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hat for the office of President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, of Miss., had received 109; and for Vice-President, Alexander H. Stephens, of Ga., had received 109 votes. The result; was then announced by Mr. Hunter as stated above. A motion was made that a committee of three be appointed by the Speaker, to act in conjunction with a similar committee appointed by the Senate, to notify the President and Vice-President elect of the result of the vote. The Chair appointed Messrs. Kenner, Barksdale, and Miles said committee. Mr. Russell, of Virginia, offered a resolution to the effect, that until further ordered, the printing of the House be done by R. M. Smith, the printer of the Provisional Congress, under the rules prescribed by that body. Resolution adopted. Mr. Boteles, of Virginia, offered a resolution requesting the President to communicate to the House of Representatives the report of Major-General Jackson respecting the recent operation of the army un
to postpone till Friday was also lost; and the motion to refer the bill to the Judiciary Committee adopted. Mr. Marshall, of La., offered a resolution to authorize the President to destroy cotton and tobacco when necessary to prevent its falling into the hands of the enemy. Referred to Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Conrad, of La., offered an amendment calling upon loyal citizens to effect this destruction, with the promise of compensation by the Confederate Government. Mr. Kenner, of La., offered a resolution repealing the rule by which the House is now resolved into secret session. Referred to Committee on Rules on motion of Mr. Mr. Davis, or Miss., submitted several bills relative to the military service, which were appropriately referred. Mr. McDowell, of N. C., offered a resolution for the establishment of a mint. Referred. Mr. Davidson, of N. C., presented several memorials, which were referred. On motion of Mr. Smith, of N C., secon
s to do its duty, and we have not the slightest doubt it will have the hearty co-operation of the other Departments of the Government in everything that will tend to promote the public welfare. Mr. Speaker Bocock announced the appointment of committees, a list of which we subjoin: Committee en Elections--Messrs. Smith of N. C., Vest of Mo., Staples of Va., Crockett of Ky, Gardenhire of Tenn., Curry of Ala., Clapp of Miss., Dawkins of Fla., and Tripp of Ga. Ways and Moons.--Messrs. Kenner of La., Jones of Tenn., Bonham of S. C., Garnett of Va., McRae of Miss., Lyon of Ala., Machen of Ky., Holt of Ga., and Graham of Texas. Military Affairs.--Messrs. Miles of S. C., Kenan of Ga., Pugh of Ala., Davis of Miss., Harris of Mo., Swann of Tenn., Bridges of N. G., and Batson of Ark. Foreign Affairs.--Messrs. Foote of Tenn., Perkins of La., Smith of Ala., Dejarnette of Va., Barksdale of Miss, McQueen of S. C., Breckinridge of Ky., Preston of Va., and McLean of N. C.
ed: "The people, incredulous of a long war, were naturally averse to long enlistments, and the early legislation of Congress rendered it impracticable to obtain volunteers for a greater period than twelve months." This language implied that the Provisional Congress had not co-operated with the Executive in measures for the prosecution of the war. He knew that it was the earnest desire of that body to afford every possible assistance to the other branches of the Government. Mr. Kenner moved to postpone the further call of the committees, with a view to take up the President's Message. The motion being sustained, ne moved that the message be referred to the several committees in the order in which it referred to the different departments. A bill from the Senate, allowing an officer of the army to hold the position of Secretary of War, without losing his rank, was read and passed. Mr. Moore, of Ky., submitted a resolution calling upon the President to furnish t
drew his resolution. Mr. Trippe, of Ga., submitted a bill for the payment of the salaries of District Collectors in those State which had assumed the war tax. Referred to the Committee'on Claims. Mr. Moore, of Ky., asked leave to introduce a bill to pay the citizens of Pike and Floyd counties, in that State, for supplies furnished to our armies. Referred to the committee on Claims. Mr. Perkins, of La. offered a resolution, which was referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Kenner, of La., introduced resolutions adopted by the Legislature of that State, which he desired referred to the Committee in Post-office and Post Roads. They were to referred. Mr. Conrad, of La, presented a memorial of the proprietors of the New Orleans Delta, which was referred to Committee on Claims. Mr. Welch, of Miss, asked that two memorial's presented by him in the early part of the session, might be taken up and referred to appropriate committees — the first, relating to cotton
