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rigade on the Chickahominy with 480 men. Regimental History. Colonel Lane says of his retreat: Already exhausted from exposure to inclement weather, from hunger, from fighting, it was three days before the regiment, by a circuitous route, rejoined the brigade . . . where it was wildly and joyfully received. It was highly complimented by Generals Lee and Branch for its behavior on this masterly retreat. While Lane was engaged with Butterfield, Branch advanced his other regiments toward Peake's crossing and found the enemy stationed across the road. Branch thus describes his movements: My plan was quickly formed, and orders were given for its execution. Lee with the Thirty-seventh was to push through the woods and get close to the right flank of the battery. Hoke, as soon as he should return from a sweep through the woods on which I had sent him, and Colonel Wade, of the Twelfth, were to make a similar movement to the left flank of the battery, and Cowan (Eighteenth) was t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
. Left with wounded at Gettysburg. Pyatt, Ezra A., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War April 4, ‘63, to rank from Oct. 23, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, 19th Tennessee Regiment. Oct. 31, ‘63, 19th Tennessee Regiment. Pryor, W. T., Surgeon. April 30, ‘63, Senior Surgeon 3d Brigade. Pyles, N. C., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War July 18, ‘63, to rank from July 1, 63, report to F. A. Ramsey. Passed Board at Charleston July 11, ‘63. Sept. 30, ‘63, 36th Alabama. Peake, J. S., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War June 15, ‘63, to rank from 24th Nov. ‘62. May 31, ‘64, Battalion Cavalry. rains, Aylett C., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War June 2, ‘63, to rank from Aug. 15, ‘62, to report to Gen. Bragg. Nov. 27, ‘62, passed A. M. B. at Murfreesboro. Chenault Cavalry. Ragan, Thomas M., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to rank from June 28, ‘62. Dec. 31st, Rome, Ga., July 8, ‘63, relieve
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
Va. 1863. Page, Mann, Va., Albemarle county, Va. Paine, H. R., Va., Manassas, Va. Palmer, J. S., Capt., S. C., Atlanta, Ga. 1864. Palmer, S. D., S. C., Charlottesville, Va. 1863. Palmer, J. J., S. C., Manassas, Va. 1862. Parker, W. F., Md., Snow Hill, Md., 1865. Parker, W. H. H., Va., Middleburg, Va., 1863. Pate, H. C., Col., Va., Yellow Tavern, Va., 1864. Patterson, R. B., Capt., Amherst C. H., 1862. Paxton, E. F., Brig. Gen., Va., Chancellorsville, Va., 1862. Peake, W. B., Eng., Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1862. Peebles, L. J., Va., Seven Pines, Va., 1862. Peek, W. H., Surg., Va., Ft. Delaware, Md. Peebles, P. A., Capt., Miss., Cold Harbor, Va. Pegram, W. J., Col., Five Forks, Va., 1865. Pendleton, A. S., Lt. Col., Va., Woodstock, Va, 1864. Pendleton, P. H., Va., Spotsylvania, Va., 1864. Peyton, R. L. G., Col., Ohio, Golden Springs, O., 1863. Perry, J. E., Ga., Waynesboro, Ga., 1864. Phelps, W. B., W. Va., Centreville, Va., 1861.
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.from Bedford. Bedford, Va., June 1, 1861. Much has been said, through the columns of your valuable paper, about the liberal contributions of men and money to the cause of the South, made by the counties of Augusta, Washington, &c.; but I think no county in the State surpasses the county of Bedford in contribution of men and money to the holy war the South is now engaged in. She has already nine full companies in the service of the State, with four others ready to respond when called on. The County Court has made a war appropriation of fifty thousand dollars, and pledged as much more if needed. Besides this, large private subscriptions have been made. One gentleman, Wm. V. Jordan, a private in Capt. T. C. Jordan's company, and of moderate property, gave $500. Add to all this about 2,900 votes for ratification and one against, and I think you will agree with me that Bradford is the banner county. Otter. Peake.
