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nued. --The duelling case, in which Messrs. E. C. Elmore and H. Rives Pollard are involved, was t, from a conversation which he had had with Mr. Elmore relative to a duel which had taken place beteen himself and John M. Daniel, he had heard Mr. Elmore say that he had had a hostile meeting with s, he testified that, in a conversation with Mr. Elmore, on the day on which it was said a duel had hat gentleman and Mr. Daniel, he learnt from Mr. Elmore that a meeting had taken place; but he could not say that Mr. Elmore had used the words "hostile meeting" While on the street, he had heard from various parties that Mr. Daniel and Mr. Elmore had fought a duel, and soon after he met Mr. Elmore Mr. Elmore and approached him on the subject. In reply, Mr. Elmore informed him that he had met Mr. Daniel; buMr. Elmore informed him that he had met Mr. Daniel; but as to the manner and place, he (Butler) was unwilling to say that he received any information fromch subsequently took place between himself and Elmore, and therefore he could not pretend to give hi
Writ of Habeas corpus in a Dwelling case. --In the case of Dr. A. E Peticolas, upon whose refusal to testify before the county justices, with reference to a duel alleged to have been fought between Mr. E. C. Elmore and Mr. John M. Daniel, he was ordered to be committed to prison for contempt of court, but subsequently was bailed under a writ of habeas corpus, issued by Judge Meredith returnable before him yesterday morning. Mr. P. H. Aylett, counsel for Dr. Peticolas, made an argument of upwards of three hours length in favor of releasing his client from any obligation to testify.--At its conclusion, Judge Meredith, adjourned his court till this morning, when General Marshall will resume for the defence; after which, Mr. John B. Young, the Commonwealth's prosecutor in the County Court, will close the argument, and the case will then be left with the Judge for his decision.
Duel. --A duel was fought on Monday afternoon last, between a young doctor from Virginia and a Confederate officer from North Carolina. It took place on Dill's farm, near the spot where Messrs. Elmore and Daniel fought a couple of weeks since, and at the second fire both were wounded — the doctor slightly in one of his hands; the other, in his leg.
Judge Meredith's Court. --The argument in the case of Dr. A. E. Peticolas, who resists the legal right of the County Justices to make him testify with regard to the duel recently fought between Mr. John M. Daniel and Mr. E. C. Elmore, was concluded yesterday, both for the defence and the prosecution. At its conclusion, Judge Meredith intimated that it would be some days before he could render his decision, of which time he would give timely notice to the counsel.
Judge Meredith's Court. --Judge Meredith delivered his opinion yesterday in the habeas corpus case of Dr. A. E. Petticoats, testing the right of the County Justices to make him testify with regard to a duel recently fought by Messrs. John M. Daniel and E. C. Elmore. Taking the ground that neither the statutes of the Legislature nor the Constitution and Bill of Rights of Virginia ever intended that a witness should testify against himself in a matter in which he was particept criminis, the Judge decided that Dr. Peticoles could not be compelled to answer any questions which be thought might criminate himself; and therefore he reversed the decision of Justices Riddick and Lee committing the Doctor to jail for contempt of court in refusing to answer certain questions propounded to him by Mr. John B. Young, the county prosecutor. At the conclusion of Judge Meredith's remarks, Mr. Young gave notice that he should procure a writ of error and take the matter before the Court of Appe
., Mocquard. A committee for the erection of a statue of Beranger, in Paris, has been formed, consisting of writers and journalists of all kinds, among whom are Havin, Guerrilla, Leonce Dupont, Dalloz, Fournier, Castille, Second, Lachamhaudic, Sardou, &c. Baron Taylor is the President, with E. Legouve as Vice-President. The Star (London) says: "Mr. Dickens is at his country house; Mr. Wilkie Collins is on a yachting excursion; Mr. Anthony Trollope is at the English Lakes; Mr. Elmore, R. A., is at Hamburg; Mr. Leech is at Schwalbach, and Mr. Millais is in Scotland. " The Record says: "We rejoice to hear that the Bible Society's agent at Constantinople has informed the committee that the recent repressive measures there were taken without the knowledge of the Sultan, and all is now set right." M. Rouher, the French Minister of State, with his family, has recently been at Milan. At the house of Count Vimercati, at Mirabellino, he had an interview with Prince H
The Duelling case. --On Saturday the case of Messrs. E. C. Elmore and H. Rives Pollard, parties alleged to have been recently concerned in a duel, was again taken up by Justices Riddick and Lee, of Henrico, at the County Court-house. Dr. Tally, a Confederate surgeon, was called to the witness stand, whereupon, Mr. John B. Young, the Commonwealth's prosecutor, propounded questions to him similar to those which had been asked Dr. Peticolas, all of which Dr. T. declined to answer upon thcution of the case till the Court of Appeals rendered their decision as to the legality of Judge Meredith's opinion releasing Dr. Peticolas from the obligation to give testimony in relation to a duel which had been fought by John M. Daniel and E. C. Elmore. Mr. Young also stated that information had reached him which indicated that General Henningsen would be an important witness, and he hoped the court would use stringent measures to procure his attendance at the next examination. The
stealing a horse belonging to the Confederate States, was sent on for further examination before Judge Lyons.--The cases of John Feg and William Snellings, indicted by the Grand Jury for exhibiting the game of faro, were postponed in consequence of the absence of Washington Goodrich atness.--Albert Bail, formerly a night watch, charged with obtaining money from Mary Smith, a free negress, under false pretences, was sent to jail for two months and required to pay the costs of prosecution.--E. C. Elmore, ex-Treasurer of the Confederate States, indicted in three cases for playing at the game of fare, plead guilty of the offence, and was fined $500 in cash case and required to give security in the sum of $5,000 for his good behavior.--Barney Tracey, indicted for assaulting and beating Lewis Antilotti, was fined $25.--Wingfield Tynes, charged with stealing cloth from William Stagg, was acquitted. The misdemeanor cases, embracing three for exhibiting and playing faro, violating liquor
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