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A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
49th, 52d and 58th Virginia regiments, Ewell's division, Jackson's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 118Echols, JohnVirginiaGen. HethApril 18, 1862.April 16, 1862.April 18, 1862. Brigade composed of the 50th, 60th and 63d Virginia regiments and Edgar's and Derrick's battalions, the 22d Virginia regiment being subsequently added. 119Ector, M. D.TexasGen. B. BraggSept. 27, 1862.Aug. 23, 1862.Sept. 27, 1862. Brigade composed of the 10th, 11th, 14th and 32d Texas dismounted cavalry regiments andHill's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 465Williams, John S.KentuckyBrig. Gen. MarshallApril 18, 1862.April 16, 1862. April 18, 1862. Brigade composed of the 22d, 36th and 45th Virginia infantry regiments, the 8th Virginia cavalry, Bailey's and Edgar's battalions and the Light Batteries of Captains Otey and Lowry; brigade afterwards composed of the 1st, 2d and 9th Kentucky, the 2d Kentucky battalion, Allison's squadron and Hamilton's battalion. 466Wilson, Claudius C.GeorgiaGen. B. BraggNov.
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
Lowry, Joseph 21, sin.; farmer; Urbanna, O. 12 May 63; 20 Aug65 $50. McQuorn, Charles 19, —— —— —— 4 Apl 63; Rejected —— Meeks, Joseph W. 20, sin.; shoemaker; Springfield, O. 12 May 63; 20 Aug 65. $50, Mills, Edward 22, sin.; waiter; New York. 29 Mch 63; 3 Je 64 Boston; dis. Wounded 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. $50. Mitchell Hamilton 25, mar.; hostler; Boston. 4 Sep. 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Moorhouse, Stephen Warren 21, mar.; laborer; Boston, 7 Sep 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Dead. Morgan, Edgar T. 19, sin.; laborer; Albany, N. Y. 29 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Morgan, Joseph. 21, sin.; boatman; Reading, Pa. 1 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Newby, James R. 19, sin.; seaman; New London, Conn. 29 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Owens, Charles A. 24, sin.; cook; New Orleans, La. 4 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Parker, George 21, sin.; painter; Cleveland, O. 4 Apl 63; died 8 Feb 64 Gen. Hos. Beaufort, S. C. Diarrhea $50. Parker, John H. 21, sin.; laborer; Bridgeville, Del. 1 Apl 63; die
ying and reassuring in the ear-splitting din. We could tell from the peculiar whistle that our gunners Were firing canister, and we breathlessly waited for the smoke to lift for a moment, that we might see its effect. The moment came. With a ragged front line the rebel column had halted, and were firing wild, but tremendous volleys. Colors disappeared and alignments were lost. Colonels rallying their men became tangled up with the swaying and disordered lines, and melted out of view like Edgar of Ravenswood. Riderless horses plunged across the field with a puzzled gallop, swaying from side to side, snuffing the terror of the moment and screaming with fright. Four guns of Smith's First Michigan battery went into action hastily on Newton's right flank, and added theirs to the intermingling detonations. Portions of the assaulting lines made shivering little efforts to advance, and the next instant fell to pieces. In twenty minutes--no more — the rebel columns were routed and flyi
