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Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Chapter 12: Gettysburg. (search)
me right. Kilpatrick's cavalry division was at Hanover, Pa., while Buford's cavalry guarded his left. Lee was rapidly concentrating. Lonst, and get the shoes, to which Hill replied, None in the world. Buford, with his cavalry division, reached Gettysburg on the day Pettigrewots which first announced the skirmish line's opening told him that Buford's dismounted cavalry were blocking the way; and the great struggle embrace one hundred and seventy thousand men. For Reynolds, hearing Buford's guns, hastened to him with the First Corps, Wadsworth's division the contestants. Federals-First Corps, 10,089; Eleventh, 9,893; Buford's cav-alry, 3,000. Total, 22,982. Confederates-Two thirds of Ewel men, the shattered remains of the First Corps, were there too, and Buford's cavalry were drawn up upon the plain, making a total of six thous not occupied by Northern troops at dark on the evening of the 2d. Buford's cavalry from that flank had been sent away early in the day to gu
Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Index. (search)
, General, Braxton, mentioned, 47, 54; re-enforced, 313; opposed to Schofield, 370. Branch, General L. O. B., killed at Antietam, 215. Breckinridge, General John C., mentioned, 83, 341, 369. Bristol Station, 187, 189. Brockenbrough's brigade, 288. Brockenbrough, Judge John W., 403. Brown, John, mentioned, 74, 75, 76, 83. Bryan, Lee's steward, 233, 234, 366. Buckingham, Governor, of Connecticut, 221. Buckland Races, 317. Buena Vista, the battle of, iog. Buford, General, John, at Gettysburg, 270, 271. Bull Run, the battle of, 109. Burnside, General Ambrose E., mentioned, 47, 48, , 175, 177, 180, 182, 205, 215; commands army, character, 222; mentioned, 224, 225, 226, 228, 229, 238, 239, 240; his corps at Petersburg, 355. Burnt House Fields, 4. Bustamente, General, mentioned, 32. Butler, General Benjamin F., mentioned, 110, 323, 340; bottled up, 341. Butterfield, General, Daniel, mentioned, 226, 241, 302. Calhoun, John C., mentioned, 43
Robert Stiles, Four years under Marse Robert, Chapter 16: Gettysburg (search)
heels. Early's attack was one of great impetuosity, especially that of Gordon's brigade, and while, even after his two brigades --Hayes' and Gordon's-entered the fight, the preponderance in numbers was still with the Federal side, yet they broke almost immediately in front of Early; whereupon our entire line-the two divisions of our corps and the two of Hill'smade a simultaneous advance, and the whole Federal force, consisting of the First and Eleventh Corps, of three divisions each, and Buford's cavalry, gave way in utter rout. The Charlottesville battery followed immediately in rear of Gordon, and I was in charge of one of their pieces. We drove the enemy pell-mell over rolling wheat fields, through a grove, across a creek, up a little slope and into the town itself. The pursuit was so close and hot that, though my gun came into battery several times, yet I could not get in a shot. Gordon was the most glorious and inspiring thing I ever looked upon. He was riding a beauti
Robert Stiles, Four years under Marse Robert, Index. (search)
272 Big Bethel, Va., 44-45. Blount, ........... 321,330 Bocock, Thomas Stanhope, 26-27. Boonsborough, Md., 66 Botts, John Minor, 31-32. Bowling Green, Va., 266 Brandon, Lane William, 115, 130, 292 Brandon, William Lindsay, 115-16, 130 Bravery, standards of, 115-17, 194, 245-46. Breathed, James, 53 Breckinridge, James Cabell, 26, 308 Bridgeport, Conn., 37 Bristoe Station, 228 Brookin, ........... 329 Brown, Francis Henry, 51 Brown, John, 26, 31-33, 48, 82 Buford, John, 210 Burgoyne, Marshall K., 212-14. Burial of the dead, 41-42, 98, 116-17, 132, 143-44, 148-49, 219-20, 294-96. Burning of wounded men, 282 Burnside, Ambrose, 127, 134, 137, 163, 228, 258, 309 Burrows, John Lansing, 139 Burt, E. R., 64 Butler, Benjamin Franklin, 242, 310 Butterfield, Daniel, 211 Cabell, Henry Coalter, 65, 121, 124, 154-57, 186-87, 230, 232, 243, 259, 264, 270-73, 276-77, 280 Cabell's Artillery Battalion, 55, 65, 120, 154, 258, 268, 270-73, 281, 312
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 2., chapter 8.58 (search)
ry appeared in front of Cub Run that morning, but made no attempt to attack. Our cavalry, under Buford and Bayard, was completely broken down, and both of these officers reported to me that not five contain some short, if entirely insufficient, tribute to that most gallant and loyal soldier, John Buford. I remember very well how surprised I was when I was first placed in command of the Army of Virginia that General Buford, then only a major in the inspector-general's department, reported to me for duty as inspector. Major-General Robert C. Schenck. From a photograph. I asked him how luence enough to accomplish it. I went at once to the Secretary of War and begged him to have Major Buford appointed a brigadier-general of volunteers and ordered to report to me for service. The President was good enough to make the appointment, and certainly a better one was never made. Buford's coolness, his fine judgment, and his splendid courage were known of all men who had to do with him;
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 2., The opposing forces at the Second Bull Run. August 16th-September 2d, 1862. (search)
