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The Daily Dispatch: March 3, 1865., [Electronic resource], Proclamation by the President, appointing a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, with thanksgiving. (search)
aptures from the enemy on land. Passed. Mr. Russell explained that the bill more accurately determined certain points which were not definitely settled and established as law what was already the practice of the War Department. The committee also reported a resolution declaring that it is now, and has been ever since the meeting of the First Congress of the Confederate States, impracticable to take the census of the Confederate States, as provided by the Constitution. Passed. Mr. Cluskey, of Tennessee, under the suspension of the rules, offered a bill to extend the provisions of the act establishing an invalid corps so as to embrace aide-de-camp thrown out of office by the death of the officer with whom they were on duty. Mr. Holliday, of Virginia, under a suspension of the rules, offered a resolution, which was adopted, requesting the President to inform the House what information has been received, and what action has been taken by the Government relative to the e
Missouri, the House resolved itself into session. The doors being opened, on motion of Mr. Conrad, of Louisiana, the rules were suspended in order to introduce the following resolution: "Resolved (the Senate concurring), That the resolution fixing Tuesday, the 14th instant, for the adjournment of the two Houses is hereby rescinded." Mr. Blandford moved that the House adjourn. Lost — yeas, 19; nays, 43. The resolution was adopted — yeas, 45; nays, 19. On motion of Mr. Cluskey, of Tennessee, the House adjourned. Tuesday Morning, March 14, 1865. The House met at 11 o'clock. The Chair laid before the House a House bill "to amend an act providing for the establishment and payment of claims for a certain description of property taken or informally impressed for the use of the army," approved June 14, 1864, which had been returned from the Senate with amendments. The amendments were concurred in. The general calendar was taken up, and a number
committee on the Medical Dept., reported favorably a bill to increase the commutation value of hospital rations, for a limited period, which was considered and passed. The unfinished business, being the bill "to suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus," was taken up. The question being, shall the bill pass? Mr. Darden demanded the yeas and nays, which were ordered and recorded as follows: Yeas.--Baston, Bradley, E. M. Bruce, H. W. Bruce, Carroll, Christian, Clark, Cluskey, Conrad, Conrow, De Jarnette, Dupre, Elliott, Ewing, Funsten, Gholson, Goode, Gray Hartridge, Hatcher, Heiskell, Holliday, Johnston, Keeble, Lyon, Machen, Miller, Moore, Perkins, Read, Russell, Sexton, Swan, Triplett, Villere, Wilks, Mr. Speaker. --Yeas, 36. Nays.--Anderson, Baldwin, Barksdale, Baylor, Blandford, Branch, Burnett, Clopton, Colyar, Darden, Farrow, Fuller Gaither, Gilmer, Hanley, Herbert, J. M. Leach, Marshall, McCallum, McMullen, Miles, Ramsay, Rogers, Simpson, J. M. Smi
solved into secret session. The doors being opened, Mr. Orr submitted a resolution to adjourn at two o'clock on Saturday, which was agreed to — yeas 8, nays 7. The Senate took a recess till 8 o'clock. House of Representatives. Thursday, March 16, 1865. Mr. Ewing, of Tenn., the unfinished business being postponed, offered a joint resolution in favor of the adjournment of Congress, sine die, on Saturday, the 18th inst., at 1 o'clock. The resolution was agreed to. Mr. Cluskey, of Tenn., presented the following: Resolved, That the Speaker of the House will hereafter issue his warrant for the arrest of any member about to absent himself without leave. The resolution was laid over under the rules. Mr. Pugh, of Ala., (under a suspension of the rules,) read a report from the Committee on Military Affairs, in answer to that portion of the President's late message relating to military affairs, which had been referred to that committee. Mr. Swan, a
ation. A message was received from the President, returning, without his approval, a bill to provide for the payment of arrears now due to the army and navy, and stating his objections thereto. The question being shall the bill pass notwithstanding the objections of the President, it was decided in the affirmative by the following vote: Those who voted in the affirmative were-- Messrs. Anderson, Baldwin, Baylor, Blandford, Branch, H. W: Bruce, Christian, Clark, Clopton, Cluskey, Darden, Dupre, Elliott, Farrow, Gaither, Gholson, Goode, Gray, Hanly, Hartridge, Herbert, Johnson, Keeble, Machen, Marshall, McCallum, McMullin, Perkins, Pugh, Read, Rogers, Russell, Simpson, J. M. Smith, Triplett, Turner, Villere, Wickham and Witherspoon--39. Those who voted in the negative were-- Messrs. Barksdale, Batson, Bradley, E. M. Bruce, Carroll, Colyar, Conrad, Conrow, De Jarnette, Dickinson, Ewing, Hatcher, Holliday, Lyon, Menees, Mills, Sexton and Wilkes--18. On
ev. Dr. Jeter. The Chair laid before the House a Senate joint resolution extending the time of adjournment until to-day at 2 o'clock. Agreed to. Mr. Welsh, from the Committee on Accounts, submitted a written report; which was laid on the table and ordered to be printed. The House then resumed consideration of the impressment bill, and passed it by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. Batson, Baylor, Bradley, Branch, E. M. Bruce, Burnett, Carroll, Chambers, Chrisman, Clark, Cluskey, Comad, DeJarnette, Dickinson, Dupie, Elliott, Ewing, Funsten, Gholson, Gray, Hartridge, Hatcher, Holliday, Johnston, Keeble, Machen, McMullin, Miles, Miller, Moore, Read, Russell, Sexton, Triplett, Villere and Wilkes,--36. Nays.--Messrs. Anderson, Blandford, Clopton, Colyar, Conrow, Darden, Farrow, Gaither, Goode, Hanly, Marshall, Pugh, Simpson, J. M. Smith, Snead, Staples, Witherspoon and Mr. Speaker--18. Mr. McMullin moved to amend the title by substituting the following:--"A b
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