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illiam. Beers, Joseph. Bent, Newell. Bigelow, Benjamin. Bigelow, Thaddeus B. Biglow, Abraham. Boardman, Andrew. Boardman, John. Boardman, William. Bos worth, Isaac. Bowman, Benjamin. Brackett, John. Brackett, Joseph. Bradford, Gamaliel L. Bray man, Daniel P. Brigham, Lincoln. Brigham, Taylor. Brooks, Cyrus. Brown, Edward. Brown, William. Bruce, Abel W. Bruce, Chandler. Bruce, Sylvanus. Bryant, Amos. Burridge, Joseph. Burrows, James. Butler, Aaron. Brooks, Calvin. Bogle, William. Barnard, Alpha. Barnard, Silas. Baker, George. Baxter, Valentine. Cambridge, Frederick. Carpenter, Benjamin. Chamberlin, Ephraim. Chamberlin, John. Chaplin, James P. Cheney, Artemas. Child, James. Child, Oliver L. Child, Samuel. Clark, John. Cole, John. Cole, Richard G. Cook, John. Coolidge, Flavel. Coolidge, Josiah. Coolidge, Nathaniel. Cox, Samuel. Cox, Samuel,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.9 (search)
de. But a few, comparatively, survive the lapse of years intervening since the great contest ended. Appended is a partial list, so far as can be recalled, of this famous and useful organization. Those who live deserve, as they receive, the gratitude of all surviving veterans, while the good deeds of those passed away are wreathed in memory that blooms sweetly and blossoms in the dust: 8 Members. Apperson, James L. Archer, Robert S. Ainslie, George A. Allen, Charles W. Burrows, Rev. J. L. Burress, James E. Beville, Wm. J. Bates, Charles Barney, Dr. C. G. Bailey, Samuel M. Cabell, Dr. J. G. Dooley, John Dudley, Thomas U. Doswell, Thomas W. Dibrell, R. H. Enders, John Exall, Henry Ellett, Andrew L. Eacho, Edward D. Edmond, Robert Ellyson, Moses Frayser, Lewis H. Glazebrook, L. W. Gatewood, Robert Goddin, Wellington Hobson, Julius A. Hackett, James H. Harrison, Samuel J. Harvey, John B. Isaac
Port of Richmond, November 3.high Water this day (Monday) 9 ¼ o'clock. arrived. Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Brig Fred Eugene, Haws, Rockland, lime, Libby & Burton. Schr. M. L. Johnson, Burrows, Norfolk, corn, Stearns & Co. Schr. Boston, (Br.,) Davidson, N. S., potatoes, C. T. Wortham & Co. Schr. Roxanna, Moore, Havre de Grace, coal, Hawes & Son. Schr. Josiah Achorn, Merrill, Rockland, to Libby & Burton. Sailed. Steamship Virginia, Kelley, Philadelphia, mdze. and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr. Crenshaw, Moss, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Minnehaha, Young, Charleston, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Susan F. Abbott, Ludism, New York, via Petersburg, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. D. E. Wolf. Bucklow, Alexandria, light. Schr. Elizabeth, Parsons, Alexandria, light. Schr.
Ayres miss K Ashbrook miss R P Askine miss A D Attkisson miss M S Austin mrs M C Amos miss M Allen mrs G A Black miss Barnette miss M E Barr mrs S S Banks mrs S A Barker miss C A Battailo miss E C Barlow mrs E Birch miss M Blankinship mrs H Blakey mrs M F Blair mrs N E Buchett miss S E Blanchard mrs J A Booth mrs C R Bonsal mrs J Bowers mrs H Bowen miss C C Braxton miss M E Bradshaw miss L J Brackins mrs L Brown mrs A Brooks miss J Burrows miss H E Cake mrs Sarah F Cabaniss mrs A M B Carr mrs Mary A Carper mrs M J Carey mrs Mary E Carroll mrs Electa Carter mrs C M Chappell mrs E B Cook mrs John Chandler mrs Maria V Childrey mrs Eliza Coleman Mollie (col'd) Clark mis Catherine Cobb mrs Mary F Coutts mrs Sophia Carr mrs Jno Crutch field mrs Mary Catter miss Josephine S Chalkley miss A J Clause miss Louisa M Cruns miss Mary Crenshaw miss Helen Collier miss Mary A Crosstick mrs Mary
Arrived, Schr. Jno. H. Travers, Frank, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Hope, Frank, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. M. L. Johnson, Burrows, Norfolk, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Whig, Passwater, James River, billets, Cole & Co. Schr. New York, Carnival, James River, lumber. Schr. Burdett Hart, Hardy, New York, guano, Bacon & Baskerville. Sailed, Steamship Jamestown, Skinner. N. York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Jno. Francis, Frost, down the river, light. Cleared, British ship Avon, Geo. Maunts, master, for Liverpool, with 214 hhds, tobacco, 978 bales cotton, 2,406 bbls. flour, by Chas. Palmer. Baltimore, Feb. 7.--Cleared, schr. Ashland, Petersburg, Va. New York, Feb. 6.--Cleared, schr. Alice, Norfolk. Boston, Feb. 6.--Arrived, schr. W. M. Petit, Richmond.