ieut.-Col. Lemuel Towers, Capt. Marvin P. Fisher; 60th N. Y., Col. William B. Goodrich; 78th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Jonathan Austin; Purnell Legion, Md., Col. William J. Leonard (c), Lieut.-Col. Benjamin L. Simpson. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 11; m, 65 = 78. Artillery, Capt. Clermont L. Best: 4th Me., Capt. O'Neil W. Robinson, Jr.; M, 1st N. Y., Capt. George W. Cothran; 10th N. Y., Capt. John T. Bruen; E, Pa., Capt. Joseph M. Knap; F, 4th U. S., Lieut. Edward D. Muhlenberg. Cavalry Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John Buford. 1st Mich., Col. Thornton F. Brodhead (m w), Maj. Charles H. Town; 5th N. Y., Col. Othniel De Forest; 1st Vt., Col. Charles H. Tompkins; 1st W. Va., Lieut.-Col. Nathaniel P. Richmond. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 35; m, 150 = 200. Third Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Irvin McDowell. first division, Brig.-Gen. Rufus King, Brig.-Gen. John P. Hatch (w), Brig.-Gen. Abner Doubleday. Staff loss: w, 1. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John P. Hatch, Col. Timothy Sullivan: 22d N. Y., Col. Walter Phel
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 2., Jackson's raid around Pope. (search)
regular, and as he had not expressed a wish that we should hurry, our troops were allowed to take their natural swing under the inspiration of impending battle. As we approached the field the fire seemed to become more spirited, and gave additional impulse to our movements. According to the diary of the Washington Artillery we filed down the turnpike at Gainesville at 11:30 A. M. Gainesville, Ga., 8th January, 1886. My attention has just been called to a dispatch of the Federal General John Buford, written on August 29th, 1862, at 9:30 A. M., in which he gives information of my troops moving through Gainesville [Va.] some three-quarters of an hour before his note was written. This would place the head of my column at Gainesville about 9 A. M., and the line deployed and ready for battle at 12 M., which agrees with my recollection, and with my evidence in the F. J. Porter case. It seems that the Washington Artillery was halted some distance in rear to await my selection of the
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., chapter 3.24 (search)
Raccoon Ford guarded, and that its passage would be disputed, I struck the Rapidan River about six miles below; crossed over the portion of the command under General Buford, who sent a party under Captain Peter Penn Gaskell, of his staff, who, at a dash, cleared the ford above, capturing an officer, Lieutenant Bourier [James Boul Virginia Central Railroad, where it arrived about 2 A. M., May 2d, and immediately commenced tearing up the track of the railroad, destroying the telegraph, etc. Buford's brigade encamped that night on the south bank of the North Anna. About 10 A. M., May 2d, I had the whole force united at Louisa Court House. From here I pushe and heard that another force was at Louisa Court House, and a small force of infantry at Tolersville. After thinking the matter over, I determined to send General Buford, with 650 picked horses of his brigade, to threaten any force in the vicinity of Gordonsville, and induce Lee and Hampton to believe that we were going to get
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces in the Chancellorsville campaign. (search)
Third division, Brig.-Gen. David McM. Gregg. First Brigade, Col. Judson Kilpatrick: 1st Me., Col. Calvin S. Douty; 2d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Henry E. Davies, Jr.; 10th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William Irvine. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 1; m, 24 = 26. Second Brigade, Col. Percy Wyndham: 12th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Hasbrouck Davis; 1st Md., Lieut.-Col. James M. Deems; 1st N. J., Lieut.-Col. Virgil Brodrick; 1st Pa., Col. John P. Taylor. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 3; m, 40 = 45. Reserve Cavalry Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John Buford: 6th Pa., Maj. Robert Morris, Jr.; 1st U. S., Capt. R. S. C. Lord; 2d U. S., Maj. Charles J. Whiting; 5th U. S., Capt. James E. Harrison; 6th U. S., Capt. George C. Cram. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 3; m, 75 = 79. Artillery, Capt. James M. Robertson: B and L, 2d U. S., Lieut. Albert O. Vincent; M, 2d U. S., Lieut. Robert Clarke; E, 4th U. S., Lieut. Samuel S. Elder. The casualties in the Union forces during the campaign were as follows:  Killed.Wounded.Captured or Missing.Total. G
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The first day at Gettysburg. (search)
fie's advance had reached Stevensburg and that Buford These maps and the others relating to the cion. Gregg recrossed at Rappahannock Station, Buford at Beverly Ford, and at sunset the river againseen the Chambersburg Pike. On the first day, Buford and Reynolds used the cupola for observations;ition of his army, and brought up his cavalry, Buford to his left, Gregg to his right, and Kilpatric Impressed by the importance of the position, Buford, expecting the early return of the enemy in forisoner captured. He was immediately taken to Buford's headquarters, and gave the first informationon's woods. From a photograph. heavily with Buford's dismounted troopers. Calef's battery, engagry to hold their long line for two hours. When Buford's report of the enemy's advance reached Reynol. By 1 o'clock, when this corps was arriving, Buford had reported Ewell's approach by the Heidlersbdy to cover with its fire all the approaches. Buford assembled his command on the plain west of Cem[12 more...]
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