hn Butler Peoria John Francis Peoria Wm. S. Moore Christian B. S. Morris Cook W. C. Wilson Crawford L. W. Odell Crawford Dickins Cumberland J. C. Armstrong Dewitt C. H. Palmer Dewitt B. T. Williams Douglas Amos Green Edgar R. M. Bishop Edgar W. D. Latshaw Edwards Levi Eckels Fayette Dr. Bassett Fayette T. Greathouse Fayette Chas. T. Smith Fayette N. Simons Ford Ed. Gill Ford A. D. Duff Franklin B. F. Pope Franklin W. B. Kelly FranklEdgar W. D. Latshaw Edwards Levi Eckels Fayette Dr. Bassett Fayette T. Greathouse Fayette Chas. T. Smith Fayette N. Simons Ford Ed. Gill Ford A. D. Duff Franklin B. F. Pope Franklin W. B. Kelly Franklin A. Perry Fulton J. H. Philsob Fulton E. D. Halm Knox J. M. Nicholson Knox James Dethridge Knox E. Elsworth Knox D. H. Morgan Lawrence E. D. Norton Logan A. M. Miller Logan P. J. Hously Macoupin Dr. T. M. Hone Madison H. K. S. O'Melveny Marion S. R. Carigan Marion John Burns Marshall P. M. Janney Marshall C. M. Baker Marshall R. Smithson Marshall J. R. Taggart Marshall J. Haringhorst Mason J. S. Chamberlain Mason J. W. Mathews McD
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Olde Cambridge, Chapter 4: Longfellow (search)
gests the criticisms, still remembered in Cambridge, which were made upon Mr. Longfellow's youthful taste for becoming costume. He was undoubtedly thinking of himself when in Hyperion he made the Baron say to Paul Fleming, The ladies already begin to call you Wilhelm Meister, and they say that your gloves are a shade too light for a strictly virtuous man. He perhaps also thought of it when he wrote to Sumner, then in Europe, If you have any tendency to curl your hair and wear gloves, like Edgar in Lear, do it before your return. Even Mrs. Craigie, it is said, thought that he had somewhat too gay a look. Life of Longfellow by his brother, I. p. 246. He was viewed, it must be remembered, against a background of Harvard professors, whose costume did not in those days — if even now it does — savor of splendor. It was also a period of much gayer waistcoats than now and of great amplitude of cravats. The criticism of Longfellow's own toilet had an especial biographical interest i
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Appendix no. 2: the work of grace in other armies of the Confederacy. (search)
t from Middle Tennessee last week. He preached for us at 9 A. M. At 11 I preached at the guard line to soldiers and citizens in the church. In the afternoon our regiment marched over to Clinch River, and I preached there at night. August 6. A severe skirmish on Walden's Ridge. We lost about ten killed and forty wounded. I helped to dress the wounds of the Federal soldiers; captured Sergeant-Major Smith and Mr. Mapps, of the Sixteenth Ohio. August 7. I assisted in the burial of Captain Edgar, Sixteenth Ohio Regiment, and a private soldier. Sergeant Tipton, of his company, wept when he saw the face of his dead captain. I talked with the captured prisoners. Walden's Ridge, near Tazewell, East Tennessee, Sunday, August 10, 1862. At 9 A. M. preached on the left wing of the Fourth and right wing of the Eleventh Tennessee Regiments. Heard Chaplain Wexler preach to the Twenty-ninth North Carolina at 10 1/2 A. M. on purity of person, thought, purpose, affection, word and acti
L. P. Brockett, Women's work in the civil war: a record of heroism, patriotism and patience, Final Chapter: the faithful but less conspicuous laborers. (search)
luntary visiting and nursing at the hospitals. Among these were Mrs. Chauncey I. Filley, wife of Mayor Filley, Mrs. Robert Anderson, wife of General Anderson, Mrs. Jessie B. Fremont, wife of General Fremont, Mrs. Clinton B. Fisk, wife of General Fisk, Mrs. E. M. Webber, Mrs. A. M. Clark, Mrs. John Campbell, Mrs. W. F. Cozzens, Mrs. E. W. Davis, Miss S. F. McCracken, Miss Anna M. Debenham, since deceased, Miss Susan Bell, Miss Charlotte Ledergerber, Mrs. S. C. Davis, Mrs. Hazard, Mrs. T. D. Edgar, Mrs. George Partridge, Miss E. A. Hart, since deceased, Mrs. H. A. Nelson, Mrs. F. A. Holden, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Baily, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Mrs. C. V. Barker, Miss Bettie Brodhead, Mrs. T. M. Post, Mrs. E. J. Page, Miss Jane Patrick, since deceased, Mrs. R. H. Stone, Mrs. C. P. Coolidge, Mrs. S. R. Ward, Mrs. Washington King, Mrs. Wyllys King, Miss Fales, since deceased. The following were among the noble women at Springfield, Ill., who were most devoted in their labors for the soldier i
