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like number of prisoners of war, captured by them at sea, and now held for trial in New York as pirates. As these measures are intended to repress the infamous attempt now made by the enemy, to commit judicial murder on prisoners of war, you will execute them, strictly, as the mode best calculated to prevent the commission of so heinous a crime. The list of hostages, as returned by General Winder, was as follows: Colonels Corcoran, Lee, Cogswell, Wilcox, Woodruff, and Wood; Lieutenant-Colonels Bowman, and Neff; Majors Potter, Revere, and Vogdes, and Captains Ricketts, McQuade, and Rockwood. These measures had the desired effect; the necessity, that the Federal Government was under of conciliating the Irish interest, contributing powerfully thereto—Colonel Cor coran, the first hostage named, being an Irishman of some note and influence, in New York. President Lincoln was accordingly obliged to take back his proclamation, and the Savannah prisoners, and Smith, were put on the f
rnoon, 24th April, and having taken possession of the U. S. steamers Fashion and United States, and the propeller Mobile, without delay placed his forces on them, and about nine o'clock at night, came down to Saluria and anchored within about half a mile of the schooners having on board the U. S. troops, numbering 450, under the command of Major C. C. Sibley, 3d Infantry; Adjutant-Lieutenant Phillips, 1st Infantry; Ass't Surgeons Lynde and Byrne, Capts. Granger and Wallace, 1st Infantry ; Capt. Bowman, 3d Infantry; Capt. Jordan, 8th Infantry; Lieut. Green, 1st Infantry, and Lieuts. Hopkins and Lay, 3d Infantry. The troops consisted of the band of the 1st Infantry, and Companies G and K of that Regiment, Companies A, F, and I, 3d Infantry, and Companies A and D of the 8th Infantry. Capt. Wallace had his lady and child, and Dr. Lynde his two children, on board the vessels. Notwithstanding some thirty-five soldiers and their wives had been left on shore, there were some ten or twelve wo
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
; laborer; Lanesville, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Bell, Nathaniel 23, mar.; laborer; Carlisle, Pa. 22 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Bell, William 21, sin.; brickmaker; Carlisle, Pa. 22 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Betenbough, Andrew H. 23, mar.; carpenter; Hamilton, O. 13 May 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Newberry, S. C. Betts, Thomas. 19, sin.; waiter; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63, 20 Aug 65. $50. Beverly. Thomas 21, sin.; laborer; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63; died 18 May 63 Readville of smallpox. —— Bowman, Thomas Sergt. 27, sin.; trader; Cincinnati, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. Wounded 20 Feb 64 Olustee, Fla. $50. Reported dead. Bradford, John 21, sin.; laborer; Harrisburg, Pa. 26 Apl. 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Brady, Randolph Corpl. 24, mar.; shoemaker; Hamilton, O. 28 Apl 63; missing 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner; supposed died pris. $50. Brittanio, Lorenzo. 34, sin.; seaman; New Bedford. 28 Aug. 63; 20 Aug 65. —— Brown, John H. 19, sin.; farmer; Kalamazoo, Mich. 23 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50.
Richmond with the humane treatment of rebel prisoners in Fort Warren. I am informed, from trustworthy sources, that our soldiers who are prisoners of war at Richmond are neither well fed nor well clothed, and they are subjected to the most rigid military surveillance, and occasionally exposed to the insulting language and demeanor of the populace of that city. Some of their number—among whom I may mention Colonel Lee and Major Revere, of the Massachusetts Twentieth Infantry, and Captains Bowman and Rockwood, of the Massachusetts Fifteenth (all of them gentlemen and soldiers, who have no superiors, in any sphere of human life, in all those qualities which ought to command respectful treatment)—are imprisoned in felon's cells, fed on felon's fare, in a common jail; huddled together in a space so narrow that there is not air enough for health or comfort; allowed, for exercise, to promenade half an hour each day on a narrow pathway surrounding their prison; and especially exposed
ion. The great rebellion was to be put down, and its promoters crushed beneath the ruins of their own ambition; and now, he says,— When the beauty of their Israel has been slain in our high places, and when her Lee and Revere, Rockwood and Bowman, lie in felon's cells, and hundreds of her sons wear out their hearts in sad captivity,—victims of their valor, and devotion to our Union,—one irrepressible impulse moves our people, and inspires our people in the field; one prayer to see the dayo the Committee on Federal Relations, that the Governor be requested to communicate with the President of the United States in regard to obtaining the release of Colonel Lee and Major Revere of the Twentieth Regiment, and of Captains Rockwood and Bowman of the Fifteenth Regiment, who are confined as hostages, in a felon's cell in Richmond, for captured rebel privateersmen. Jan. 8. In the Senate—Mr. Stockwell, of Suffolk, from the Committee on Printing, reported in favor of printing two thous