Pensacola items. --We clip the following paragraphs from the Pensacola (Fla.) Observer, of Sept. 24th: On Int.--It is reported in town this morning, that the Federal troops have landed in large numbers on the main land, opposite the city. We give it as we heard it, for what it will bring, though it is possible, and not altogether improbable, that the report is true. Recruits.--Quite a large number of Mississippi recruits arrived here last night to be attached to Capt. Peake's company, 9th Mississippi Regiment. They are all fine, athletic looking men, and are, no doubt, fight to the back-bone, like all the Mississippi boys. Sad Accident.--A sad and distressing accident occurred last evening, about seven o'clock, between the main building of the Bedell House, and the dining- room, which resulted in the fatal wounding of private B. F. Smith, of the Griffin Light Guards. It appears that Sergeant Duffle, of the same company, and the former were fencing with their g
None killed, wounded, or missing. Georgia Grays.--Killed, one; wounded, two slightly. Irish Volunteers.--Company C.--Killed, John Stanton; wounded, Edmund Flyn missing, Thomas O'Conner. Dauson Volunteers.--Killed, none; wounded, R. J. Hayes, badly; Thomas Caldwell received a shot in the left arm, making amputation necessary. Company A, 7th Alabama Regiment.--Killed, 2; wounded, 6; missing, 1. Two members of the Madison Rifles attached to this company were killed. Capt. Peake's Company, 10th Mississippi Reg't. --Killed, none; wounded, J. W. Kincaid, badly. Company G, 10th Mississippi Reg't. --5th Sergeant J. P. Barksdale, wounded — supposed mortally. McDuffie Rifles, (Georgia Reg't.)--Killed, Lieut. Nelms, Sergeant Bedeau. Wounded and missing, not yet handed in. Continentals.--Corporal Juggle, wounded. Private Burgiss missing — supposed to be killed. This list is not yet complete, but we will continue to publish as fast as the reports<
H. Ferguson, 7th Ala., dead; John Burgess, 5th Ala., Capt. Homer's J. R. Cox, Ga., or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's H. C. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's J. M. L. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's John Mahoney, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Larkin Nickles, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Benj. F. Parker, 1st Fla., Capt. Baker's; T. Bond, 1st Fla.; R. L. Hale, 1st Fla.;C. F. Hollyman, 1st Fla.; John Jarvis, 1st Fla.; J. J. H. Patterson, 1st Fla.; S. Yager Finley, 1st Fla.; Wm. Mauldin, 10th Miss., Capt.Peake's; H. Destringer, 10th Miss, Capt. McKeever's; Daniel Jones, La. Infy; Frank Passent, La. infy; G. W. Clark, Ga. or Miss. R., severely wounded; Everett, dead; John Godley, Fla. One man dead on the Island — unknown. We have learned that our prisoners all sailed on the 16th, we know not where, but probably for New York or the Tortugas. The wounded and sick in our hospitals are all slowly but gradually improving. The ladies are ceaseless in their efforts to reader endurable their m
. Moore, F. M. Fry, Henry Ferguson, (dead,) Seventh Alabama Regiment; John Burgess, Fifth Alabama Regiment; Mobile Continentals, Captain Homer; J. R. Cox, H. C. Jones J. M. L. Jones, Georgia and Mississippi Regiments, Capt. Rhodes; John Mahony, Largin Nichols, Benjamin F. Parker, Captain H. H. Baker, S. Yerger Finley T. Bond R. L. Hale, C. F. Hollyman, John Jarvis, Joshua J. H. Patterson, First Florida Regiment, Capt. Cropp; Wm. Mauldin, H. Deshinger, McKeever, Tenth Mississippi Regiment, Capt. Peake; Daniel Jones, Frank Peasant, Louisiana Infantry; G. W. Clark, severely wounded. --Everett, (dead since,) Georgia and Mississippi Regiment; John Godley, Florida Regiment. Letter from a Yankee Colonel. Reference has been made in this paper to a breach of the treaty between Col. McGuirk, of the Seventeenth Mississippi, and Col. Vaughn, of the Federal army, in respect to the burial of the dead, and the apology which was afterwards sent. The following is a copy of the letter. It w
a defensive corps in the city of Richmond, to protect property, preserve order, and sustain the Government. A gentleman moved to amend the second resolution so as to include all persons exempt by the Legislature or otherwise. Mr. Barus wished the invitation to participate in the defence of the city extended to all, if all were included, the exempts from such service would be voluntary on the part of the individual.--Mr. Richardson objected to any allusion to ages in the resolution. Mr. Peake expressed himself willing to take part in the city's defence. Finally, the resolutions were passed as originally offered. On motion of Peyton Johnston, which was adopted-- Resolved, That the Governor of the Commonwealth be requested to issue his proclamation directing the suspension of business in the city of Richmond, after 12 o'clock M., for thirty days, it so long necessary. On motion of Mr. J. H. Gilmer, which was adopted-- Resolved, That all persons disposed,
Captured by the enemy. --Among those captured by the Yankee's a few days since, when Gen Branch's forces attacked them near Peake's turnout, on the Fredericksburg road, were Surgeon J. F Shaffoer, of the 33d North Carolina State troops, and Assistant Surgeon Barrom, of the 28th North Carolina State troops. At the time of their capture, they were in attendance on some of our wounded men, who had been necessarily left behind.
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