Oct. 16Bolivar110154012 Oct. 21Leesburg27111500800726 Nov. 6Belmont95373117400600200 Nov. 8Piketon58219100 Nov. 9Guyando't25405098 Nov. 16Upton H'D630 Nov. 18F'ls Church12710 Nov. 22Pensacola161020 Nov. 26Near Vienna1026 Dec. 2Anandale22415 Dec. 13Alleghany2560100200 Dec. 17Woodsonville41030458 Dec. 26Opothleyholo122075125100 Dec. 28Sacram'to21102018 Total9993067238482576148177
he theft of a pocket-book containing $300, from an open desk in his office, were remanded for trial on the second Monday in October. Barney McNunn, John Brennan, and James Cavanagh, three Irishmen, from Camp Lee, were arrested and sent to prison for being drunk and fighting in the street. John Cooke, charged with stealing a watch, two boxes of blacking, and a paper of ground ginger, from Catharine Haley, was remanded for further examination before the Court of Hustings on the 3d day of October. Francis Haley, charged with being drunk, disorderly, and beating his wife, was required to give surety in the sum of $150 for good behavior, and to answer an indictment. John Murphy was charged with keeping a disorderly house. Witnesses testified that the whole neighborhood, especially the patients in Dr. Higginbotham's Hospital, were annoyed by the cursing and swearing, and noisy brawls, between Murphy and his wife. Murphy said that he had not the least intention of distur
the Adjutant-General on Sunday night. Up to a late hour last night nothing further had been received. From these dispatches we reasonably conclude that our arms have again been victorious, and that a great victory over the forces of Rosecrans has been achieved: Headquarters Cavalry,Davis Bridge, 3d, via Holly Springs,October 5th, 1862. By direction of Major General Van-Dorn, I beg leave to forward to you, by telegraph, from Holly Springs, the following dispatch. (Signed) Wirt Adams, Colonel Commanding Cavalry. Hdq'rs forces near Corinth, October 3--5:30 P. M. To Col. Wirt Adams: Have driven the enemy from every position. We are within three quarters of a mile of Corinth. Enemy huddled together about town, some on the extreme left, trying to hold possession. So far, all glorious, and our men behaved nobly. Loss, I am afraid, is heavy. It is nearly night. Lovell's and Price's troops have our thanks. (Signed) Earl. Van-Dorn, Major General Commanding.
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