S Amiss Rev J H Armistead W A Atkins Alex Abney &Co Berry Andw J Butter A B Brown A G Buck Wm H Branch Wm E Baker Thos Burke Thos Bowen F Brooks Stetson Burch R Beasley R R 2 Barit Robert Bryant R A Bell Reuben' P Barlow Ro G Burus Pat Brickford O G Baker Martin Boone Mathew Bagby H B Barham S B Bradly Jno J Brearly Jas Bailor Dr W Backer Wm L Burton Jas H Bandel Jas Bayers J E Buckley Jno Burrows J W Ballow Jacob J Bland Jno B Bragg Jno H Blackwell J D 2 Bailey Jas A Barker Wash Booker Wm T Barrett Wm Bayly Wm J Berwick J B Bouger Jno A Barnes Jacob F Bailey Jas C Beach Hy D Baker Jno W Berry J W Brennan J Baker Jas O Bailey Jno E Blinco Geo H Berry G F Bernecchi F Brown Ed Blankenship C Blackburn C Blenne C J Bloomer A Conner R O Caligan J Catterie J W Claiborne T N Conners J Carter J
Arrived, Ship Gustav and Marie, Johnson, from Liverpool, 4,150 sacks salt to E. W. de Voss & Co. Schr. Wm. Paxson, Stevenson, Attakapas, sugar and molasses, C. T. Wortham & Co. Schr. Nimrod. Bridges, Attakapas, sugar and molasses, C. T. Wortham & Co. Schr. Henry Travers, Wyatt, Attakapas, sugar and molasses, C. T. Wortham & Co. Schr. Mary Willis, North, Baltimore, mdse., W. D Colquitt & Co. Schr. Emma D., Corson, Eastern Shore, corn, A. Millspaugh. Schr. Kedah, Warren, Eastern Shore, oats, A. Millspaugh. Sailed, Schr. Wythe, Tuttle, New York, mdse., D. & W. Currie. Schr. M. L. Johnson, Burrows, Norfolk, mdse., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Mary Eliza, Moorecock, down the river, light. Schr. Gen. Marion, Griffin, Porto Rico, mdse., C. T. Wortham & Co.
Virginia State Convention.Thirteenth day. Thursday, Feb. 28, 1861. The Convention was called to order at 12 o'clock. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the First Baptist Church. The President stated that the unfinished business of yesterday, (the resolutions of the gentleman from Rockbridge,) was now in order — the gentleman from Orange (Mr. Morton) being entitled to the floor. Mr. Morton said he would give way a moment for the gentleman from Hanover, who desired to offer a resolution. Mr. Richardson, of Hanover, submitted the following: Resolved, That in furtherance of the resolution adopted by this Convention on the 20th inst., seeking information of the Governor regarding the militia, the Adjutant General of the State be, and he is hereby requested, to communicate to this body, as speedily as is compatible with a thorough report on this subject, how many and what kind of arms are in the possession of the state, undistributed, and the number and k
Friday,March 1, 1861. The Convention was called to order at 12 o'clock. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the first Baptist Church. Resolutions. By Mr.Garland of Amherst: Resolved, That an Ordinance should be passed by this Convention, submitting to the qualified voters of this State, the question whether Virginia shall remain attached to the Northern Confederacy, or whether she shall secede and unite her destiny with the States of the Southern Confederacy. Referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. By Mr.Fisher, of Northampton: Resolved, That the Commissioners to the Peace Congress from this State be requested to make their report to this Convention, in person, at their convenience. Mr.Price, in view of his wish to have a written report, moved that the resolution be laid on the table. Agreed to. By Mr. Echols of Monroe: Resolved That in the present political complications of our country, it is the duty of the Congress o
The Second Church School reported the conversion of one scholar, and Grace Street, nine; the 1st Baptist Church, the death of one teacher. Mr. O. Ellyson, of Petersburg, being present, was called on, and made some very interesting and impressive remarks in regard to the cause of Sunday Schools in Petersburg, and of his long connexion with the schools in that city. One interesting and important fact, (which we are sorry does not apply to the schools in Richmond,) he communicated; that the teachers are always at their posts, unless providentially prevented, which speaks well for our brothers and sisters of Petersburg.--Remarks were also made by Messrs. Burrows, H. K. Ellyson, Willis, Burrus, Green, Bell, Forbes, and others. On motion, it was resolved to have a mass meeting of the schools with the Port Mayo school, on the afternoon of the fourth Sabbath in this month. Adjourned to meet with the Clay Street Baptist Sunday School the second Monday evening in April next.
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