L. P. Brockett, Women's work in the civil war: a record of heroism, patriotism and patience, Index of names of women whose services are recorded in this book. (search)
Mrs. Sarah J., 411. Cox, Miss Caroline, 406. Cozzens, Mrs. W. F., 408. Craighead, Miss Rebecca M., 408. Curtiss, Mrs. E., 409. Dame, Mrs. Harriet B., 410. Davis, Miss Clara, 295, 400-403. Davis, Mrs. E. W., 408. Davis, Mrs. G. T.M., 352-356. Davis, Mrs. Samuel C., 408. Day, Mrs. Juliana, 407. Debenham, Miss Anna M., 408 Divers, Bridget, 80-82. Dix, Miss Dorothea L., 45, 97-108, 134,274,290. Don Carlos, Mrs. Minnie, 89. Dougherty, Miss Deborah, 408. Dykeman, Mrs. M. J., 408. Edgar, Mrs. T. D., 409. Edwards, Miss, 89. Elliott, Miss Melcenia, 48, 380-384. Ellis, Mrs. Mary, 408. Ellis, Miss Ruth L., 405. Ely, Mrs. Dr., 409. Engelmann, Mrs. Mary, 409. Etheridge, Mrs. Annie, 218, 301. Fales, Mrs. Almira, 47, 279-283. Fales, Miss, 409. Farr, Mrs. Lizzie H., 411. Felton, Miss Mary, 411. Ferris, Mrs., 408. Field, Mrs. David Dudley, 62. Filley, Mrs. Chauncey I., 408. Fisk, Mrs. Clinton B., 408. Flanders, Mrs. Benj., 89. Flanders, Miss Fanny, 89. Flanders, Mis
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Chapter 17: to South Mountain and Antietam. (search)
16, 1862, while the destiny of a nation remained undecided, and while the fate of a multitude of soldiers was obviously pending, it is not strange that the minds of the combatants were imbued with unusual solemnity. Lossing remarks that the night of the 16th was passed by both armies with the expectation of a heavy battle in the morning. Few officers found relief from anxiety, for it was believed by many that it might be the turning point of the war. Capt. George W. Bachelder and Second Lieut. Edgar M. Newcomb of Company C were fast friends and as they were about to turn in for night, on this eve of the battle of Antietam, Bachelder asked his junior officer, as he sat reading his Bible, to read a chapter aloud. Surprised at the captain's request, he happily complied and was asked to continue until several chapters had been read. Then, under the same blanket, they lay down to rest, but not to sleep, for Capt. Bachelder, as if forewarned of the fate which was to be his within a
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
eitman, August, mus., (F), May 30, ‘64; 20; sub. R. P. Dean; abs. pris.; died Sept. 24, 1864, Andersonville, Ga. Nelson, David, priv., (D), Mar. 8, ‘64; 24; deserted June 22, ‘64 to enemy. Nelson, Leroy A., priv., (A), Aug. 20, ‘61; 20;killed in action Dec. 13, ‘62, Fredericksburg, Va. Neville, Bartholomew, priv., (H), Aug. 12, ‘61; 28; disch. disa. Jan. 30, ‘62 in Co. D. Newcomb, David, priv., (D), Aug. 26, ‘61; 18; M. O. Aug. 28, ‘64; see also as David Newcomb, Co. A, 10 Mass. Newcomb, Edgar M., corp., (F), Aug. 26, ‘61; 21; wounded Dec. 13, ‘62, Fredericksburg, Va.; died of w'nds Dec. 20, ‘62. Newcomb, Jos. F. B., priv., (D), Aug. 26, ‘61; 21; see Jos. Newcomb, B, 8, 3 mos; M. O. Aug. 28, ‘64. Newcomb, Jos. H., priv., (B), Jan. 6, ‘65; 21; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Newer, John, priv., (H), Aug. 4, 1863; 21; sub. S. B. Wiley; transf. 20 M. V. Jan. 14, 1864. Newman, Stephen I., mus., N. C.S., Aug. 3, ‘61; 25; disch. Oct. 30, ‘62; enlisted as leader of
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