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he summons, and the next morning the troops were again assembled. The of 11 o'clock was first fixed for the assault but it was changed to 2 o'clock. Before that hour arrived, a note was received from Captain Elzey asking for an interview with Gov. Brown, of Georgia, and the Governor required to the arsenal, where terms of surrender were agreed on. The Constitutionalist says: The company of United States troops retain all personal effects and their proper arms; have some to make arrangemenuthern Confederacy. The Waynesboro' (Ga.) News suggests the following ticket for President, Vice President and Cabinet Officer of the Southern Confederacy, (that is to be:) President, F. W. Pickens, of South Carolina: Vice President, A. G. Brown, of Mississippi; Secretary of State, Howell Cobb, of Georgia; Secretary of Treasury, John Slidell, of Louisiana; Secretary of War, Jeff, Davis, of Mississippi; Secretary of Navy, Gov. Perry, of Florida; Secretary of Interior, J. L. M. Curry, o
ascertained that Mr. Fendall had been commissioned to carry dispatches from the Mexican Legation at Washington to the city of Mexico, and having delivered the same to President Juarez, was returning home as a private citizen. At Vera Cruz, while awaiting for transportation to New Orleans, he visited the United States ship Caledonia, and was requested by the officers thereof to carry a number of letters to the United States. The letters were all of a private character, except two for the Secretary of the Navy at Washington, and one for the Third Auditor, which simply contained ship accounts of the crew, &c., but nothing giving any important information. Mr. Fendall was then discharged, the Governor offering to provide him with a safe conduct. Mr. Fendall is the son of P. R. Fendall, formerly U. S. District Attorney of Washington City, and the nephew by marriage of ex-Senator A. G. Brown, of Mississippi, and also a relative of Hon. C. M. Conrad, of this city.--N. O. Pic., 26th.
Gone a Soldiering. --Among the companies which arrived here Saturday, from Mississippi, is one called the "Brown Rebels," commanded by Capt. A. G. Brown, former Governor of Mississippi, U. S. Senator, and for a long time Representative in the lower House of Congress. Verily, the great and wise, big and little, old and young, have enlisted in the warfare against Old Abe.--Lynch. Rep.
nd primary aim of each slave holding State ought to be its speedy and absolute separation from an unnatural and hostile Union. Signed by J. L. Pugh, David Clopton, Sydenham Moore, J. L. M. Curry, and J. A. Stallworth, of Ala.; J. W. H. Underwood, of Georgia, L. J. Gartrell, of Ga.; James Jackson, of Ga.; John J. Jones, of Ga.; Martin J. Crawford of Georgia; Alfred Iverson, U. S. Senator, Ga.; Geo. S. Hawkins, of Florida; T. C. Hindman, of Arkansas; Jeff. Davis, U. S. Senator, Miss.; A. G. Brown, U. S. Senator, Miss.; Wm. Barksdale, of Miss.; O. R. Singleton, of Miss.; Reuben Davis, of Miss.; Burton Craige, of North Carolina; Thos. Ruffin, of North Carolina; John Sildell, U. S. Senator, La., J. P. Benjamin, U. S. Senator, La.; Jno. M. Landrum, of Louisiana; Lewis T. Wigfall, U. S. Senator, Texas; John Hemphill, U. S. Senator, Texas; J. H. Reagan, of Texas; M. L. Honham, of S. C.; W. Porcher Miles, of S. C. John McQueen, of S. C.; John D. Ashmore, of S. C. Mr. Davis made the
Death of Chevalier Bunsen. --The foreign news by the Europa announces the death, at Brown, on the 28th ult., of Chevalier Bunsen, the distinguished German statesman, philosopher and theologian, at the age of seventy years. He was the greatest linguist of his time, and had studied nearly every language in the country in which it is spoken. He was Prussian charge to Switzerland in 1838, when Frederick William III., King of Prussia died, and his warm and intimate friend, Frederick William IV., ascended the throne. It was on that occasion that he received the brief but touching letter from his royal patron, which ran very much as follows: My dear Bunsen! My father has just died, and I am about to take the throne. Oh, pray for me. Pray for me. Frederick William In 1841 Bunsen was sent to London on a special mission — in relation to the establishment of a Protestant Bishopric at Jerusalem, under the joint auspices of England and Prussia. That mission led to Chevalier Bunsen'