r, and sent forward to the front. Four new companies to complete the Thirty-second Regiment, and nine new regiments, had been filled to the maximum, and completely organized, and fully equipped; and eight of them had left the State, and entered upon active duty. The three companies for the Thirty-second Regiment left the State Aug. 20; the Thirty-third Regiment, Colonel Maggi, Aug. 11; the Thirty-fourth, Colonel Wells, Aug. 12; the Thirty-fifth, Colonel Wild, Aug. 22; The Thirty-sixth, Colonel Bowman, Aug. 31; the Thirty-seventh, Colonel Edwards, Sept. 5; the Thirty-eighth, Colonel Ingraham, Aug. 24; the Thirty-ninth, Colonel Davis, Sept. 6; the Fortieth, Lieutenant-Colonel Dalton, Sept. 8. All of these regiments were ordered to report to the Adjutant-General of the army, at Washington. The Forty-first Regiment, Colonel Chickering, left the State Nov. 5, and was ordered to report to Major-General Banks, at New York, who had superseded Major-General Butler in command of the Departm
ont — with heavy skirmishing. June 19.--The enemy retired during the night; we pursued, my brigade in advance. At two miles we came upon the enemy, upon the east side of a large farm; my lines were formed for an attack. The Ninth and Thirty-sixth Indiana, Eightieth and Eighty-fourth Illinois, in the front line, advanced and drove the enemy from their position, and into their fortifications upon Kenesaw Mountain and the adjacent hills. My loss was severe, particularly in officers; Lieutenant Bowman, Thirty-sixth Indiana, fell mortally wounded, bravely leading his men in the advance. June 20.--Contest continued, the enemy trying to hold, and we to drive him from, a swamp between our main trenches, in which we succeeded, but were compelled to abandon a portion of the ground because of a destructive fire from the enemy's artillery, bearing thereon from their main works. Upon the evening of this day, the Ninth Indiana, afterward relieved by the Fifty-ninth Illinois, were moved ac
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
, (A), Aug. 20, ‘61; 21; wounded June 30, ‘62; dropped Oct. 13, ‘62. Booth, James C., priv., (F), Aug. 13, ‘61; 23; drowned Feb. 22, ‘62, at Coon's Lock, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Bromstein, Meyer, priv., (K), Sept. 14, ‘61; 21; disch. disa. Oct. 1, ‘62; prior service 6th N. Y. Inf. Boutell, Francis, priv., (—), Feb. 27, ‘64; 18; rejected recruit, Mar. 1, 1864; not in regt. Bowen, Wm., Jr., priv., (K), Sept. ‘61; 21; deserted Dec. 10, ‘61; prior service see Co. D, 3rd. Batt'n Inf., 3 mos. Bowman, Peter, alias Pedro Bouben, priv., (D), Feb. 13, ‘62; 26; disch. disa. June 18, ‘62. Bowger, Harrison, priv., (B), Sept. 7, ‘61; 24; M. O. June 30, ‘65, 1st Sergt. Bowyer, Harrison, priv., (K), Sept. ‘61; 21; M. O. June 30, ‘65, 1st Sergt. in Co. H as Berger; deserted Apr. 13, ‘62; returned May 21, ‘64, to duty without Court-Martial; Sergt. Jan. 1, ‘65; 1st Sergt. Jan. 20, ‘65; pris. war from June 22, ‘64, to Aug. 3, ‘64. Boyenton, Chas., priv., (A
John Harrison Wilson, The life of Charles Henry Dana, Chapter 21: administration of War Department (search)
very active in stirring up a quarrel, and all the politicians who are in league with Mr. Blair, and whose special object is to turn Mr. Stanton out of office, were assembled here on that occasion in order to effect their great purpose. Nothing, however, has come of their efforts, and nothing will. When Sherman met Mr. Stanton on the President's stand, it was noticed by everybody that they merely bowed to each other, but did not shake hands. A day or,two after a letter from Sherman to Colonel Bowman was published, very indiscreet in its expressions, and quite bitter in its spirit, assailing the Secretary of War for having suppressed General Sherman's reports and letters. To this charge the secretary has made no reply, nor has he in any way taken any notice of the quarrel which has thus been attempted to be forced upon him. The difficulty, however, seems to be dying out of itself. Sherman's more discreet friends perceive and understand that he can gain nothing by attempting to make
John Harrison Wilson, The life of Charles Henry Dana, Index (search)
Bingham, Lieutenant-Colonel, 242. Black Ant, children's stories, 155. Black Friday, 417, 425, 493. Black, Jeremiah I., 182. Blaine, James G., 462, 483. Blair, General, 246, 295, 296, 363. Blatchford, Judge, 433. Bohemia, 84. Bohme, 56. Bonner, Robert, 417. Borie, Adolf E., 410, 411, 413, 414, 416. Boston, 23, 26, 456. Bottom's Bridge, 328. Boutwell, George S., 190, 353, 410. Bowers, Theodore, 5, 242, 252, 266, 278, 344, 352, 365, 374. Bowker, George H., 346. Bowman, Colonel, 363. Bradley, Justice, 443. Bragg, General, 233, 234, 250, 254-258, 262, 264, 266, 268, 270, 271, 286, 292, 293, 298. Brannan, General, 264, 269, 280, 303. Breckenridge, General, 153, 365. Breck, Major, Samuel, 252. Breeze, Sidney, 104. Bridgeport on the Tennessee, 254, 256, 274, 275, 277, 278, 283, 284, 291. Brisbane, Albert, 45, 48. Bristol, 234. Bristow, Benjamin H., 418, 435, 436. British Guiana, 471. Broderick, Senator, 153. Bronson, candidate for governor, 128.
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