ented a bill to be entitled an act to amend an act to establish Confederate Courts. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Strickland, of Ga., presented a memorial, which was referred to the Committee on Post-Office and Post Roads. Mr. Kenner, of La., submitted the following resolution: Resolved, That the resolution this body, passed on the 4th of March, calling on the President for the estimates of the public service to the on of the next fiscal year, be, and the same is hereb report of the Attorney General be printed for the use of the House. Adopted. Mr. Moore asked that the resolutions on sequestration and confiscation be laid upon the table, and the committee discharged from their further consideration. Mr. Kenner, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported back the bill with reference to the issue of Confederate notes, and providing a war tax; which he asked should be laid upon the table, with a recommendation that it do not poss. Also, a bill
tions, when Mr. Pugh, of Ala., introduced a resolution to authorize the President to increase his personal staff. Referred to Military Committee. Also, a resolution requesting the President to communicate to this House the report of Maj.- Gen. Bragg, of the bombardment of Pensacola, on the 22d and 23d of October last. Resolution agreed to. Mr. Foster, of Ala., introduced a bill for opening ports of entry of the Confederate States, and for other purposes, which was, on motion of Mr. Kenner, of La., referred to Committee on Ways and Means. Mr. Chilton, of Ala., moved that Mr. Arkins, of Tenn, be placed upon the Committee of Post-Office and Post Roads, in place of Mr. Clark, of Ga., absent from the city. Mr. Roysyon, of Ark., presented a communication, which, without reading, was referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Garland, of Ark., introduced a bill entitled an act to establish a Court for the adjudication of all claims against the Confederate States.
, That the Judiciary Committee inquire what legislation, if any, is necessary to legalise the acts of the Marshal and District Attorney of Tennessee, and that the committee report by bill or otherwise. Agreed to. Mr. Foots offered a resolution calling upon the Secretary of War to furnish the House with the report of Brigadier-General Henry A. Wise, of the affair at Roanoke Island. Upon this resolution a lengthy debate took place, which was participated in by Messrs. Foote, Conrad, Kenner, Wilcox, Miles, and others [Want of room and typographical force prevents us from giving a synopsis of this debate.] After the discussion, the resolution was withdrawn. A message was received from the President announcing that he had appointed — his Private Secretary, in place of Robert Joselyn, resigned. Mr. Singleton, of Miss., hoped that the House would take up and dispose of the bill under consideration on Thursday last for fixing the pay and mileage of members. Mr. Gartre
ncy of making provision for the payment of the militia of Virginia who have been called into the Confederate service, but who, under the existing regulations of the Paymaster's Department, cannot be paid for the service they have rendered. Mr. Kenner, of La., from the Committee on Ways and Means, reported a bill entitled "An Act to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to pay District Collectors in certain cases specified." Agreed to. Also, a bill making appropriations for the suppor bill was one to prevent the carrying out these contracts. He urged upon the House the importance of taking up and disposing of the bill. Mr. Crochett moved that the bill be printed and made the order of the day for Monday Agreed to. Mr. Kenner also reported back the bill entitled an act to impose an export duty upon cotton and tobacco, the growth of the present year, unless the blockade be sooner raised, with a recommendation that it do not pass.--Placed upon the calendar. Mr. F
ims. Mr. Pugh from the Military Committee, reported back the bill to encourage the manufacture of saltpetre and small arms, with a recommendation that it pass. Read a third time and passed. Mr. Kennas, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported a bill for providing further means for public defence and for the support of the Government. This bill was made the order of the day for Saturday. Mr.Gartrell, of Geo., from the Judiciary Committee, called up the special order of the day, viz: A bill to be entitled an Act to carry into effect the latter clause of the 6th section of the 2d Article of the Constitution, so as to allow the Cabinet ministers seats upon the floor, with the privilege of engaging in the debates pertaining to the business of their several departments. The bill was advocated by Messrs. Garnett, Foote, and Baldwin, and opposed by Messrs. Davis, Kenner, and Chambers. Pending the consideration of the bill, the House went into secret session.
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