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.Dinner to Ex-Governor Floyd. Charlottesville, Va., Jan. 18, 1861. Our Town Hall was crowded last night to its utmost capacity, to hear Ex-Gov. Floyd and Hon. A. G. Brown, of Mississippi, who arrived here yesterday. Gov. F., after being introduced to the audience by Prof. James P. Holcombe in a most eloquent and appropriate manner, made an elaborate, able and masterly appeal in behalf of the rights of the South, and exhibited, in a striking light, the dangers which now threaten the people of Virginia. His speech was received with the warmest applause.--He was followed by the distinguished Senator from Mississippi, who, in a brief but eloquent speech, enumerated some of the causes which had induced his State to dissolve her connection with the Federal Union, and expressed the hope that ere long Virginia would join her in a glorious Southern Confederacy. He drew a graphic picture of the stolid indifference with which the recent rema
atson, Wilson, and Witten--33 Nays.--Messrs. Crutchfield, (Speaker,) Alderson, Allen, Arnold. Bailey, Ball, Barbour, Bass, Bentley, Bisbee, Booker, Boreman, Brown, Burns, Caperton, Chapman, Christian, Coleman, Collier, Cowan, Crane, Crumb Davis. Dickenson, Duck wall. Edgington, Edwards, Ferguson. Fleming, John Gilmer, C. mas, Tomlin, Tyler, Ward, E. Watson, Wilton, Witten and Woolfolk--52. Nays.--Messrs. Alderson, Arnold, Ball, Barbour, Bass Bentley, Bisbie, Booker, Boreman, Brown. Burkes, Caperton, Cassin, Christian Coleman, Collier, Cowan, Crane, Dickenton, Edgington, Ferguson, Fleming, D. Gibson, J. Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer, Goodycoontz, Hanl Smith, Thomas Tomlin, Tyler, Ward, Wilson, Witten, Woolfolk, and Yerby--55 Nays.--Messrs. Alderson, Arnold, Ball. Barbour, Bentley, Bisbie, Booker, Boreman, Brown, Burks, Caperton, Cassin, Christian, Collier, Edgington, Ferguson. Fleming, D. Gibson, Goodycoontz, Hanly, Harrison, Haymond, Hackley, Hoffman, Holdway, Hopkins, J
Good rule. --All the free negroes who are now arrested for petty offences are punished by being listed and turned over to the Superintendent in charge of the fortifications now being erected near this city. Cosby Rix, who never did any work in his life worth mentioning, got drunk on Monday night and trespassed on the premises of Rev. A. G. Brown. The watchmen caught him, and the Mayor put him to work where he will be able to "turn an honest penny" under compulsion. A bird that can sing, and won't sing, must be made to sing, so says an old adage.
The Daily Dispatch: November 20, 1861., [Electronic resource], Movements of the enemy on our Southern coast--Pinckney Island in their possession. (search)
Hon. A. G. Brown and Mr. James Phelan have been elected Confederate States Senators from Mississippi.
The Daily Dispatch: November 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], Proceedings of the Methodist Annual Conference. (search)
ith a personal allusion, asking to be remitted from the position of Presiding Elder and assigned to other work. When Rev. James A. Duncan's name was called, before retiring he gave a brief account of his action as acting editor of the Richmond Christian Advocate, of the difficulties of procuring paper, and the prospective plans for its future publication. Dr. Doggett gave very warm commendations to the several preachers stationed in Richmond, viz: W. W. Bennett, James A. Duncan, A. G. Brown, T. A. Ware, and G. W. Nolley. All had been abundant in labors, and the labors of each had been much blessed. Mr. Bennett had been particularly active in the establishment of hospitals for the sick soldiers, and had done large service to the country, and alleviated very much of suffering. Rev. John Bayley who is absent from the country in England, was placed upon the supernumerary list. Rev. R. B. Beattles, at his own request, was placed upon the supernumerary list. The B
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